Lion Uprising: The King Defends His Throne (Full Episode) | Savage Kingdom

Foreign Last season on Savage Kingdom [Music] Saba watches her daughter die In the jaws of a ruthless rifle Matsumi claws her way to power Second Karma murders his own son [Music] Now Griff on the throne is slipping [Music] Thank you There Will Be Blood [Music] Foreign King of beasts Rallies his three Rising Sons Time to Kill With this much muscle they target Giants Ah [Music] [Music] Foreign Part [Music] The princes showed promise Father is at the top of his game [Music] In this world Sakakama is God His sons make him proud United his family is Unstoppable Thank you It’s a deadly Gamble Youth has ambition

And arrogance Sakakama sees trouble Brewing These princes have stayed too long Do not Cross me Foreign [Music] Thank you Saba fears the Marsh pride from bitter Experience They butchered her daughter Neo is all she has left With her help He may one day rule leopard Rock Foreign [Music] The heavens open [Music] Prime hunting season is here But Neo has so much to learn Saba must turn her innocent kitten Into a ruthless killer She will shape his destiny Oh yeah Foreign Calls to Arms [Music] [Music] Is mine [Music] All challenges be warned [Music] His message carries to the Wasteland of The North

Here three angry lionesses plot their Revenge They hate the Marsh pride even more than Saba does They were exiled by their enemies with Nothing Now these Outlaws want vengeance They are building an empire With eight secret weapons [Music] [Music] Four sons and four daughters Future Fighters And future mothers The foundation of the next great Dynasty [Music] Within the north will rise And the Marsh pride will fall Kingdom will be ours Saba sharpens her weapons Time to train her Apprentice Foreign ’s first lesson How to kill He will learn by example But not today Relax The boy is spoiled Pampered Protected He’s been coddled for too long Saba teases his bloodlust But kills are still just play things [Music]

He’s your only son [Music] The last in your bloodline Foreign [Music] Give him time Greatness will come [Music] Thank you Second as princes live a life of luxury [Music] They’re growing strong And independent Matsumi has done what she can for them She is focused on the Next Generation [Music] The princess are second Karma’s problem Now Every day he lets them stay He gambles The oldest Prince is hungry to do more Than backup father Testosterone fuels his Rebellion His two brothers will follow him Anywhere They think they can take on the world Foreign [Music] [Music] Young calf Killers you have become [Music] A coalition is forged in blood Do these princes really think they have What it takes

[Music] Um Foreign Kills for Less Especially insolent sums Have you forgotten your place Curiosity gets the better of matsumi’s New Cubs [Music] Move on little ones Your brothers need a lesson in manners Foreign The princes must show respect Or they will pay the price The northern Queens would kill to take The marsh And steal sakakama’s Exile makes the sisters bitter Hunger feeds their anger Resentment infects their cubs The first kill is always the sweetest [Music] Is this what power feels like This isn’t about Hunger It’s about dominance Control My perfect little killers [Music] One step closer to seizing the kingdom Second Karma Knows little of the schemes In the North And cares even less He risks leaving the princes to their Own devices

He has other matters to attend to [Music] Hidden away Out of sight Second Karma has another Secret family [Music] With matsumi’s sister [Music] Beautiful The Aging King has been going behind his Queen’s back This is Plan B [Music] One can know they exist Not yet Someday they will do second Karma’s Bidding But this little pride could also be his Downfall The more he has The more there is to lose And while he’s here His sons have free reign [Music] Foreign Yet to make a kill or even try Neo still relies entirely on Saba Oblivious to the scale of her sacrifice Saba has to work twice as hard to feed Them both It’s been days since their last meal Mistakes are now not an option Foreign

Foreign Don’t make a sound [Music] Closer Perfect Dinner time Neo expects his share But Saba is tired of his entitlement She who kills Eats first Wait your turn Salika Saba knows this low-life well Her Shadow Army won’t be far behind Um They will steal this hard-earned kill Get to the trees You will be patient Neo [Music] Finally [Music] Neo’s turn [Music] An experience will be his downfall He can’t even hold on to dinner [Music] Hurry Neo Zalika will kill for this Foreign Kill But he’s just not strong enough to drag It to safety [Music] Saba can only watch a zelika confiscates

Her prize Thank you Neo has lost everything Including Saba’s patience She has had enough Her son is hungry But Saba no longer cares Neo has never known real hardship Could this ignite his will to kill With sakacama away his sons size up the Throne They’re rich beyond their wildest dreams The Envy of the realm For the moment But uneasy lies the head that wears the Crowd There’s an intruder in their Marsh And as acting Kings It’s their job to protect the kingdom [Music] This Nomad was banished from his pride For coming of age Foreign As they should have been He tries to hide But the princes won’t be fooled They will seize any chance to wield the Power of the throne [Music] Rally The Pride The oldest Prince relishes his brutal Duty Foreign Tastes like

Out Breathe it in The sweet smell of Triumph They’ve proved they can hunt They can protect They will be Kings [Music] Oh They’re growing confidence Echoes across The marsh [Music] Wrong This second Karma’s hold on power Slipping [Music] He hears their treachery [Music] Loud and clear [Music] Treason Someone is hunting on Leopard rocks Right under Saba’s nose An accomplished killer [Music] Dark eyes settles down to a banquet For one Saber is hungry But it’s strictly Invitation Only She might eat If she plays her cards right Leave this to me Neo Lone males think nothing of killing a Cup If Saba fails

She’ll pay with blood Neo’s blood Neo is ravenous He smiles fresh meat The property of an expert executioner [Music] Foreign Can flatter him Circle him Disarm him Charm him How do you steal a meal from a big Hungry male Very carefully [Music] Before [Music] All right Stay back Neo One mistake and he will destroy you [Music] But dark eyes yields Why Dark eyes is no stranger Here’s your father Neo Dark eyes spares his son’s life This time And Saba gets a meal Neo is desperate for a taste But the time for sharing has passed [Music] Time for tough love Thank you Samba is done providing for him

If you’re hungry Go hunt for yourself Or starve The bitter queens of the north do Whatever it takes to survive Their cubs were weaned by hunger not Privilege All right Rotten meat builds character The harder the life the tougher the type Suffering turns innocence to savagery [Music] Our time will come Our kingdom will come Second come as Sons feel at home on his Throne Now his Queens are ready to mate You can hunt You can lead So why not breed Well here’s one good reason The king is back Foreign This is his right Privilege These are his Queens But the oldest Prince is brazen How dare you Second Karma will put them in their Place And keep them there Foreign This is the job of a real king The prince will not satisfy his last

Year Not on second Karma’s watch Across this line And you will pay the ultimate price Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] The king’s orders are clear Obey my rules Or get out This Tinderbox is ready to ignite All it means is a spark [Music] Thank you Foreign Has killed the likes of you before You will be next [Music] Thank you There can only be one true king And I am going nowhere [Music] [Music]

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