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When I started my journey and people Started calling me the Dog Whisperer the Only thing I wanted to do is to teach People there is no such a thing as a bad Dog Safer with me [Applause] Today I’m still doing what I love but The world has changed Record dog adoptions have made many Packs complete but now more than ever People and dogs Need help we can’t live like this the Problem is me what about you more pushes More problems right he needs rehab like ASAP so many things you can fix already Sorry for the excitement I just want you To get bit do you know who I am together With My Superhero pack our mission is to Teach the World to honor the pack code Honesty integrity and loyalty once you Get this you’re gonna have everything Else and that’s how we create better Humans and better dogs one pack at a Time [Music] Some cases I’m called for are true Emergencies I’m heading to meet a family With two powerful dogs and two young Daughters when packed mates fight is bad But a serious danger is one day the Girls can get caught in the middle as a Dog lover but more importantly as a Father I will not let that happen

[Music] Hi I’m Jonathan and this is my spouse Sanai we’ve been together for six years And we have two daughters together Aviana she’s five and then Ira she is Two years Goodness okay there We have two dogs thano he is a Rottweiler and he’s three years old and A Doberman Pinscher Cipher he’s three Years now from the beginning we wanted To get a dog the first one was a Rottweiler I always loved that breed and I just I said this is the first one we Have to get when we initially brought Down a home he was happy-go-lucky super Excited Super confident After maybe three months we decided on Getting a second dog I had always loved Dobermans because of a movie Doberman Gang I saw how smart there were How Brave they were and I said to myself When I grow up I’ll have one of these Dogs that’s where Cypher came in the Picture initially he was great they just Became like the best of buds in general The way that they behave with the girls Is just beautiful I love it Once they became a little bit over a Year old the behavior started to shift They constantly started getting in Fights And I think we lost count of how many Times they’ve fought each other

When they fight it’s really aggressive It sounds like you know something Horrific is happening they fought over Human food especially in avocado they Love avocados the worst fight that they Had I was by myself with my little girls The house I hear a yell And my daughter tells me Mom they’re Fighting and they just started with each Other My daughter started screaming I’m trying To separate them they wouldn’t stop I’m Yelling and seeing my two dogs that I Love so much just fighting and me never Able to stop them it was so scary Eventually I was able to push thano to One corner and push cyber to the other And that’s when I just saw all the blood And I was just covered in blood After that by I I haven’t been the same I’m scared that my little girls they Were right there with me and I couldn’t Keep the dog safe and I couldn’t keep my Daughter safe at the same time I I just I can’t shake it off I can’t Shake that feeling off it is scary to Think that my kids could end up getting Hurt because of it It’s hard to think about that We love these dogs and we wanted to get Them when they were little so they could Grow up loving each other What I want is just for us to enjoy each

Other again despite everything we know There’s hope I have to believe that [Music] Foreign Wow two girls I have two boys so I always wanted a Little girl okay so how can I help so we Have two large dogs who got in in big Fights how bad is it the worst bite was It was a bloody mess like there was Blood everywhere yeah she was home by Herself Um and she wasn’t really able to Separate them our little girl was crying Trying to go to her mom while she was Dealing with the dogs and my big sister Here wanted to grab her a back leader Yeah she just thinks so awesome It’s awesome that their older daughters Step in to protect her sister but a Child rushing into a chaotic situation Can be incredibly dangerous and even Fatal if the dogs are fighting the kids Could get caught in the crossfire we Must fix this immediately I always like to see people walking the Dogs okay okay honestly if you don’t Have to walk right you can’t really Rehabilitate anything no and I mean we Can tell you that we don’t yeah well go Get the dogs I’m gonna watch you from Here and I’ll help you okay This family definitely has their work

