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Coming up on Dr K's exotic animal ER What did you hump on buddy a frisky Tortoise oh you have to turn a slime on Your face on your head undergoes a Stressful surgery While an unusual chicken case what is This it's a turkey vulture chicken Proves tough to solve that's frustrating And a chinchilla in crisis oh bites off More than she can chew that is new and Different All right Where's my appointment list This is a tortoise a land animal so I Have a super busy morning today with a Large sulcata tortoise that has a very Large mass on its neck so tortoise Actually honestly intimidates me because I don't know their medicine as well Tortoise is apparently big I have a personal soft spot for sulcadas I do have one myself he has a very very Long life span he's very sturdy animal And he can be kind of a stinker Especially around November through January he's constantly trying to bust Out of the yard to find A lava How are you I'm Dr Kelleher nice to see You so Bob's here today and he has large Lump on his neck something has pierced His skin and set up a huge amount of Inflammation and infection what is he Bashing himself on he tries to get up on

Wood the owners were kind of embarrassed To tell me about how this might have Occurred there's a that painter's show Tries to climb yeah okay I know what They do in their spare time they will Hump anything that is not nailed down or Running too fast I feel your pain Dr K recommends surgery on Bob in order To remove the mass on his neck this poor Animal Bob has to be operated on I'm not going to hurt myself I promise I appreciate the stool moving work Smarter not harder Owning a sulcata tortoise is a really Big deal they start out as itty bitty They're about a little bigger than a Quarter when a lot of people first buy Them from the pet store and sometimes They don't do their homework and realize That this animal is going to get to be Over 100 pounds and it's going to need Quite a lot of room in their yard to be Properly kept people don't usually flat Out abandon them but they are constantly Calling like zoos and refuge and other Sulcata owners to try to re-home them What does sea turtles bigger than that And at least these guys don't SWAT you In the butt when you're doing it Sea turtles you feel like a stripper Might let me stick a needle in that if I Give him time to just relax Um That's how he feels about that that's

How he feels about that Sulcatas can be very strong and very Stubborn and if they don't want you to Touch them they will just climb up in The shell Dr K needs to draw blood to make sure Bob is healthy enough to undergo surgery This afternoon all right it looks like Everyone have like maybe 0.3 You know I'll do what I can It worked all right well you mangled That needle yeah he did as long as it's Not my hands I forgot how strong they were I know So right here might be possibly a Puncture wound based on him driving his Head into foreign objects around his Enclosure Jesus is the cereal Humper I Bet you any money there's something in There So that's the only major surgery I have To do in the afternoon theoretically the Morning appointments shouldn't probably Go past 12 or 1 or so they'll say what Reality turns out being like Bob will Rest in the boarding area until his Surgery this afternoon In the back room a nine-year-old Chinchilla is rushed in Shelby is Bleeding profusely from her mouth oh my Gosh oh my sweetheart it's all right Anything bleeding profusely from the Mouth is never a good thing Shelby is a very tiny chinchilla she

Could die if she loses too much blood Of blood and mouth Oh Okay that is new and different she's Bitten her tongue or something Shelby has a large blood clot in her Mouth that means that somewhere in her Mouth there's a lot of bleeding It looks like oh my God you know that Gnome all I can see is that she's got a Clot of blood in her mouth there I just Don't want to pull a clot loose she's Not actively bleeding but she's pale Right now I think I just want to put her In oxygen I'm concerned that if I pull This blood clot loose it could start the Bleeding up again but I need to remove It because there's also the possibility That she could choke on this and not be Able to breathe It fell off okay Oh awesome Perfect Rose oh my that's gonna be just A blood clot let me wrapper up a good For you again good job Tom are you all Right she's lucky she didn't choke on That clot it's awful big imagine if you Or I like had a blood clot the size of a Grapefruit in your mouth that he would You know be particularly happy about That at all oh no fresh blood in there Oh I see see how that first molar is Sticking out there it's gone into the Side of her face right there okay

