War of the Carnivores (Full Episode) | World’s Deadliest

What happens when some of the world’s Deadliest carnivores go head to head It’s a war for survival War is the law of the Jungle kill or be Killed [Music] Lee weapons [Music] And an instinct to kill Death Or Glory Soldier Welcome to the war [Music] Welcome to Florida’s Pinnacle of Predation Team feat and a thousand pounds of power Armor plating [Music] ADT And 2 000 pounds of fight force but this War machine at The Cutting Edge The American alligator But no alligator starts as the swamp’s Deadliest They start here [Music] These young Cadets are beginning their Long mission to become five-star swamp Generals [Music] Water is full of Submarine enemies The largemouth bass has radar lock It’s a highly mobile Hunter A dedicated meat eater Now only two remain

Alligators are ectothermic meaning they Must leave the water to warm their Bodies in the Sun So must the water moccasin aka the Cottonmouth It uses heat-seeking sensors to home in On prey Its strike is accurate And it’s venom Deadly It destroys tissue rupturing blood Vessels The gator will slowly die And the cottonmouth will dine Alone Gator Soldier survives Only he can complete the mission But the largemouth bass is still not Done [Music] [Applause] Luckily for the Gator it’s a frog that Fills its jaws With every passing day The Gator’s odds improve The bigger it grows The viewer can tackle it And in four years time It will grow into an apex predator [Music] Three The iconic Bengal tiger needs no Introduction 500 pounds of hunting power Wherever this King walks his subject’s

Hail his approached Even when all he wants is a simple drink Of water Scars on his face tell story of violence He must fight to wear the crown A young Challenger squares off against a Dominant male Most disputes are settled with posturing But the presence of a female raises the Stakes The most aggressive encounters occur When a female is ready to mate [Music] Here’s our arms with an arsenal of Deadly weapons Thank you They probe each other’s defenses The dominant male latches on Gruesome kiss [Music] New way out is to submit to the pain But this fight isn’t over To kill they must find the other’s Throat These encounters are rarely deadly But there’s always exceptions to the Norm [Applause] Fur seals are a carnivorous colonial Power They live all over the world chowing Down on whatever’s available Foreign Fish in the subtropical Waters of South

Africa And Shoals support a huge colony But to get to the fish the hunters must Run the gauntlet [Music] Great white sharks lurk in the channel Near The Colony [Music] It’s safer to make the crossing in Numbers Sharks wait below looking for a sealed Silhouette to pass over If they miss the first strike Chase is on The shark has the power but the seal the Maneuverability it turns in tight Circles to escape the Jaws Before making the ultimate sacrifice One seals death allows the others to Make it to the Shoals [Music] Still have to get home [Music] As this battle rages on Is about to begin And some of the deadliest warriors in The world are preparing for combat [Music] In the jungle there is one Golden Rule Stay alert stay alive now here the enemy Doesn’t engage from hundreds of yards Away When combat starts you’re close enough To see the whites of his eyes

Or the blacks Frogs are jungle Commandos With hundreds of species in the Rainforests of Central America alone Each is a deadly amphibious assault Weather that will kill pretty much Anything it can fit in its mouth But they don’t start out this way Most frogs simply lay their eggs and Abandon them Fodder to the elements And to predators But one ferocious father stands by his Young The reticulated glass frog He is hard [Music] Guts And guards his clutch Because squadrons of carnivorous Rainforest wasps Are incoming It’s not him thereafter it’s his Precious eggs Please get a few tricks up his sleeve His skin is patterned to look like the Eggs it draws the hungry wasps towards Him instead of the helpless Young [Music] Foreign -to-hand combat Of course there’s only so much one Soldier can do [Music]

To survive the tadpoles need to find the Will to fight Sensing danger some pop themselves out Prematurely [Music] Hatching without being fully developed Is a better option than certain death Each surviving tadpole represents a Mission accomplished Dad’s fighting Spirit lives on in a new Generation The leopard is an adaptable Hunter [Music] Foreign Stealth speed and strength But nature is never neat and sometimes Even a top predator doesn’t She plans to eat or kill in peace But they say plans are the first Casualty of War A herd of buffalo Moves In The efforts will occasionally take young Buffalo But the adults can be moody and in Numbers they can be lethal [Music] Smell Trouble [Music] Outnumbered the leopard will have to lay Low until the Buffalo let down their Guard next wild boars show up they smell A meal Leverage are partial to a little Port They can even take down the wild Boar’s

