This makes your heart smile 🥰 thank you @rudniktheroan ❤️

[Music] I first met rednik when he was at a Horse rescue he wouldn’t let anyone come Near him couldn’t touch him couldn’t Approach him so it was probably about a Year before I could walk up to him and Touch him without him running for his [Music] Life when be met rednick for the very First time rednik walked right up to the Gate and met him there I don’t think He’d even done this for me yet now I’m The third wheel in my own Relationship it just has to be something About be himself he’s just such a Calming presence to be around I’ve just Accepted that I can’t work rnck when Be’s around because all he wants to do Is be with be bee will be scratching his Neck and then rednick will turn around And like scratch the top of his Head Um

One thought on “This makes your heart smile 🥰 thank you @rudniktheroan ❤️

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