Because I can fix that you see has Happened is she has a molar whatever Cheek teeth that has grown into a Spur Which is digging into the side of her Cheek and causing it to bleed I want to Get these clients in a room and just Talked about what I want to do Hey Joel good she's okay now a little Gruesome I'm just so it's just a blood Clot just looking at that it's like oh My gosh don't look at it this kind of Thing could clog her Airway but now that I've gotten that cleared out I can see That she actually has one of her cheek Teeth that grew and punctured the side Of her of her cheek Dental issues and Chinchilla can be life-threatening it's Something that doesn't go away their Teeth continue to grow and they will Only grow in the same direction they Were already pointed which means this is Going to happen on a regular basis so She's going to need to be looked at and Have her teeth worked on every few weeks Exactly that's okay You did the right thing you're here You've been on top of it you're doing Great I can tell Joel's very nervous and I know he's very worried about Shelby He's not usually this quiet he Absolutely didn't do anything to cause This in fact he saved her life by Getting her in here so quickly all right Let me do this let me um trim that tooth

Back okay I'm just concerned because she Looks pale right now I don't want to Stress her anymore let me just go ahead And get with her okay thank you all Right She was my girlfriend's chinchilla first She's had her for about five or six Years she's so tiny and freaking out I Love her she's like part of her family Dr K will carefully try to remove the Spur from the molar that's digging into Shelby's cheek All right take we want to take a break Yep that's a huge chunk that's a whole Tooth I know This is the little Spur that was poking into her cheek yeah Is there another tooth that's affected Probably like do you feel like I need to Put her under anesthesia to completely Solve the problem my concerns is putting Shelby under anesthesia that she is Already nine years old she's stressed And she's lost some blood but the only Way I can address this situation with The teeth is if I use some sedation what I'd like to do is give her a break for Like 20 or 30 minutes and I really would Like to put her in her anesthesia so I Can just fully examine the molars okay So I'm going to call you as soon as We're done thank you so much we'll take Care of her no problem I'll talk to you As soon as possible thank you

I'm freaking out I just wanted to be Okay because You know she's our little our little Shelby Shelby will be monitored as she regains Strength In the front of the clinic a Two-month-old chicken comes in with a Lame leg I'm bringing in a chicken that I found at um one of the Farms where my Son goes horseback riding had a broken Leg her name is Olga She's um interesting looking she looks Like a little vulture and hopefully we Can fix her up when I initially heard Lameness in a young chicken a lot of big Scary diseases come to mind however I'm Hoping it could be trauma so we're gonna Definitely make sure we do a really good Physical so we can figure it out hello Again How are you good good Oh another crazy stray it's a turkey Vulture chicky mixy oh my goodness That's really lame though so you know my Son has autism and he does hippotherapy So at the farm there's a million Chickens there even though they've only Had Olga for a few days Diane and her Son have grown extremely attached so no Pressure this one supposedly got stepped On by a horse Unfortunately this you're a sucker It's one of these things I do I pick up

All these little stray animals and it Becomes my uh my deed He will not stand at all And he actually has a hard time standing On that one I don't know if it's just Just he just has a hard time He's eating and drinking right oh yeah Chowan it was great that Olga's eating And seems well hydrated and very stable But the fact that she refuses to put any Weight on that leg really bothers me I Know that Olga means a lot to this Family and so we're gonna do whatever It's going to take to save her even if It requires a surgery like amputation is He too big of a bird to live with one Leg A case where of the dislocated and I Closed reduced it and it did great so I Think there's hope we got to get an X-ray to like see what's going on but uh We'll figure it out let me just finish The exam because I need to make sure You're healthy otherwise Sweetheart Okay hold on I'll go What's his name Olga yeah it has to have A fitting name for the looks oh yeah I Said he we all know you're a girl I'm so Sorry I hope it's a girl I already have The one rooster oh yeah I know She looks so cute oh she looks like a Little vulture I love her so I can steal Her now a few great time and then we'll

Be able to make a plan from there three Okay the old guy she looks great Otherwise though happy day all right say Thank you for helping me I really Appreciate it Olga's owner is 100 committed to saving Her son's therapy chicken even if it Means surgery but we need a diagnosis in Order to be able to really work this up Okay Whatever what is this it's a baronette Chicken oh I know it's really scary I'm So sorry you're doing really good little Chicken I'm hoping that's going to take a good X-ray That's grit all that white stuff so They're like little rocks that these Little chickens eat the theory is they Eat them to help them grind their food In their stomach it's frustrating Because that's exactly where I need to Look at her hip not even more confused Um if I can see the femurs but for Whatever reason the top of the femur the Femoral head in the hip joint they're They're gone I can't tell you from this view that's Frustrating Reviewing the x-rays Dr thielen is Puzzled as to what could be causing Olga The chicken's lame leg I'm going to ask Dr K to help me out because I have no Idea where her hips are and I really