More fearsome African cousin the warthog Battles can be hard fought And gruesome But tonight they get to eat her lunch They could polish off the Corpse If they stop bickering Now another carnivore exploits the Opportunity right under the leopard’s Nose A crocodile advances [Applause] These Predators sometimes compete with The leopard for food Escape the crocodile and you might find Yourself in the clutches of the big cat Time for a roll reversal It’s too much for the leopard She reclaims her kill and her dignity From the small Croc Foreign But the Buffalo closed ranks around her Forcing another chastening retreat The leopard persists repeating the cycle For hours [Music] This is Nature’s fog of War there are no Victors tonight Finally she retreats in dishonor Thank you Nature’s war is not just Fought in the jungles Carnivores must fight in the deserts The forests And under the microscope [Music]

The northern short-tailed shrew is on a Deadline In three hours he will die Unless he hunts His metabolism is so fast that only a Few hours without food will be the end Of them His heart beats over four times faster Than a human At up to 900 beats per minute It sounds something like this Mother Nature is cursed him with Insatiable hunger But she’s also given him the gift of Incredible weaponry With animals with sonar He can see with his ears like a bat A mouse but the mouse Knows this game Stay still Stay silent A faithful move [Music] [Music] A meal Just in the nick of time But it offers only a short respite The insatiable shrew must begin again The northern leopard frog is also known For its voracious appetite A carnivore that will eat whatever it Can get its mouth around A daunting opponent Of the Shrew is armed to the teeth he’s

One of the few mammals with Venom [Music] It paralyzes his victim [Music] Keeping it fresh while it’s being eaten Alive [Music] But satisfaction is only temporary Time is ticking Chase Kill Repeat [Music] There is only one way to stop the clock Foreign Covert Ops A war found in the shadows It takes courage Stealth And nerves of Steel [Music] The zodarian spider is the ultimate Mercenary Anteater but ants move in deadly armies The spider must become an ant To catch one [Music] She walks on six legs instead of eight And raises her front too like antennae Mimicking her prey [Music] One ant stops for a bit of Grooming A fatal mistake She injects her Venom

Full body paralysis I don’t know now for the hard part Escape She uses her victim as cover She carries her still living prey like She’s an ant medic removing a casualty [Music] A suspicious Soldier probes with its Antennae The tiny spider Taps them with her false Bear Exposed the soldier will sound the alarm That was close [Music] At a safe distance she sucks up the Ant’s juice Until nothing is left but an empty shell And she disappears Back into the Shadows As the spider leaves the field of battle A new brigade of combatant centers [Music] For survival they must fight to the Death The Tropical Paradise of the South Pacific beautiful today But it’s not always been this way [Music] Human Wars end Unlike the Eternal war that rages Beneath the tropical waters The Reef is a Battleground Each of the Warriors uses specialized Weapons

Ingenious tactics Power and speed In pursuit of Victory and survival Oh The broad Club cuttlefish She’s an unlikely looking predator [Music] Soft frilly body inspires little fear More glamorous than deadly as a strange Hypnotic light show plays across her Skin It’s the last show her prey will ever See Today this weapon of mass destruction is Focusing on creation Foreign She’s laying eggs deep in the coral Where they’re protected from predators After laying the female is exhausted She’s not as quick as she once was And the war of the reef Claims another But not before the Cuttlefish completed Her life’s mission Cuttlefish hatch as Tiny replicas of Adults An army of Miniatures ready to take Their mother’s place on the battlefield [Music] If just a couple survive Then the losses are balanced Foreign Force is complete Without Dominion of the air

