A Fungus Among Us (Full Episode) | Pop Goes the Vet with Dr. Joya

We had a new addition to the practice It's just so weird [Music] Going back home [Music] I hate it they're like bad emojis stop Petting my patience with those we liked It We just want a little fist I don't want It Oh and you're not funny oh I wish I had A little glass of wine Like I hate these it's okay just be Relaxed just relax just let me give you A pat on the shoulder you're doing a Good job I had so much You know if you can't make work fun why Work I was already having fun Oh is that itchy I'm Dr Joya and skin is My specialty oh your Skin's peeling off When a mystery pops up that case comes To me let's start looking at you things Are looking better this job can be Sticky gooey and stinky but I love every Moment of it I love this amazing turn Around [Applause] All right Coco let's go It's all good girl Coco loves new people It's almost like she wants to see how Much attention she can get from a new Person She looks at you with those eyes and you Just want to give her what she wants

She's a great great dog When we first got our a year and a half Ago she had heartworm she was very Lethargic and we weren't sure what was Going to happen but medicine worked Coco Got over the heartworm and I made it a Goal to get back her cardiovascular Energy so we went hiking every day Little by little Coco has regained her Energy She's come a long long way Good girl But after about a month and a half we Saw that Coco had a like a big bubble on Her head hi Coco all of a sudden we were Petting her and you can feel that bump Yeah the vet said it actually was a cyst Yeah and that it would keep growing Until we got it aspirated yeah Instead of going to the vet For the rest of her life every month to Get this aspirated or potentially having It pop on us I'm hoping that Dr Julia Can remove the cyst and Coco can live Her life without having this big ball on Her head once the fluid inside look like Um clear clear yeah my fear is that It'll turn into something cancerous the Biggest thing would be to just get the Whole cyst out just so that it doesn't Fill back up because if you leave some Of that cystic lining you could Potentially end up regrowing a tumor Later okay good news is is that most of

The time these are benign tumors it's Just good to get these things taken off Just so you don't have to worry exactly All right Coco We'll be right back There you go She's really chill can you sit oh that's A good girl this mask mom is describing It as having clear fluids so I think It's a sweat gland tumor those are Always fun They deflate it it fills back up they Deflate it it's like Groundhog's Day you Know sometimes we'll just get that out Do you sweepy Coco's a big girl 117 pounds we have a Little office tradition that helps us Determine who gets to do the honors of Lifting her onto the table Paper Rock City Blah Blah blah so we gotta let this stop do I Ever lose I always win yeah I'm strong Oh Coco you're cute she is cute See how big this little cyst is this Mask looks like a typical sweat gland Tumor these are benign they're not Cancerous yeah it looks kind of Translucent but if it were to rupture And get infected it'll create a problem For Coco so I'm gonna take it off today We'll pick a balloon filled with water Hmm there's a bleeder ah I got you Gotcha there it is it's like a unicorn

Horn off say goodbye to your little Friend Coco's mask came off just fine and now We get to cut into it Oh a little bit squared up A little fluid came out it was just like Brain tumor see little holes in there It actually is pretty Joya finds the Beauty and the nastiest things sometimes We got that thing off and I'm sure Coco Feels a lot better it won't come back Since I got all of the the cystic wall It's gone gone for good Gone for good you're all done All right Coco let's go There's mom mama [Music] I do think it's a sweat gland tumor you Know I was able to get the whole capsule Out so it will not grow back here thank You so so much this is such a relief She's like why you guys talk I'm gonna Take another nap yeah I'm just gonna Take a nap right here Did you bring me a water too please Coco Doesn't really want to get up I think She wants to stay with us I sort of have That effect on animals or maybe it's the Sedation Motivation for you all right that's Right okay let's go all right yes legs Feel very heavy I can tell I feel really relieved our quality of Life has just risen because we don't