Cut out for them the good thing is they Have the willingness and the little girl I’m so proud of her she’s already Protecting the sister so we got a good Pack they just need the right knowledge Let’s see Okay Okay wow stop right there they’re too Excited for a walk You need to calm them down first show me How you do it Stop Cipher the Doberman is especially worked Out he’s full of nervous excited energy Which gets Tana the Rottweiler excited To even worse Sanaya and Jonathan don’t Have the right leash or handling skills To control the dogs and the girls are Just feet away I need to step in Immediately so can we have some halters These leashes will give me more control Than the leashes the family is using Let’s get a hold of the most excited one This guy move a lot I need to get Control of Cypher first since his high Energy nervous excitement makes Tano Uneasy I’m gonna move back so Cipher’s Aggressive energy is not right next to Tano Cypher has an excited nervous Energy about him so this is the guy you Have to work the most oh yes see when Cypher moves away Tano is easier to Control I’ve seen how Restless I forget around

His pack made tunnel now I need to see How he handles some neighborhood dogs I Also want Jonathan and Sinai to begin Learning how to use the leash to better Control his energy when he gets nervous Excited your dogs haven’t learned to be Guided with a leash so you haven’t been Able through a leash tell the brain Become calm surrender so that’s what We’re gonna work on Okay I’m gonna use a short list so I Have more control over his nose and his Eyes [Music] Bring the dogs [Music] Give a quick tuck to the leash redirect His attention and give space from what He is reacting to okay there you go See he looked at me but now he’s right Back into alert mode his mind is racing Let’s do it again [Music] Hey there you go There you go So this is a good first step even though He’s still a little Restless at least He’s sitting and coming down When they’re chilling and relaxing let’s Just relax I see and he’s checking with Me more now distracted by everything Walking by that’s what you want it took A few minutes but finally Cipher figured Out he needed to stay calm so now you

Have to find ways where you drain the Energy this guy needs like a good run Have you done it uh okay that just said It we’ve done it like once these are Big Adolescent dogs with a ton of physical And mental energy and either cooked up In the house most of the day that’s only Gonna make cypher’s nervous excited Energy worse but now the ciphers calm Down a little I want to do the same Exercise with them together so Cipher Can start to learn to stay calm and Tano’s presence Pass it to me Heather See the second they get close again Cipher gets worked up ciphers locked Onto Tano that’s five mode no no here Hold on grab it okay Hey hey There we’re having hit [Music] Just like before when Cypher gets close To another dog even Tano he starts to Get aggressive that’s that’s what I was Going to ask you right now I feel like He wanted to go after him that’s right Okay that’s correct Cipher was about to Attack Tana that’s why I said you grab That one I grabbed the guy okay his Intentions are not right yeah okay Cipher is a worked up I don’t want to do Any more work out here let’s go inside I Can tell already The Cypher is nervous Excited and is instigating fights with

Tano but it’s not clear what’s causing His aggression I need to find out what’s Going on here if your energy is wrong Would they be affected let’s say you’re Mad would that affect them yeah that’s Right yeah the big fight that they had My little girls are having an avocado And I see Dan on Cipher at each other’s Faces And then I yelled I said hey that’s Right yeah and they started fighting That is telling them to fight your Expectations that they’re going to fight Is what creates the fight I do feel that my energy just affect the Dogs we just always tend to watch the Girls watch the dogs are they okay the Baby’s next to the dog there’s Definitely an edge that we’re at right Now your expectations are a huge part of This but there is something else going On here once they know that the easiest Way to drain energy is fighting they’re Gonna do it okay because they don’t have Anything else to do the board they’re Frustrated so when a dog gets in trouble It’s because the body in the mind has Not received their daily doses of Activities yeah but they want us to Mentally be challenged yes but they Stuck here all day so they look at each Other and think we can fight just to get Rid of some energy okay yeah we’re more Out of mind let’s just go after each