Movies are the ultimate in Aerial Bombardment Technology Dive bombing is now recognized as one of The most accurate and destructive forms Of Air Attack [Music] The boobies Gather in a squadron of Hundreds A Shoal of fish has come in Shore But they are greeted by a blitzkrieg Piercing calls synchronize an assault With a full belly this booby’s sortie is Over she heads back to her nest and her Hungry chick but she’s entering enemy Airspace and there are bogies incoming If movies are the ultimate dive bombers Then frigate birds are the ultimate Fighter jets The frigate lacks the diving ability of The booby So it wants to steal or catch The booby tries to dodge the aerial Pirate [Music] Her evasive moves are no match for the Frigid’s speed and Power [Music] The only option is to regurgitate Mid-flight giving her lunge to the Island bullies Thank you Even then the fight isn’t over The frigates bicker amongst themselves For scraps of booby vomit

[Music] Between the thread of the frigates and The dangers of hunting and the pounding Surf line for a buoy is certainly a dog Fight Not all will make it home Ghost crabs usually sip the sands for Food But they’re always on the lookout for Something meteor In this war the carnivores must risk Everything for victory Because without victory There is no survival It’s time to fall in For a formidable military unit This Army is armed with deadly teeth Claws and Agility But that’s not all that puts them in Contention for the title of the world’s Deadliest Their intelligence and Teamwork Makes Them an elite fighting unit A cape Cobra the most venomous snake in Africa But it’s no match For the meerkat Force Much more challenging is a multitude of Rival Fighters The neighboring Clan wants to conquer Their abundant Homeland Meerkats will fight to the death when The stakes are this high Come on

It’s all about more [Music] The Patriots drive off their rivals The battle may be won But the war for survival always rages And no one gets out alive Africa’s Serengeti Plains are one of the Bloodiest war zones on Earth Thank you The greatest War here may not be between Predator and prey But between two of the most ferocious Carnivores Lions Hyenas They have overlapping territories Same taste and prey [Music] It is to battle For money Hyenas are prolific Hunters They separate one wildebeest from The Herd [Applause] And Chase it until it’s too tired to run Any longer But the sound of the Chase has attracted Unwanted attention The hyenas are being mugged Their calls attract more clan members Reinforcements arrive quickly Though much smaller The hyenas are not to be taken lightly Their bite force is similar to that of

The Lion Evolved to crush bone The lionesses retreat But Victory is brief Over 500 pounds of teeth muscle and Attitude Turn the tide Foreign S are a great threat to hyenas and are Responsible for over half of all hyena Deaths While hyenas may not be able to take on An adult male lion Young vulnerable cubs look like an Opportunity not to be missed Lux can be deceiving [Music] Laughs Foreign Battle is over One of Nature’s biggest battles is about To begin As massive brown bears Orcas And whales brace themselves for their Finest hour [Music] To do big damage you need a big payload This is what power looks like Brown bears are the biggest land Carnivore Weighing in at over 1700 pounds Foreign Brooks Falls in Alaska is the front line

Of the bear War The usually solitary males Crammed together Forced to compete for the best fishing Spot Thank you while deaths are rare in Conflicts between adult males Cubs are a different story They are a kind of competition too For the mother if a male can kill all of A female’s Cubs she may come back into Season and possibly meet with him So a female approaching the falls with Their cops May pay a tragic price for Her supper He’s barely finished his first course And now visitors Without a reservation The miniature Marauders stand up to the Bully and Some Not only do they repel this threat but Backed up by Mom they also bully every Fair in sight out of their catches They aren’t Kings of the falls yet But they have potential The biggest carnivores can wreak havoc On an enormous scale Humpback whales can consume up to 3 000 Pounds of fish each day [Music] Decimate an entire Shoals in a single Mouthful To find the biggest Shoals whales must

Make huge migrations from their breeding Grounds in the tropics But another massive carnivore is waiting For them Orcas hunt and pack earning them a title Wolves of the sea A gray whale in her calf is a exactly The target they are looking for Orcas weigh in at over 15 000 pounds But the wave can be up to five times That size It’s the cap that they’re after [Music] Pack The mother swims under her calf to Protect it [Music] But the calf slips back [Music] The orcas take full advantage Repeatedly They bite at its fins Until the calf can no longer resist Drowns The Predator’s first gorge on the Delicacies Tongue and lips [Music] The huge calf easily satisfies the Enormous hunger of the salute crew Size teamwork strategy and Ingenuity all Combined in Nature’s elite units to get An almost unopposable fighting force [Music]

[Music] Thank you [Music]

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