Have to worry about the bump on her head And going to the vet every single month For it [Music] You're out [Music] Are you ready Maggie All righty I brought my dog Maggie May To get a mask removed it's a two by two Mask that's just growing right out of Her belly so we need to get that taken Care of she is cute yeah she's my baby This morning she would not come to me She does not like to go to the vet she's Like put her head down and she's wagging Her tail You know she knows something's going on She's smart you have Miss Maggie this is Missing her ears she looked like a Gremlin when she was little she had real Dark ears and she would actually fit in The palm of your hand so you've had her Had a long life she was five weeks old When we brought her home From the get-go Maggie she was attached To me for some reason oh my Maggie [Music] Maggie She'll follow me everywhere I go She has to be right in my lap if I take A little trip she will want to go Outside every five minutes to see where Her daddy is she just cannot wait for me To come home hey Maggie hey little girl I never expected for me to love her as

Much as I do she's pretty special Thanks everybody Here in the past couple years she Developed the growth underneath her Belly And it wasn't too concerning we took her To the vet and they said it was okay but Here in the past few months she started Scratching and it's starting to cause a Problem she's looking on her shoulder Right now she's breaking it open when She scratches it her legs are getting Blowing on them you know she whines and Cries and so it's breaking my heart I would love to have her around for Another five or six years we love her That much that we we're willing to do Whatever we have to to get her fixed up [Music] You get that old thing taken care of Well let me take a look at this this Thing for you hey Maggie That's pretty big isn't it It's very firm oh I know we're real Afraid it's going to be real infected Because it's just not healing up now Yeah I mean it's got a little ulcer in The center but it's probably just gotten So big When it happens they don't heal Over what's going on with Maggie May yet But the look of this tumor is very Concerning we'll take her in the back And then um okay

I'm gonna take it off for you hopefully All right the way that this tumor looks The way that it's firm the location of It and the ulcer on it has me concerned That this is something more serious We're gonna take this giant tumor off This tiny little dog I think it weighs About 10 of her body weight it's very Firm I don't know if it's a form of Mammary tumor because there is a nipple Right there so it could be a like breast Cancer Maggie May is a Chihuahua which they are More likely to get mammary carcinomas And the fact that she's you know much Older both Point me towards this being Something cancers Incision around this there's a lot of Free skin which is nice It's like an eyeball coming out here It's gonna be like an eyeball [Music] Here it is it's coming you ready It's gross all right I'm gonna close the Skin now I was able to remove all of Maggie May's mask cleanly and because This looks suspicious it's really Important that we get all of it out Completely Oh It's very gnarly it's got a lot of Little bumpies on it it doesn't look Good [Music]

Yeah this looks like cancer See all this tissue is like all normal See the difference this is benign tumor Likely cancer it's pigmented like this Is all clear it's fairly organized I'm Really concerned that Maggie May's mass Is cancer but there's only one way to Find out so I have to send it out for Histopathology I know you've been patiently waiting for Her [Music] Everything went fine It came out it did look abnormal I cut Into the center of it yeah yeah okay Yeah check it out don't you we're gonna Send it out yeah we'll send it out yeah So we'll know what it is okay I'm really scared it's going to end up Being cancer and That would absolutely break my heart Those stitches can come out in two weeks Okay yep and then we'll we should know Back around that same time if not sooner About them the mass Okay I hope it's nothing but if it is We'll just have to we have to deal with It Okay Because she's just like a little kid to Me They they become your family You want them to be able to stay around As long as they can

All right Maggie let's go home You're gonna feel a lot better Are you the best boy are you gonna put Them on the table I don't mind it off Laughs You're so cute Oh there's some gunk in his paws good Job good job we got tail wags here's the Cheese I hate calling it cheese you're Doing your best They shouldn't have that white material In between I'm getting uh discharge all over my Hands Why you got all this in your toes bro Angry allergic Paws my hands are like Covered in discharged and I'm unhappy About it I would like to wash my hands Please Discharge from between the toes It's fine it's great it's gonna be great Okay I feel new I feel better that's Just it's a part of the job [Music] And we have two dogs a female boxer Named Sadie and our French bulldog named Natty Natty is our baby She's just a fun-loving just a very very Outgoing dog I should Maddie's only three years old She should have a happy healthy life at This point that's it but now that is has This terrible skin problem [Music]