Other Yeah Freaking avocado That’s how bored they are it was clear In the driveway that the aggression Begins with Cipher he’s a doberman high Performance breed with a ton of physical And mental energy that is often used for Police work but he scooped up in the House most of the day with his packed McDonald’s ciphers boredom and nervous Excited energy create a combustible Situation but despite being nice the Fights comes from Sanai she anticipates They will fight and Cipher picks up on Her fear and gets aggressive again and Again Jonathan and Sanai need to give The dogs more physical exercise and Mental stimulation so they’re not born But completely stopping the fight will Require changes to nice expectations Around Cipher you guys have to Experience the ranch you have to come we Want to we’re so excited to go to Caesar’s Ranch yeah Cypress does need Change he does need something different So kind of realizing now that we’re not Really giving him fulfillment being just The same old thing same routine it’s not Enough for him to work his mind so I’ll See you guys at the ranch you’re gonna Have fun oh my God thank you thank you Thank you The next morning Caesar heads to

Silverlake to help a pet parent who Worries her dog is too anxious to Survive their upcoming move across the Atlantic [Music] Ally from Sweden I’ve been in Los Angeles 25 years and stop And these are my two clowns Ollie and Squiggy one two always maybe Jindo pit He’s very sweet I feel like he really is A dog who tries the best he can sit [Laughter] And I honestly don’t know what squeaky Is I think maybe he’s dachshund corgi Pit I call him East Side Special by 100 Spoil them and it’s probably become more Pronounced during the pandemic because I Was at home all the time I don’t know How people don’t have dogs they’re the Best But right now with Ollie There’s something off Does he look like he’s going to eat your Face off [Laughter] He is very reactive And also very anxious he will shake Uncontrollably because he does not like Sudden noises the leaf blower is Public Enemy Number One I’m like are you mad are you anxious Calm down and now Um anxiety has become complete obsession

With me Corey from Finding Nemo she’s like Hi How He’s obsessed with me at 2 and 11. I Joke that Ollie would like to crawl into My mouth and live in my stomach And really intense and unhealthy and Things are getting worse And so I don’t even know how to handle It Hard to be a good boy but time is of the Essence right now because I’m planning On moving back to Europe Decided to move closer to my family I’m Really nervous about flying with Ollie Because with his anxiety I do have this fear that I’m setting him Up for the ultimate panic attack worst Case scenario is he has a heart attack On the plane yeah If I had to leave him behind it would be So sad I mean even though he’s like Cuckoo he’s you know my cuckoo you need To calm down dude [Music] Can’t just calm down [Music] Good morning good morning How are you pleasure pleasure I’ve been here in them Ollie has very Intense anxiety yet he hears a noise There’s constant barking intense shaking He’s also obsessed with me so Um a lot of work I agree

When you say obsess what do you mean he Jumped out of my dog walkers sunroof of Her car to get to me oh wow he’s jumped In eight foot fence 12 foot fence Obsessed obsessed I heard this dog was Anxious but wow a lot of dogs have Separation anxiety but I never heard of A dog jumping out of a sunroof to get Back to his bed Mom that’s not just Crazy he’s dangerous let me show you the Backyard okay and we can see where they Hang out sometimes anxiety is a product Of unburned energy so I want to know how Much exercise all he’s getting it’s a Nice neighborhood out here did you take Your dogs on walks um I do walk around The reservoir a lot but one of the Weirdest things that happened I was Walking Ollie just recently this woman Walked past me without a dog and Ollie Just casually turned him bitter on the Leg Is one thing for a dog’s anxiety to lead To barking at loud noises but now he Started biting humans everything about This dog sounds more complicated than I Thought it was going to be when I first Showed up I’m feeling the suspense and Normally I don’t feel suspense I can’t wait to meet your dogs All right bring out Ollie Holy spark is chaotic this is frantic Right he’s alerting but it’s fire and Electricity at the same time

