Mama Cow Gets a Check Up | The Incredible Dr. Pol

They’re spoiled. I spoil my cattle. When they see me coming, They're looking for the white bucket
to fill the mangers up. I don't give them much every day,
but enough for them to say, okay, You had some candy. Well, one of my cows had a calf, started
having problems With their legs and laying down
and wasn't getting up, coming to feed. Can't find a cut or anything. It just its hocks is swelling up
and it's not walking on it. Doctor Nicole came to investigate. Is she pregnant now or? No, her calf is right there. Little one right there? Yeah. Most worried about getting the hoof Taken care of on the cows
so she can continue to feed her calves. That hock right there. Oh, yeah. Okay. Hi. I don’t know if she stepped on something or what? Yeah. Do you have a halter? Hey, pretty girl. Thankfully, he has got the cow caught up. Yeah. Don't run. You're going to hurt both of us. But she still has a pretty good range
to move around in. So now I have to halter her up
and hopefully she'll let me. Does she have a name? Yes, Whiteface 2. Whiteface 2? Yeah.
I bought three Whitefaces at one time. I got one, two and three. Come on, turn your head around. Come on. That should do it.

Most cows don't like their leg caught up
in a rope and then have you looking at it. And me putting my face behind the cow’s
leg is really dangerous. So I'm just going to sedate her
and make it easy and safe for everyone. Oh yeah, she's super swollen. So when I first Examine her, I can feel her
hock is pretty swollen, But I really want to get a good
look at her hoof because most lameness Cases in cows
and horses are down in the hoof. Oh, look at that. What is it? That's some foot rot. Foot rot? Yep. Bacteria gets into
the skin, seeps up and causes Some damage and an infection.
That can happen in somewhat conditions. We've gotten a lot of rain recently. Last night we got an inch and a quarter. Oh, gosh. Yeah. You know, we get monsoon rains here. We don't get just a nice rainstorm. It's wet out there. Yeah, that whole thing is just very infected. Sorry, mama I know that hurts. It's starting to bleed
now that I mess with it. Can you fix that? Yep, with antibiotics. For her, what We need to do is start her on
some anti-inflammatories and antibiotics. If untreated, hoof rot
can become even worse. The infection can extend up her leg
and then she can get a whole Bunch of cellulitis. And that's a really hard thing to treat. So thankfully Stephan caught it early And called me out today
and we can get her fixed up. So this will be everything she needs today. Okay. Miss Whiteface.

Good morning. C’mon girl. Yeah, she'll wake up in the next couple hours. She'll be a little stumbly too,
so try not to really give her any food Or water until she's up walking
pretty well. Okay. If you can keep her somewhere drier,
that would help, but… If they can chase her down to the bottom
where it's drier. There you go. Okay. Have a good day.
Yeah, nice meeting you now. Hopefully that's all going to be good. We’ll go on from there
and she can finish raising her calf And I can get her bred for next year.

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