Catch and observe cute animals, tarantula, millipedes, praying mantis, larvae, cockroach

Hi bro look what iPhone under this world [Applause] Wow Look at this This is a small cockroach This cockroach is different from the Cockroach at home Let It Go Look the road is moving Oh my God It is already wow We’ll just put it here to stay alive It could be bigger [Applause] What is it What is this Wow This is a beautiful beta I found another Ah The beater is very silent What is this bro Please tell me Wow Wow This is a tarantula If you don’t wear glove you should not To touch this tarantula because it is Business Foreign Let’s try to find animal in this world They are not animals here That’s it Termite is very small

Look at this Ah It gets all right mainly finished There is a hole [Music] I saw something Oh look at this bro Wow Wow this is a very big cockroach Foreign Don’t touch him [Music] Nothing Look at this bro Wow This is a cute praying mantis Wow I never seen a praying that is like this Before Wow A brown praying mantis Ah What is It’s really cute isn’t it By praying mantis I Think What Look at this Wow It is a millipede What is this bro It’s like My lipids But I don’t know its name

Wow I found a big hand Wow Let’s go Before In the motion Ah look at this Wow A black small beetle It’s very hot here It hasn’t rained for several weeks Okay bro Thank you for watching See you in the next video Bye bye bro

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