Definitely the anxiety is pretty high Dense yeah calm down Sit Wow he does that a lot yeah Yeah yeah that’s bad That is bad All is jumping into Maria’s personal Space and she’s not doing anything about It she’s not establishing boundaries so That encourage him to get closer and Closer this is that shaking Panic so Right buddy Yes but if you give affection you end up Nurturing that he’s so nervous he’s Shaking that’s the worst time to pet him That’s only going to nurture the anxiety More if he’s on a plane for 10 hours and Shaking like that I feel like he’d have A heart attack but the shaking not Necessarily is bad for the heart is just To remove energy away from you know what I mean they don’t they don’t suppress Things oh anxiety alone shouldn’t cause A heart attack but a dog that’s super Stressed on a long flight could Absolutely hurt himself trying to chew Or claw his way out of his crate or even Biting himself in a moment of a stream Fear it’s not safe for Ali to travel Until we get this figured out but you Give an affection at that time you Actually asking them to hold it yeah Right it’s best to give confidence in a Bad State Ali is a sensitive nervous

Excited dog who uses Maria for Comfort When he gets anxious the problem is Maria nurtures the anxiety by petting Him when he’s literally shaking with Fear and so he invades her intimate Space or jumps out of sunroofs to get Back to her and she allows it it’s Obvious how close Marie and Ali have Grown during covet but Ali will never be Able to fly safely until Maria starts Offering calm confident leadership and Clear boundaries that he needs Okay I want you to understand that he Looks to you for guidance so you need to Tell him he doesn’t need to be anxious Watch can we do the leaf blower Now instead of telling all is okay of Painting him just silently show him is Okay Hey hey I’ve never seen Ollie calm down that Quickly it was pretty amazing Now the human is using the right energy For our animal to go to come surrender State all his anxiety around the leaf Blower is bad because Maria never shows Him he doesn’t need to be anxious when I Calmly drop the leash on the dogs and Made them sit that showed them that I’m Going to protect them and they don’t Need to worry this is your turn I’m Going to let you do it let’s do the leaf Lower again please when Caesar says cue The leaf blower I sort of did an

Internal groan I’m just supposed to be Caesar in that scenario I did not have high expectations That’s good just like that You’re doing really well let’s push this A little further City means cop make sure if you Surrender completely sit Who never sit There you go Amazing this is learning so that’s loud Noises but they have to practice calm Surrender well I would never have had a Leaf blower be able to come and knock on My door before today Quickly the dog’s settled with my Direction I did not think it would be like that All right this is this is come surrender This is beautiful this is pretty good Yeah this is quite amazing for your Homework I want you to practice this Door exercise over and over you have to Become confident to achieve it just you Know make sure that that makes sense Internally yeah but there is a lot more Work to do before he’s ready to fly on a Plane for 10 hours so I’ll see you next Week at the DPC thank you so much thank You thank you guys it’s a lot to take in I realize everything that I’m doing Wrong which is always fun to have Pointed out I think Caesar has Caesar magic but

Maybe I can have some of that magic The next day Sanai Jonathan head to the DPC with Cypher and packmate thano To work on sinai’s fearful expectations Of aggression that lead Cipher to pick Fights with thano endangering the Family’s young daughters Welcome to the ranch guys Good How’s it going good good when I met you Guys it was clear we need to focus more On the government yeah but we’re still Going to keep addressing you know what I Mean we have to take him all the way to Come surrender right away I noticed how Restless Cipher is I need to get Cypher Fully Calm before he fixates on Tano or Another animal in turns aggressive Foreign Yeah see we need to recognize Cypher Starting to get worked up and Immediately get him to sit Cipher is More into the alert which brings the Fight Yeah this guy’s always yeah that’s why We’re not focusing as much on him Watch out He’s in a fight State That’s a problem See that that’s fixation Like Cipher let’s do trouble maker yeah right This is where you need the help Cypher Was sitting calmly and the next second

He charged up my goats it’s the same Thing when he fights with his back McDonald Cyphers as smart strong dog but he’s Boarding under exercise the real problem Is it’s a nice constant fear that he’s About to fight which actually leads him To fight This exercise is going to give you just What you need Cipher needs to burn Mental energy Okay so what we’re going to do now is Going to be the tunnel you’re going to Guide them through it and that will Challenge his mind more mental Stimulation will help Cipher not be Sober which is part of why he’s fighting Tano But more importantly I want Jonathan and Sanai to see a different side of Cipher Not an aggressive fighter but the smart Playful dog he really is the tunnel Needs two people Hold the leash that way yeah so the dog Is knowing the human just asked him to Go through Just give a little tension it’s just a Little bit more Column Whatever see he’s looking at everything By you pull a little on the leash to get His attention Yes sir that’s it that’s it again Every time you think something new to a