Natty started losing hair around her Face and ear area And then Nettie started to really itch And then it went from itching to Scratching More hair loss and the scabs and lesions All our little sores She's not her [Music] She was a wild child you could not keep Her still wanting to play with her balls And Sadie all the time and now She doesn't want to do anything just lay Around and sleep not my my little girl That she used to be As a vet tech I've seen many different Animals with skin problems and stuff Like that but I've never seen one as bad As Nettie We've taken Maddie to our personal vet And we've tried different shampoos on Earth [Music] Maddie's been on multiple skin Antibiotics steroids and nothing really Seems to help Nettie out It makes you feel helpless Daddy means the world to us I've bend Over backwards for that girl We're just hoping and praying that Dr Joya can get us in the right direction To fix it [Music] I'll look at her little Corkscrew tail

Oh you just got the saddest little face It's like a sphinx in a dog bag yeah You don't look like the little Sphinx Daddy doesn't have any hair so this Onesie is protecting her skin it's Keeping her warm keeping her from sun Damage and preventing her from Scratching herself and it's also super Cute Where did all your hair go what happened To you your hair's gone you got these Crusties on your skin see this right Here that's that's what color she used To be she was a little Blondie reddish Blonde [Music] So she looked normal at one point with Hair and everything oh yes like a normal Dog yes all over Interesting is she itchy now oh gotcha She's very itchy okay yeah Foot pads are really thicky yeah How does she feel overall I'm sure she Doesn't feel good no she's not her Normal self anymore she pretty much just Lays around and sleeps now I see where they did the biopsy yeah and It showed inflammation in the skin Basically and some infection but they Didn't come down on any specific disease Process so that's kind of unfortunate For us nutty is a tough case her mom and Dad have done everything right they've Had her biopsy they've put her on

Antibiotics and steroids they've done Everything that I would have done but it Seems like we're missing something blood Work was fine and everything else biopsy Blood work was good but still no Definite yeah the inconclusive biops Results really don't matter because the Fact is that Natty's just not getting Any better so I have to figure out What's going on so we can help her I want to get my girl back we're going To help you This poor thing we'll get you feeling Better and looking better I think this Is probably autoimmune disease were There ever intact pustules on your skin It looks like pemphigus Which is an autoimmune disease that can Affect dogs the cresting that she has on Her feet is really consistent with Pemphigus they'll get these really hard Pads he's sending Bulldogs it causes This really thick kind of yellowish Crusting like she has on her body Pembicus is an autoimmune disease where The body will attack the attachments Between the skin cells and even though Natty's results were inconclusive she Looks just like pimpagus and my Experience is telling me that this is What it is even without having to repeat The biopsy what we're going to do today Is take a look at these slides from Underneath the little crusties and see

If we see any of those cells suggestive Of pemphigus without a definitive Diagnosis with the biopsy I'm taking Some samples of her skin to look at Under the microscope to see if I see Some suspicious cells that we typically See with pemphigus I see a lot of Eosinophils which is often seen with Pemphigus she's got tons of eosinophils All the pink dots those are eosinophilic Granules which she's pretty severe the Only way to diagnose pembicus is to Biopsy her but she's already been Biopsied and she's been through so much I really just don't want to put her Through that again so I'm going to go With my gut and start treating her It looks like pemphigus It's the most common form of autoimmune Skin disease that I see as a Dermatologist so I've treated it lots Yeah it's generally not life-threatening But it's lifelong so I usually do a Combination of a steroid with another Anti-inflammatory drug or two depending On how they do so that I can get my Patients off of steroids and not have to Keep them on steroids forever pemphigus Is not curable but with the medications We can heal the skin the crush should Resolve the hair should regrow and She'll do just fine just call me if Anything yeah if anything changes with Their we'll just collect all your skill

On this piece of paper here It's not embarrassing we're going to Help you I'm very very happy that we found out What is going on but we can start Treating getting Addie fill in a whole Whole lot better Thank you so much thank you guys and I Heard you had the Frenchy socks on I was Like I got to yeah you got to yeah super Cute I love it I love it helpless was The word But Dr Joya She's giving us some hope all right Honey Okay [Music] Okay Uh here he is he's loose What happened it's okay we gotta clean His butt better when he's down because He stinks he's offended Pancho is my wing man Come here I'm a travel nurse been Traveling around the country with him He's got a sister they keep me company Just having them around really makes Traveling less stressful I woke up this morning and looked at his Face and it was all swollen on one side I saw him last night and I didn't think There was anything there then I went to Go pet him this morning and I noticed That there was a big lump on his face