Need a second opinion do you have two Seconds I still don't know why I can't see the Head I have no idea I took these x-rays the problem is is The bone density is poor So I can't I can't evaluate the Hip these bones aren't too bad of Density when I'm looking at them but Like what's going on here right Olga's Hips Don't Look broken but There's definitely something not right With them femoral head and cross this Bird oh it happens And Broiler chickens Basically what femoral head necrosis is Is the head of the femur sits in the hip Joint and then it's really supplied by Lots of arteries and veins but for Whatever reason those Arters and veins Stop working as well and that causes the Bone not to get the nutrients it needs And then it can start to die off Okay I'm so glad I had Dr Kelleher come Look because what we're thinking is Going on is potentially like a genetic Issue have you ever heard of like Femoral necrosis in puppies no So there's like throw miss or for some Reason there's the formal has don't get Blood supply and then they start to Degenerate it really looks like that's What's going on in her is because I just

I I can't see the joints and it's just Or the formal head and that's really Bizarre okay so I'm not positive that This chicken actually has femoral head Necrosis I really need to research it More but I'm gonna leave it on the table For now so I get a chance to investigate But in the meantime I think doing some Metacam to Um kind of just decrease any kind of Inflammation and just make her feel Better as well as a lot of K dress and Maybe potentially laser therapy we can Try without having to get too aggressive I'm hoping all right can you do a laser Treatment today do it right now Kind of keeping our fingers crossed at This point hoping that'll work Okay it's okay I heard from oral heads or a Vascularized and I'm hoping this is Going to help recruit blood vessels to The side We're going to send Oklahoma tonight so She can spend time with her family until I figure out exactly what's going on There She Goes she's a good little girl All right Olga All right hello friend Let's bring the tortoise up here okay And we'll start that and then while he's When we get a strategy of getting him Under there then you and I can start on Shall be there okay that'll work

Dr k plans to examine Shelby's Dental Trouble While Tom sedates and preps Bob The Tortoise for surgery a little more Sedate He's a little more down okay he asked me But I tapped his front leg and he was Fine let's see how he'll tolerate this Like just on his like his nose doing Anesthesia on large tortoises is always A little bit tricky they can hold their Breath for an extremely long period of Time up to like 30 minutes and once the Anesthetic is in their system it takes a Long time to get the anesthetic out of Their system oh that smells funny I know He's actually tolerating it for like I Would actually try to make him a little Bit like goofy back here yeah Goose him To make him breathe it in I'm just trying to make sure Bob Breathes in the iso fluorine At a quicker rate than he normally would Because he pretty good at holding their Breath but then I gotta watch my own Hands so that I don't get my Knuckles Crushed I'm breathing in buddy Well Tom is working on getting Bob under Anesthesia Kristen and I are going to Work on Shelby I'm just gonna open her mouth I'm gonna Look inside and see if she's the other Miller Spurs that are digging into her

Cheek or causing any other problems you Know I've not seen something exactly Like this before this is really unusual Breathe it in how's it going over there So he's getting weaker oh good yeah Her teeth are just such a mess Normally chinchillas molars are lined up Upon one another so that they are Wearing on each other like this with Shelby her upper molars are actually Leaning out which is causing them as They wear to dig into the cheek we can Trim back these furs that are causing The damage but that doesn't fix the Alignment of the molars you can't put Braces on a chinchilla and fix the Alignment you can only trim off the Spurs once they grow at least she is not Bleeding anymore yep okay I'll be I'll Be right there I'm just finishing with Her Trimming Shelby's teeth will reduce the Immediate risk of her teeth digging into Her cheek S So for now we've averted the crisis with Shelby but this little girl is going to Have to come in on a regular basis for Me to take care of her teeth okay okay Okay Let's get the Doppler on him and get him In surgery he said now I can work on Bob He's the tortoise going in to have this Mask removed from his neck what we're