Dog you’re working out their mind and For a smart dog like Cipher that’s Exactly what he needs otherwise he gets Bored and that’s when he fights So your job is just with the leash guide There we go beautiful beautiful Yeah see now he knows that you guys like It yeah look good boy nothing this is a Huge moment not only is Cypher getting The mental exercise he needs but now Jonathan and specialist and I can see That he can be playful and not Aggressive look at him He loves it Yes Good job What did you learn right there I had to Kind of like adjust myself everything That I thought I knew about him I have To just drop it out of the side start Fresh yeah I felt good right it feels Good really good yeah yeah it’s an eye Opener to know it’s ever could be happy Go lucky he could be this really great Dog and and I feel like I did Overlook That a lot you have an image about him Yeah yeah exactly fighting all what you Saw right what is new for you here he’s A different dog right he’s capable to be To be there right he’s this he’s not What I thought from home right we were Thinking oh whoa he’s gonna act out like This so to not let fear and just go with Our instincts your job is just to see in

Your mind like who he really is now what He became yes yeah I have a surprise for You guys come on hey foreign I want you to meet my chickens And my ducks Is the chicken whisper that’s it it’s a New show it’s a new show I want you to Maintain what we achieve your new Understanding of Cipher and how to keep Him focused on you the goal is maintain The level of mental focus we have back At the tunnel once we bring back some Distractions especially important for Sanai to be able to handle Cipher Because she’s the one alone at home with The dogs and the girls most of the time It’s also her fear that has trigger Fights so she needs to keep her Expectations positive in order to see The behavior she wants from Cypher sit Him down Yes today I’m seeing diver as who he Really is this happy-go-lucky dog he was Not able to show to us Waiting for him to surrender that’s all I’m looking for Yes take the leash off You see they come surrender yeah yeah I Know we have a long road for us but now It definitely feels like this hope we Could be like this every day thank you You saw today just how important Expectations are Jonathan and Specialists and I have changed the way

They see Cypher and that in turn changes The way he behaves yes this has been a Big day for all three of them but for All this work to stick they need to Continue practicing at home Whatever it takes for those little girls To grow up in a peaceful safe loving Environment That’s our responsibility thank you Thank you for coming thank you Foreign [Music] The next morning Maria heads to the DPC With her Gino pit mix Ollie I’m excited I don’t know if you’re as excited as I Am you’re more anxious excited at this Stage His anxieties are so bad he cannot join Maria on her transatlantic move without Risking his safety Good morning and welcome so how’s it Been progress not Perfection is how it’s Been we started it my homework was Practicing comp at the door with the Noise like I’ve seen progress being made We’re definitely not at the finish line But I’m hopeful we’re gonna Get there today it’s best for us to Always feed calmness who Ali really is Is a happy-go-lucky dog trapped with a Whole bunch of anxiety it sounds like Maria has made Headway on the anxiety Around loud noises so today I want to Work on the biggest issue that will keep

Ali from flying safely his dangers need To be close to Maria at all times so We’re gonna give him a bit of a stress Test you can wait From the Bench but With inside of Ollie I’m gonna move him Away from you into the dog park and I Want to see how he reacts So this is quite bad that he doesn’t Even paying attention to it yeah meeting Strange new animals can provoke anxiety In a dog like Ollie and you can see he Looks to Maria for Comfort but that’s Exactly what Maria has taught him to do By always giving him reassurance and Affection when he’s anxious he’s Avoiding the dogs right right he wants To go back to the human it’s like you a Little girl right and there’s a whole Bunch of little kids and you don’t you Don’t want to interact with your own age There’s something weird about it yeah Thanks Caesar yes I’m just giving you an Example it’s unhealthy attachment yeah Right so look I’m not gonna let him Avoid and focus on you The dog should have his attention [Music] I’m giving more separation to get him to Detach from you yeah the anxiety and Then the attachment feed each other I want to see if dropping the leash Helps him relax Whoa that’s terrible Whoa he’s seriously obsessed incredible