Got Poncho with you yeah perfect she Settled in her room come on Pancho I Hope there's not an issue and Dr Joya Can get his face back to normal Your dog is a cutie Cutie oh one side of Your face is Puffy how long has that Been there oh today just today woke up And peeked at him and I was like oh come Here Poncho he's very sweet oh you're so Good Any like chance he could have had a Wound or an injury yeah his sister chews On his face okay so so maybe it's not a Little puncture wound or something yeah It could be soft tissue swelling from a Wound or you know like an abscess we'll See if we can get some fluid out of it And if we need to we may excise it to Let it drain to allow that okay pass Some fluid to come out things like this Happen it's not uncommon for dogs to Play a little rough with each other he May have gotten this from wrestling Around with his sister and you know Maybe got a little puncture wound and The swelling is now there because of That but we can fix it just fine [Music] Are you cute Are you cute Blah I can start a stick a needle and if you Think he'll tolerate that You're strong enough can you do it I

Know holding these guys All right buddy You're okay It's okay there's some in there [Music] All right Poncho there's puss in there This is bloody fluid but it looks a Little bit yellowish it probably is pus You might want to apply pressure okay I'm looking at the bloody fluid that I Aspirated from his face And it looks like there's probably Infection on the side of his face Oh are you ready for your sedation Sneaky smells like sleepiness to me Poncho's swollen cheek is likely an Abscess from playing a little rough with His sister and got a little puncture Wound an abscess is just a pocket of pus And his is pretty big so we need to take Care of it today I'm going to clean this A little bit can I have a light a mother Man We're going to try to remove this Abscess what I think is abscess you know I don't think it's a tumor it's Definitely a fluid pocket there's bloody Fluid in there so I'm going to do a Little incision and try to flush all That material out so it'll heal We're gonna block it with lidocaine And he sedated so I won't really notice It Okay ready

Oh it's coming Ew what nothing happened yet no I see What's going to happen well I'm hoping I Don't see it because I don't want it in My face I've been around these enough to know That I'm not going to be front and Center when she pops up I'm gonna take a Step back and just watch it happen there Is a pus pocket I'm just not where it is Where is your pocket Said anything good yeah there's a post Market but it's I think it's so might be Like multifocal ones in there Pancho's Face we're hoping that there's going to Be a big explosion of Paws and all kinds Of game usually comes out But this is one that's probably a little Bit older it has multifocal areas of pus And not one big explosion is going to Happen today his tissue is very thick And he's a lot of cellulitis on the side Of his face this is cellulitis that's Causing all the swelling cellulitis is Infection that's deep in the tissue I'm Really glad that Poncho's dad brought Him in today because if we didn't know This infection could spread and it could Have ended up being something more Serious now we're just flushing out the Little pocket Oh God [Music] Kind of Flushed all the blood and has

Pocket out I'm prescribing an antibiotic Today to treat the infection so it Doesn't spread and hopefully we'll get Him back to looking normal again Oh Sploot I think Pontius blue is the most Adorable thing I've ever seen his little Legs just Oh it's so precious you run out of gas Come on buggy come on That's a good boy okay come on [Music] Gotta walk off those drugs He's so stinking cute I literally can't Form words at how cute he is he did so Good he is a fan favorite back there He's such a good baby his skin is so Thick and it's a lot of cellulitis or Inflammation in the tissue itself so I Left it like this a little bit so it Will drain some okay all right baby call Me if you need anything okay okay I'm happy they were able to drain the Abscess so that should clear up quickly And Poncho's gonna be uh perfectly fine But hopefully there's not too much Drainage going home I didn't bring Anything to cover the car seat Um driving my girlfriend's car so Hopefully I don't send her back with a Blood-stained seat [Music] Are you good boy do you sit

