Catch and observe cute creatures, black beetles, millipedes, ladybugs, snails

Hello bro Look at what I put here I report some detail or other insecure Wow Look at this I found a cute bitter Wow Dollar is black and orange Wow Let him live And before order it’s like Looks like this is a wing of a Jupiter Wow this Ah This is a small snail Wow Ah I go click it What creature is this Wow They are really small Wow Foreign Wow Wow Wow Look at this Ah everyone A black beetle wow And this is the blue picture Thank you Yeah I got it wow Foreign Wow

This is a mighty bit wow This is a small black beetle Wow the result Wow I think this is A new type of neck beater Is so cute But mainly [Applause] Foreign This is a cockroach Wow Ah I get the big one Whoa Wow So many bitter Oh Wow I get the green one Oh it’s very fast Okay let’s look for the other thing Wow I get this thinking beaten again What There’s more Ah Duke I found a small beetle Wow He’s very cute but he’s very small I’m sorry bro I’m too late It is

Been burned by the landowner [Applause] Oh Poor manipate Wow But that’s okay During the rain decision there are a lot Of them It’s okay bro Don’t be sad Guess what The rainy season Thank you for watching See you in the next video bro bye

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