Going to do on him is we're going to be Taking off this mass and I suspect he May have gotten punctured by something That he was pumping on what did you hump On buddy Anything could have gotten in here then It could have obsessed this should be Moderately quick procedure Like there Okay I'm gonna just stop because I want To keep him just deep enough that he Doesn't feel anything but not so deep That we're here till midnight Ventilating him Well there's the center of it right There and then there's just a diminous Tissue around it So what I'm trying to do is get a plane Of dissection down to the really hard Part of the mass where I suspect there Might be Something lodged in there that's causing All this inflammation There is what I need to watch out for There is the jugular My own Factor just went up Like a lot There's a jugular right there So I would like to get under it I just Want to get the hard part of this mask Out that's like the center I have to be Very careful how I'm dissecting this off Otherwise he could have a tremendous Amount of blood loss more gauze and

Gauze okay Regular you stay there I'll stay here I am dying I know what's in the middle Of this nonsense Taking any bets Going for wooder wire I'd say wire from the tire Dr K suspects that Bob's injury is the Result of humping something in the yard Which may have pierced his neck causing The inflammation makes me want to go Home and scavenge my yard to make sure My tortoise can't get into anything His favorite is plastic watering cans I Think I think I'm okay he has like three Of them in the yard we call him his Harem so how do you explain that to your Children We don't talk about it He just retracted his head I've got the Scalpel blade in my hand and we're Cutting into the mass and the jugular Vein is right there Good thing we've got drugs on board It's a delicate balance keeping Bob at The right plane of anesthesia we wanted Him not to be able to feel anything but We also don't want too much anesthetic In his system that would prolong his Recovery All right I'm right at the bottom of the Mass my jugular is still safe Going for the big scissors huh I'm going For big scissors so hard right in the

Middle there I'm anxious to see what Exactly was causing all this problem I Just want to make sure everything stays Quiet before I decide to close it up Mercy that was lung surgery It's not a pretty sensation I've ever Done but Done Dying to open it huh I know wow you know I'm just wondering if I'm actually gonna Find it I want to cut into this mass and See does it look like it was from a Penetrating injury or does it look like It was from a tumor something that I Need to send out for a histopath but you Can see the track of where it went in And this white material is is inspicated Pus man that is whatever poked you buddy I'm going to wood splinter if that Little thing caused all this I'm gonna Be oh there we go Watch now he'll like take forever to Wake up Was that him lifting his head up no down Here so guys Bob being very swollen around his front End it's difficult for us to get the Pulse monitor to pick up I'm getting Stressed about this my biggest concern Having any reptile come out of surgery Is them recovering from anesthesia Appropriately and starting to breathe on Their own Oh my God

Guys I'm gonna need some help Not being able to pick up the heart is Extremely nerve-wracking Guys This can't happen this everything went Well through the whole thing I mean That was not enough blood loss to cause Any problems I'm pumping bab's legs in and out to Help move air because we want to get all The anesthetic gases out of his system So that he'll start breathing on his own Better oh hey Hey ooh mad tortoise coming up I could take mad I'm thrilled that Bob is awake but now That he is awake he is very unhappy and He is a whole lot of reptile to handle He cannot bite this and he must breathe On his own before I yes before we take That oh he's porn you're gonna have to Take over the head I'm not kidding Okay there we go okay that's exactly What I needed is he pulling all right That's him all right just take it take Take it out I'm gonna take this out There we go is everybody okay oh you Have a shirt of slime on your face right On your head awesome here All right do you guys want to get them On the table for Less are on here I will not be happy until you are really Awake and moving around buddy come on

All right I will be right here all right Hey Dr K yes sir do you want him in the Warmth for now maybe a warm room but not Unattended It's only 84 degrees in there let's take Off my shirt I'll get your Vice tea you Want iced tea yeah sure all right Since reptiles can't regulate their own Heat we moved them into the heat room Here oh he's just talking to himself Are you just talking to yourself yeah When he's in there sweating it out in The warm room It's Tom not me After a half hour of close monitoring Bob is regaining strength and recovering Well I think he just wants to be left Alone now probably he's so mad The tortoise will stay overnight in the Warm room to recover Dr K's first order of business is to Check on Bob the tortoise Yeah he's really like reactive every Time he's like oh awesome Mom was uh slow to come around from Sedation but he's back to his old cranky Self now Bob The Tortoise is doing well So Dr K begins her rounds with today's Patients I'm going in to see nacho nacho Is a rabbit that's a little over a year Old and nachos had a history of getting Soiled and urine scald rabbit's normal Urine has a pH of nine that means it's Very alkaline it's like lye soap and if