Oh okay I'm sorry I wasn't petting you Enough I kind of got the like hey hey Pay attention to me pet more [Music] I heard you had the cutest little Mojo In here oh it's a smallest little thing Hi no little Mojo when I see little Cutesies like he is it just makes me Want to put them in my pocket like he's The tiniest like bite-sized dog it's a Little Yorkie mix uh Patricia Yorkie We're getting ready to do a DNA oh you Are fun I think Mojo's probably a teacup Something he looks sort of like a Morkie To me those are Maltese Yorkies but he's Perfect the way that he is Hoarding case Ally neglected mocho is an absolute Miracle You say hi see I'm sleepy y'all cutting Into my nap time The day that I picked Mojo up he was in Critical condition Foreign He Weighed one pound Skin splitting open chunks of skin Falling off of his legs open wounds we Found that he had two broken legs then The bones grew back wrong But his front leg hangs to the side Deformed And we didn't believe he would make it Through the week but he's a fighter

Miracles are still happening he's Fighting back it's been a journey it's Been five months he has beat all of the Odds he's just a part of us now he is a Member of our family I don't think we Could survive without him I mean we live And breathe him we Joe But he is not out of the woods he has Issues with his skin When we got Mojo he had one of the worst Skin infections that we've ever seen so He got a bath every night for two months And medicated shampoo But we noticed that it just doesn't seem To be doing the trick he has a smell That comes off of his skin and I just Feel that his skin is still unhealthy if There is something we can do to make his Skin healthier we'll meet it head on You would never believe this is the same Dog from your pictures and I mean we Probably don't even know exactly how old He is either I guess yes it's between Six and seven years okay Sorry Watch those sounds you're making those Tails wagonally likes you Know but she's snoring Hello Joe oh Do you think that he's itchy He does with his real really strong leg He does itch some with the spring coming Do you think that he's more itchy it Doesn't happen all the time honestly

This here is unusual I don't know so This is where the hair has not come back Right and then he's got all these Blackheads yeah tons Those blackheads sometimes you can see Those with Demodex mites Steven X mites Are a type of Mite that live down in the Hair follicle and they can cause hair Loss and crusting on the skin because we Don't really know what's causing the Lesions on Mojo's skin it's really Important to check and be safer than Sorry that cause an odor we can give him A bath and he still stinks swimming he Does have a little smelter he may still Have some infection has he been skin Scraped no okay I'll take him back and Do that I'm not really sure what's going On with Mojo he's got a lot going on With him and I'm going to start with Some cytologies to see if we can figure This out we're gonna get you feeling Better we'll see what's going on with This belly all right little baby I'm Gonna put you in my pocket oh okay All right just be few minutes okay okay All right Want to see my Emojis [Laughter] Can I hold you you need some Mojo oh my Gosh can we make him our Clinic dog And he just lives in the clinic he lives In the clinic like a cat in my pocket Mojo was so precious I mean any little

Teeny dog that comes in you just have to Hold he is totally brightening my day Who doesn't want a Mojo in their life It's great where all these blackheads Are I know the littlest dogs are the Scorpius looks like a teddy bear maybe Hold that little leg Everybody grab some puppy I'm not sure If this is mice or if this is infection That's causing the skin lesions but Whatever it is can put a little bit of Extra stress on his body and suppress His immune system a little bit so we Have to figure out what this is because He's got a lot going on and we need to Get him feeling better Look at these skin scrapes [Music] I don't see any mice So that's good [Music] A minute All right looking at Mojo's skin slide We've got some bacteria He also has a little yeast Which can make him smelly a bit of Infection Mojo does not have any mites Which is good but he does have infection On his skin he's both bacterial Infection and also yeast infection and Both of those things can sometimes come Up when you have something going on Internally that's suppresses an immune Response this is a little antibiotic

Shot you're gonna have to be very brave Okay so I'm starting mojo on an oral Antibiotic as well as an antimicrobial That'll take care of bacteria and yeast For him so I'm hoping that that resolves His infection Oh All right here he is I did scrape a couple spots so you'll See a few little red raspberries but I Didn't find the might and then I did do A slide from his skin and I found that He has bacteria and yeast so that's Probably why he is a little bit of the Odor so we'll put him on an oral Anti-fungal and then we gave him a Little shot of an antibiotic injection I Mean there could be something else That's going on Um you know with blackheads like Sometimes it's representative of Something going on internally you can See it with different endocrine Disorders Our thyroid is necessary for initiating Antigen which is the growing phase of The hair Cycles that's something that we We should probably look into you can Have your family back draw the blood Panel it's totally fine to do and I Usually do a full thyroid panel because Sometimes just doing a snapshot look at It isn't a complete picture and it can Be a little confusing so I'm working on

