Mother Cow Reunited With Calf

Yeah it's just come up to the top at a Quarry And what I see is the cow Stuck at the top And his baby calf stuck at a bottom And they're crying to each other I don't know if you can hear that but They're crying to each other [Music] Um How can I help I'll go get the mother down or the car Park I'm going with the Mother Down So I'm going to go and circular the Quarry And then I'm gonna Usher the cow along The top of the Quarry and hopefully down The bank Because right now it's looking at me Like It's crying out mad as well so Um I'll go around there and see we're going The car is literally crying I've never heard a car make them noises [Music] Um it's moving but like wailing I don't know if you can see the calf But it's like down at the bottom The thing is I don't even know how the Cow got up there now if I go up that way The car is going to get scared and go in The other direction so I'm gonna have to

Go down this path And come up And walk it back this way down onto the Path Um Yeah There you go Thank you [Music] Let's get the cow back down For some reason it just started to trust Me I'll throw up I was with it for about 20 minutes good Girl It's a good girl yeah good girl [Music] And now we are going to see the cow Mother reunite With a child right now look at this Look at this look at that [Music] I know that I'm a little drink I'm not Gonna bother them anymore I'm just going To bounce house giving me a little look Back I don't know if that's a thank you but [Music]

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