They are not hiking and posturing their Butt to pee away from their body that Urine will collect on their skin and it Can actually burn their skin we call That urine scald hey how are you you are Absolutely beautiful huh All right little one little one I know You're just here for your bottom end but We gotta start at the top okay All right that looks good and she might On the inside have a little nip from the Male rabbit they were in a small area And it was that night that he nipped her So I've kept them separate for her to Heal got it that's been a while ago Right that was a couple days ago that I Noticed it rabbits can seem completely Sweet and innocent but they can actually Be quite vicious with each other when They are protecting their territory She's got urine soil down the side of Her legs and down here she's got those Nips she got wounded oh my goodness yes Usually rabbit will like position and Hike their butt up to pee away from Themselves and if she's not hiking her Butt up it could be due to some problem Anywhere along her spine When I See This Wax in the ears that can also be an Indication that there might be some Discomfort with the rear legs because They use their rear legs to clean wax Out of their ears well my recommendation Be is that we get some x-rays on her to

See if there's something going on and With her spine or her legs okay and It'll also let me take a look at her Kidneys and her bladder okay before we Take radiographs I want to shave the Area to get a closer look at the urine Scald it also let me look at this wound A little more deeply My goodness Nacho The Shaving the whole butt I was going To just because she's kind of she pees On herself So I guess in the past she had been Treated for your own sculptures put on Antibiotics but I guess it came back so We're going to do some x-rays to see Maybe if she has some arthritis and That's why she's peeing on herself He doesn't want crazy though No she felt really crusty I was colder But I guess that's what I was feeling Was that bloom there I guess you know Dr Keller had noticed That so I'm just trying to clean it up Here and then I guess she can assess it Better once we shave it up For Nacho's swollen right there too oh honey I'm sorry Not natural It looks good Seems pretty straight nachos x-rays Don't show any signs of spine trouble But the wound on her leg is still a big

Concern that wound is very exactly I Know now that I see it like I need to manage that wound okay That's all right nachos injury is Serious it's a lot worse than I thought It was it goes deep it's all the way Down to the point where there's muscle Exposed so the only way to close this Wound is to do surgery there you go Nacho just go sit in there I just want To let you know that when we had her Under for the x-rays and we shaved the Wound where she had gotten bitten that Is wide open to the muscle I mean it's It's open it's bad Foreign The rabbit suffered a wound after a Scuffle with another rabbit but the Severity of the injury is much worse Than anticipated I just want to let you know that when we Had her under for the x-rays and we Shaved the wound where she had gotten Bitten that is wide open to the muscle I Mean it's it's open it's bad Nachos owners have given permission to Take the young rabbit into surgery The wound on Nacho's leg is about three Inches long it's amazing that there's Not more infection present here because I can actually see muscle tissue Underneath this you can see it's very Open this is the kind of damage that Bunnies can do to each other

That's kind of nasty wound this bunny is Mostly hair so I'm not surprised mom Didn't notice right away it's okay it Happens Little bunny My goal is to clean up the edges of the Wound before we stitch nacho up there's Nothing polite about bunnies fighting in Captivity these rabbits can't get out of Each other's space in the wild they can Get away from each other Sweet little bunny can do a lot of Damage probably like five six inches Long there after we're after the fact That suture pattern will hold tension Well but she's got enough loose skin There that would be fine as long as the Owner can keep the wound clean not just Should heal nicely in a couple weeks Which one's the bunny again Yeah right Look you made another bunny Pretty much huh I'm dropping Mimi off today she's coming To stay the weekend while I go out of Town for a couple of days Amy is a Vietnamese PoBoy Pig who boards Here On favorites she knows where her room is Her very own room while she's here she's Also going to do her yearly wellness Exam the last time Mimi was in for Boarding Dr thielen instructed the Owners to put Mimi on a diet this time

Dr thielen will make sure she's losing Weight she puts on a couple of extra Pounds during mango season so we've been Trying to walk those off and hopefully She's gotten down to her her normal Weight Thank you So I'm really bummed I just found out That Olga's coming back in Yesterday she seems so well and today She's not using the good lug now Good chicken I know put your feet this Way So we're trying to weigh Olga and she is One leg forward one leg back That's a big red flag for a deadly Disease called Merrick's disease and if That's the case all goes honors are Going to be heartbroken My son has autism and um he sees me Bringing the chicken in every morning And keeps asking me about it so it'd be Hard if I don't come home with her but Um He's getting used to it so um you know He has a lot of empathy for everything Hi hey This morning woke up and uh she doesn't Want to stay in too well on it So usually homeric starts is they're Just a toxic they're just wobbly but it Definitely can start off as your lateral Process It's a virus it's caused by type herpes