Catch This is why we couldn’t be at the Training facility because he jumped the Fence maybe I jinxed it because I was Thinking he’s gonna jump that fence and As if On Cue he jumped the fence and Then everyone said oh that’s never Happened before Really bad oh been in a strange new Place just a few feet away from Maria Made Ollie so anxious that he jumped the Fence to get back to her and that’s with Maria still in sight what is he going to Do when they’re separated on a long Transatlantic flight he could buy Robotically scratch himself trying to Escape the crate the only way to fix This is for Maria to stop being a friend That Comforts and start being a pet Parent who gives him calm leadership and Sets boundaries the anxiety is too much Too much come on this exercise will Teach Maria and Ali both what they need For him to be able to make a flight Safely for Maria it will show her how to Offer leadership and set spatial Boundaries and for Ali it teaches him How to be comfortable with Maria not Being close by in stressful situations The goal is for you to learn to trigger Calm surrender and slowly give distance So Ollie learns to comfort himself not To use you for that because in the crate We want you to practice exactly what’s

Going to happen to him and the plane Right then we’re going to play some Sounds that are likely for him to hear It as he’s in the plane yeah so that way We begin to desensitize and acclimate Him to things that he’s going to hear in The future oh boy okay yeah We’re gonna go gradually before we work With the crate first you’re going to Make him sit calmly here on the grass Okay we’re gonna do it just on the floor And then we’re going to transfer to the Crate So first just have him sit calmly here Outside the crate Good now drop the leash I’m gonna step back You do it Move back Another 10 feet go back go Ah All right let’s try it again Yes Very good getting Molly to sit down in That calm State felt like it took a While but when I walked away I was Shocked he was still sitting there I’m Not gonna be honest but he was Yes that’s it so this is exactly what I Wanted to see Maria is getting Ali to Sit calmly and then creating more and More distance from him and Ali is Staying calm not chasing after her now They’re ready for the final step doing

The same thing inside the crate that He’ll travel in on the flight so start By getting him to sit a little bit more Guys there we go yes Play the airplane noises [Music] Beautiful that’s it the good news is the Sounds are not going to bother him today We completed the work that we started With the leaf blower on day one if Maria Shows him leadership and gets him to Come surrender he’s not going to be Bothered by the loud noises all in Maria Both took a big step forward today Maria Now has the tools to keep him calm but More importantly she learned that all he Needs her leadership more than he needs Her comfort and friendship there’s still Work to do but if they keep practicing Ollie will get used to staying calm and Every situation with or without Maria And he’ll be able to travel safely on The plane to their new home I just want To thank you because I came into this Wondering if I was even going to be able To get him on a plane and after this Experience I feel like we can do it oh Yeah yeah this whole process has really Reset the relationship that Ollie and I Have starting tomorrow fresh I I can Leave the house and he’ll be fine I can put him on a crate and get on a Plane and he’ll be fine I am ready

This is so cheesy you guys you guys Currently feel like a big cheese ball Come on Ollie you’re ready for the Friendly Skies [Music] Four weeks later hi Caesar get in your Crate Dolly we have been doing a lot Better thanks so much to you I feel a Lot more confident in this guy being in A crate for nine hours and a good Bowling still planning on moving back to Europe by the end of the year sometimes This still takes a while to get him to Calm down but he is a much calmer more Balanced dog Ollie’s even made some friends which is A huge achievement so thank you so much Later Caesar returns to Downey to check On Jonathan and Sinai and their Doberman Cipher Jonathan and Sinai must shift Their own fearful expectations which Triggers Cipher’s aggression and lead to Fights with Pac made thano endangering The couple’s daughters Cypher’s fighting was a condition of his Boredom cooped up in the house without Enough physical exercise and mental Stimulation but the real trigger for This fight was sinai’s constant fear That a fight was just around the corner I want to see if they’ve been giving him More exercise and mental stimulation but Also if they have changed their own Understanding and expectations of Cipher

