Horse follows owner’s boyfriend everywhere

I first met rednik when he was at a Horse rescue he wouldn’t let anyone come Near him I don’t think I had really Understood at the time what I was Getting myself into I couldn’t get Anywhere near him couldn’t touch him Couldn’t approach him there was one day I spent 3 hours sitting out there just Trying to touch him I just wanted to Touch his nose that was it so it was Probably about a year before I could Walk up to him and touch him without him Running for his life rednik mistrust of Men was definitely more prominent than [Music] Women when be met rednick for the very First time rednik walked right up to the Gate and met him there I don’t think He’d even done this for me yet and I Remember being so jealous like he won’t Even do that for me now I’m the third Wheel in my own Relationship he’d had nothing thing to Do with horses it just has to be Something about be himself he’s just Such a calming presence to be around They have a game sometimes and it’s Really cute to watch because it’s like He’s chasing him he’s like nope you’re Not going anywhere come back here I’ve Just accepted that I can’t work rednik When be’s around because all he wants to Do is be with be when be’s around rednik Becomes a dog he’s following bee around

Everywhere he goes just running through The field playing with him just for no Reason not cuz he wanted trees but just Running around playing there’s one time When bee got a work call and rednik was Just following him around the arena as He’s walking in circles just like where Are we going what are we doing he Becomes like a lap dog he just wants to Be in be’s face all the time not in a Pushy way but like in a can we talk can We do something can we Play when be is around rnck he becomes The inner Cowboy he didn’t know he had Feel like like It oh I Bet sometimes he’ll just turn around and He’ll like rest his head or his mouth on Be head bee will be scratching his neck And then rednik will turn around and Like scratch the top of his Head anytime I just feel like hurting my Own feelings I’m like hey let’s see who Rednik decides he wants to go after Today and so far it’s never worked in my Favor there’s a part of me that’s like That’s not not fair like after all the Work that I’ve put in but I’d say that’s Only like a 2% 98% of me loves it I love That they have the bonds that they Do they’ve had so many Milestones Together it’s been incredible to watch Their Journey just seeing where we are now

Knowing where we started it’s it’s been [Music] Incredible

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