Virus actually so I'm hoping that's not What she has but If that's what it is then she definitely Needs to be euthanized I mean this Morning she was on her side she couldn't Get up And she's eating and drinking but she's Not okay she can't get to her food now Is the point and you know even if it's Not Merrick's I mean if she's declining She's declining There's actually not a test for Barrick's disease before the animal dies It's so we're gonna have to just base This decision on her quality of life What does your son think Oh you know every day sees me bring Around you know he saw chicken sick Chicken sick chicken sick Nothing you can do about it Sadly at this point I would do anything For this chicken I'm so sorry Good After a major decline overnight it's Clear that Olga the chicken's condition Cannot be cured I'm so sorry although it's a really Difficult decision after a lot of Thought fans decided that the most Loving thing for Olga is to euthanize Her You can be with her if you want or if It's too hard then you don't have to be

You have to just kind of make the you Know the best decision for them and not Be selfish You're doing great All right sweetie Oh gosh if you need anything thanks no I would have spent everything for her But there's just nothing nothing to do For Diane getting permission to perform a Necropsy on Olga she of course would Like to know what happened but the Bottom line is she just wants to help The veterinary community and help me Learn and further my education to help More chickens I'm going to try to dissect it all the Way down to her hips because on x-ray They didn't look like they were there Like is that true or is the X-ray just Weird and I'm also going to be looking At her sciatic nerves to see if Potentially she has the Merrick's Disease so these the yellow things right Here Um They're actually testicles so Olga is a Boy She would have been a rooster which is Kind of funny in hindsight Um and these are her I can't call it a Girl now it's going to be hard to call It a boy so that was the leg she was the Most lame on you can see the left is

About twice the size of the right The diameter of the left sciatic is Profoundly bigger than the right there's No lion That's almost diagnostic without having To do a diagnostic test for Merrick's Disease so it seems like the right thing To do was to euthanize her that's crazy You can't miss that that is crazy oh my Gosh at least I'll give the owner some Closure oh totally Sorry Okay case closed It's been five weeks since Bob The Tortoise had a large mass removed from His neck Today is Bob's final visit I just want to kind of get going on Bob Yeah he's already pissed off so well Good you gotta go down right nice and Quick then I'm excited to see what happens once we Get the bandage off here it could have Healed perfectly and everything gone Right or it could be a complete disaster Totally infected I think you're gonna be pretty happy Oh good Oh sweet that does look awesome Dr K's Goal is to remove the Staples so Bob's Incision can heal on its own Not gonna be easy He's going back I'm sorry Oh man that's really in there whose

Brilliant idea was to close this with Staples Oh me right not very many tortoises Would have this scar I guess All right I might sit outside with him For a little bit yeah oh yeah yeah yeah That's always the best Keeping Bob in a warm environment will Help the tortoise come out of sedation But this time Tom chooses to sit with Bob outside Let me know if you need anything will do Bob and I have bonded over the past Weeks he's a happy and healthy healing Well and I'm just glad he didn't Crush My fingers or take a bite out of me Bob Isn't the only returning patient Shelby the chinchilla is back for a Checkup and to have her teeth trimmed Hey how's it going good I haven't got a Chance to meet you I'm Dr thielen oh how Are you nice to meet you but I've met Your Yes she is well known around here and She had that Crazy blood clot in her mouth oh and she Brought it in it was it was like gooey And oh she blew it all over her yeah oh My goodness that was so scary but it Looks like she's doing well today Hi sweetheart So after Shelby's Dental scare last time We want to check the teeth today to make Sure that they're growing appropriately

And they don't need to be trimmed again Okay sweetheart don't worry please be Okay oh yeah she definitely needs it Was gonna look at the back of her teeth I'm not even going to torture her awake Because I know I'm gonna have to to trim That anyways okay I'm going to Anesthetize her I'm going to take the X-rays of her head that way we're going To get a really good idea of what's Going on with her two teeth we're going To trim the incisors for sure that one Tooth that was jabbing into her side I'm Gonna just make sure it's true even if It's a little bit of overgrowth I'm Gonna trim it Mouths are really really tiny and they Don't open very wide I need to get her Anesthetized so I can see what's going On They are so so small that there's like Hardly any room to see let alone work There we go Let me do it in scissors okay Shelby's Case her dental disease is pretty Progressive she initially presented for Her teeth over growing and actually Digging into the side of her cheek Causing a big bloody mess Let's close them off and see what that Looks like so I just turned Shelby's Teeth to make sure that they're not Going to be poking into her cheek Anymore however I know chinchillas and