I’m excited to hear the news good or bad Whatever it is we’ve been focusing a lot More on the exercising especially with Cipher we have been working on him not Just exercising but mentally it’s not 100 there yet but I know we got this all Right if you’re feeling good let’s get Started so today is the final challenge Final day before we do anything else I Want you to bring the dogs out into the Driveway like we did on the first day Right and then I’ll have a final Challenge that will really put you all To the test get the pack let me meet you Guys over here The first time Caesar came to see us it Was a mess Cipher just launched the dogs that were Passing Wow all right bring them out so I am Trying to make sure that I stay calm But I am feeling nervous He looks like a Darwin gang look at him Totally all right so first time we met We met here yeah it was kind of Dangerous so just to see how you guys Have improved we’re gonna put some dogs Passing by just control the reaction Breathe okay let’s do this bring the First dog Okay looking good let’s one more one More Feel it through the leash

A German Shepherd just passed by you see Remy you did great he’s actually look Very calm Cipher seemed much calmer but It’s also clear that Jonathan and Specialist and I aren’t bringing those Fearful expectation which is also making Cypher calmer alright so this part is Beautiful I think we’re ready for the Final challenge okay it’s the moment of Truth All right so this is where the avocado Incident happened [Music] Yes And that was the worst fight they ever Had right yes my little girls they were Eating an avocado he never moved his eye Away from the avocado and that’s why he Becomes so like fixated fixated yeah and This one growled right and that’s when Then Donald reacted and then the fight Started right but remember the fight was Actually triggered by Sanai saying hey Her expectation and fear was the spark This pack has come a long way but for Them to truly move forward they have to Get past Their Fear decipher is going to Act out once and for all so for the Final challenge we’re going to recreate The situation behind their biggest fight What we’re gonna do right now is to Present the avocado I’ll be close by to Make sure things stay safe but the test Will be whether Sinai can stay calm and

Positive and her expectations and Whether Cypher will pick up on that and Stay calm himself all right let’s get The avocado in okay Over here yeah Yeah they’re comfortable First we need them to be in calm Surrender That’s it Cipher Get down okay I want you to put the Basket down between them and don’t Forget stay calm this is all about your Energy sorry for our ears are really up And he’s focused on the Ricardo oh my Gosh Remember don’t try to anticipate what’s Gonna happen Now put the avocado right in front of Him See if Cipher fixate on it okay that’s Not good you don’t want them to stare Because that’s like fight right we want Him to pay attention to Sinai instead of Fixated in thano or the avocado You gotta snap him out of it Cipher good correction [Music] This is perfect look at the difference See the difference in this guy now Cipher is in total come surrender He’s doing it yes sir that’s it this is Avocado success Yeah nobody ever called me for avocados

I remember in season one I dressed like A hot dog Everybody put this away you celebrate Whatever I’m so proud of Jonathan tonight but let Me stop before I get to mushy Caesar’s In the house Well congratulations I can feel there is A new trust between despair parents and Cipher and that Sanaa is bringing new Energy and expectations I am confident That if they continue the work there Will be no issues with the dogs around The girls how are you Yeah this is my reward you know to see The girls happy safe peace and love the Whole family I do feel safer I feel more In control because I know how I have to React I know what I have to do and I Know I’m not gonna let it escalate like That anymore We’re so grateful for our Caesar we Couldn’t have done none of this without Him so Thank you Thank you for having me thank you thank You [Music] [Applause] Thank you guys okay bye bye I believe we can create a better planet With our expectations if you expect to Fail you will fail if you expect that Your dog will fight they’re gonna fight

But if you expect trust respect and love That’s what your dog will give you I Meet a dog that is anxious or aggressive I picture that dog trusting and Reconnected with their instincts and by The end That picture in my head at the beginning Of my work Is the real thing [Music] [Music]

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