Treating Mojo's infections first but I Do think it's a good idea for us to have Some blood work done so we can make sure That there's nothing internal going on Such as thyroid disease because diseases Like that can cause them to have Recurrent infections and also make their Infections difficult to treat You brightened my day Mojo I feel Hopeful with Mojo with the skin what we Can't see with the eyes she found the Scraping to find all the bacteria so Yeah I'm I'm feeling really positive He'll come back here in a couple of Weeks hopefully this is going to help That's another step in the right Direction you don't take a lifetime of Horrendous neglect and cure it in five Months six months seven months but we Are up for the challenge we're going to Give this baby the best life that he can Possibly have Come on girl Nana Fall down girl It's like the complete opposite of last Time right we brought Natty back today And see how she's doing Hi Daddy what you doing You look a little bit better I think She's not itching nearly as much her Hair is growing back she's playing with Our other dog Sadie again And he's getting back to her old self Again and it's it's amazing

Right and he went too far sister come on Hopefully when Dr Joy has seized Maddie She's gonna be just as relieved Look at you How are things going good Where did all your hair go what happened To you Natty's the cutest little French Bulldog she had crust all over her skin Almost zero hair so she looked normal at One point with hair and everything yes All over I diagnosed her with pemphigus And started some treatment and she's Back today for me to take a look The meds going okay really good okay one Two three She's a little bitty thing let's see Underneath Oh Maddie Oh you look so much better But even her foot pads they're looking Better softer all your crusts are good He's back to playing and great very good Natty looks amazing today I mean she's Not perfect of course she's still very Bald now you just need hair this is Daddy's baby so he needed his baby girl Back to normal and she's almost there I Do see little little peach fuzz so That's awesome backwards yeah you feel It yeah you do you feel it it seems like As the days go by it just more yeah Especially with pimpagus it might grow Back in a different color than what it Was before so you could see that I had a

White dog that we treated many years ago During my residency and it came back as A redhead after I'm hopeful that over the next couple Months that she's going to continue to Improve and have hopefully a full coat Of hair soon so I just need to give her A little more time So when our plan is kind of to stay the Course with the cyclosporin because That's what I'd like to maintain her on Over us having to Keep Her On chronic Steroids so our next step is going to be To try to taper the steroid down and Then see you know where we land on as Far as her long-term dose pen Vegas is Very difficult to treat it does require Lifelong medications to suppress the Immune response but if I can control Natty's disease with other medications I Should be able to taper the steroid down To a very low dose I'm really pleased With where she is it takes a little While but already not having the crust And not being like fire engine red is a Very big plus you've done a great job With her this is one of my favorite Diseases to treat I like it because sometimes it's Misdiagnosed and you know it takes Little patience to treat but when you Get them on the right treatment they do Really well and they look great I think We're getting where we need to be with

Maddie I really do All right little princess thank you for Coming in to see me I've been thinking About her It feels great to know that everything's Going really good when I come home from Work now and actually jumping at the Gate whining crying like she used to She's happy to see you That's our old Natty Come on Good boy You're so sweet you're so cute I can't Deal Good morning good morning you got Maggie May here I got her perfect well if you'd Like to Like to all right I brought Maggie May In today she's all healed up and we're Gonna find out whether Maggie's tumor Was malignant or not hopefully this is Gonna be good news See this little baby I'm good how has she been doing she's Doing great everything healed okay she's Picked up a little bit away good Maggie May had a suspicious looking tumor that I removed I don't know if it's a form of Mammary tumor so it could be a like Breast cancer I did not like the look of It so I sent it out and I have the Results today it's not just fat it Doesn't look good so I got the report Back