Only a little bit of the teeth I can Actually see the most of it's actually In the school so we need to take an X-ray to really figure out what's going On Kimchi Oh Shelby the chinchilla is back for a Teeth trim as well as x-rays to get to The root of her tooth problem so this is Where her eye would be and then the Problem is here so this is the bandable It's supposed to just kind of go right There but it's not so these are the the Roots of some of those teeth and they're Actually poking down underneath her jaw This looks like a really really painful Mouth so I think pain meds are going to Tremendously help this animal Hop in the carrier Work It's a really big myth that giving them Like wooden chew toys and like that's Going to help with their teeth and that Might be fun for them but that's wrong And the Chinchilla's case it has to have Lots and lots of chewing movements so Lots of hay so those Cycles on the teeth Is what wears the teeth down okay hey She did great she's awake oh she did Great oh she's wide awake Um okay that one tooth totally needed to Be trimmed again so I took off quite a Chunk is that bad the teeth are bad and

They're up here and they're down here And they actually cause a lot of Inflammation and so if I can knock down That inflammation it makes her feel so Much better if this doesn't work it's Not the end of the line there's plenty More we can do okay so I definitely Don't want to not give you hope because I think that this is really going to Help her all right thank you so much so Welcome we'll try to make the best of Her and keep her comfortable Awesome pet awesome pet All right Hi Bob yeah you can see the they were Healed there I'm just so delighted and I'm so grateful to her She saved his life Will he Let you fool with his neck at all the Reason I'm asking is because what I Would want you to do is you warm Compresses on the neck with epsom salts They're phenomenal from drawing out Swelling okay he does like bats he's Been oh good walking towards the Bathroom for six weeks now and no baths Got it yeah it'll be all right just do Compress that um keep me posted on how He's doing okay all right yeah they're The best aren't they yeah Thank you so much all right perfect take Care all right good luck with him okay And thank you for all your help yeah

You're welcome We're gonna take them home and give them A bath Thank you maybe the pabloid pigs here For boarding but she's also due for Animal Wellness so that means she's Gonna have to get on that scale yes we All want to look trim and beautiful but It's actually more important for pigs Because they get really serious Arthritis when they're heavy Cooperate my job is to lure meaning from The boarding area to scale to get her to Step up Good girl Mimi weighs 55 kilograms which equates To 122 pounds and she lost 6.5 pounds so That's great for her Jeremy will join Dr thielen for the Wellness exam before taking Mimi back Home she's a little bit spoiled only Child in the mornings when we don't get Up to 10 to her in time She will put her snout underneath the Bars on the chairs and just pop them Over until you come out and pay Attention to him yeah she's uh she Definitely has us more trained than we Have her Mimi is exami hello how's it going Diane Mimi's Mom isn't able to be here do you Mind if we call Diane she wanted to hear Yeah So we're going to conference call her in

So she can make sure Mimi's healthy say Hi Mommy You just almost took a bite out of the Phone yeah right I mean these owners are Like unbelievably dedicated to this pig Hi sweetheart can I pet you yeah You know having a lot of people around And you know prodding at her she usually Has a limited threshold of how long She'll put up with you for oh yeah there Come to your bed okay come to your bed She's letting me listen really good Actually don't get scared don't get Scared don't get scared it's okay honey Baby it's all right it's all right That's all right she might open for you So it's not both of us oh yeah I can see Really well now actually yeah it's a Good girl She looks great guys her heart and lungs Sound good do you have any questions for Me mom I don't Absolutely Healthy Diva Pig self oh of course Bye See you later we love Mimi all right Thank you also she's leaving leaving yes She's leaving leaving Kind of Carly yeah good girl she jumps Right up in the back seat believe it or Not Motivation of going home I imagine I Guess food too I'm sure we have a Phenomenal set of clients doing whatever

It takes to help their pet get better And that is why I became a veterinarian To work with people like that it's Amazing Foreign

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