And it's kind of one of those good news Bad news situations The bad news is it is a form of cancer It's a type of mammary carcinoma It doesn't actually go to distant sites So it shouldn't metastasize or spread Anywhere internally so it's unlikely That it would go to the liver or the Spleen or anywhere else so you know we Just need to monitor the site for local Recurrency This is the best news that we could have Um you know with something like this so It is cancer but it's not a cancer that Should take her life and goes you know Somewhere internally so that's really Good yeah that's great yeah and at this Age I mean you know that's great You would never guess she's 13 she Doesn't look like that I always hate to Give the news of cancer to a mom or dad But in Maggie's case this is somewhat Good news it is cancer but it's a type Of cancer that's unlikely to spread Internally to other parts of the body We're gonna have to keep an eye on it But I think that she's going to have Plenty more time with her dad I can tell she loves you that's Daddy's Baby I'd love to have her around for Another five or six or seven years yeah Absolutely she's the loving this dog you Know at this point it's really just About you know keeping her as happy and

Healthy and loving on her as much as you Can if I'm home she's in my lap I'm like One of those big guys that's got a Little chihuahua in his arm and I never Expected to have a five pound Chihuahua That I love her Maggie's my baby my Sweet girl You just go home and be loved on by your Daddy that's all she's like she's so Sweet looks like a puppy you're Forever Young I'm optimistic about it Dr Julia Said that it's the kind of cancer that Will stay in the one spot so I really do Believe we're going to have Maggie May For many years to come All right Maggie let's go home [Music] How's little Mojo he's doing great When I first met Mojo he was a sweet Little rescue that had come from a Horrendous situation and he had terrible Skin lesions that turned out to be Bacterial and fungal infection this here Is unusual I don't know we've been Treating that and I think that he's been Doing a lot better but I can't wait to See him in person how [Music] Little Mojo He looks so much better he looks so good You look so clean mom does a good job With you look at all this hair you have Just a little red through there but You're doing a great job with him and

He's very well loved very well loved Mojo looks great today I'm excited to See that his hair is regrowing that he Doesn't have any lesions on his skin and He's more active and he just looks Wonderful and he's doing well has he Gained weight he looks bigger he's I've Gained four four more ounces the last Time that we seen Dr Joya she Recommended some blood work be done with His primary physician you can have your Family back draw the blood panel it's Totally fine to do and I usually do a Full thyroid panel luckily we found out That he had an extremely underactive Thyroid and now he's on medications for Thyroid and he's doing great that's such Great news that we figured out that he Had hypothyroidism because that was one Of the things I was thinking you know His hair isn't skin isn't flaking Anymore retaining his body heat yeah Easy for you does he have a little more Energy oh you wouldn't believe it Mojo Does have hypothyroidism but this is a Very treatable endocrine disorder it's a Disease where the thyroid produces too Little hormone and if you supplement it They do quite well and they feel so much Better and it can really make a huge Impact on their quality of life Um well thank you for bringing them in You do just such a great job thank you He's doing great I mean his skin and

Hair coat feel wonderful continuous Topical therapy and if you have any Issues if you notice any skin problems Or any itchiness in the future I'm here To help it feels great to be part of Mojo's story he's kind of a larger than Life character and a tiny little dog Body and it's just great to be a part of That to see Mojo living his best life Now with so much care and attention is Really great so sweet Mojo is doing Great we didn't think he was going to Live a week and he's still with us and Loving life the infection is completely Cleared from his skin there's no more Fungal bacteria and now he's on Medications for thyroid his energy level Is through the roof he's doing great and I hope Dr Joya understands the impact That she's had on his light catching you Know but his illnesses were it's just Made all the difference in his little World and he's living his best life yet Okay buddy What's up [Music] Come on [Music] Come on Guys in the past couple months Natty has Done a 180 to him no No no Before Natty literally was bald your Hair's gone you got these crusties on

Your skin she had lesions all over her Body her attitude was down in the dumps She didn't want to play she didn't Really want to eat she didn't want to do Anything but just lay in sleep but now [Music] She's back [Music] Her hair is coming back her attitude Everything is just amazing now Nettie Wants to play with her sister go for Walks she loves her tennis balls Good girl as of our last visit with Dr Julia we have cut off one of the term Medications but we will still have to Keep her on one pretty much the rest of Her life she's not a fan but she does Take it she's like oh man not again Let's see that go for it Walk around I think she knows in a sense If I take my medicine I'll be happy and Healthy And I don't think it would have been Possible if we didn't go see Dr Julia She helped us out and I'm just thankful Good catch babe [Music] [Music]

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