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Foreign Seek vengeance But their enemies are already at the Gate The pack of 20 will not back down Intruders turn their Eden into dust Second Karma invades foreign lands As fractures grow within his own family All will fight [Music] But only one will rule them Circa Karma gambles everything on a Hunch The drought destroyed their Marsh Now he leads his family into unknown Hostile territory His Queen matsumi trusts him [Music] But he’d better be right His crown and their lives are at stake [Music] Okay This is nothing like home [Music] Not so easy here Each miss undermines the second Karma’s Authority His oldest son sirketti Is just waiting for him to fail Mistakes can kill But sakakama believes he’s on the right Track [Music] Keep moving

[Music] There’s no turning back now [Music] The pack of 20 holds the last remaining Waterhole in the North They’ve been here for Generations They know this land Something’s not right Quick Gets the pups to safety The king is here His Queen’s advance Everyone else can leave Secacama’s gamble pays off He delivers an oasis Even his harshest critics drink to their Father’s success [Music] Abandoned Queen of the North Sato knows That call Bloody Tyrant Second Karma exiled her and her sisters To this Wasteland To raise their seven Cubs In poverty Foreign Still craves Revenge But a young pride is not ready for war Not yet Sakakama would destroy them [Music] The king makes himself at home He knows food is drawn to water Like moths to a flame

Thank you His loyal Queens maneuver a victim Right into the Trap [Music] This is sakakama’s prize Beautiful No one dares question [Music] But his oldest son is conflicted So Ketty is hungry for power But drought is no time to revolt There are other heavyweights in This Strange New Kingdom [Applause] Play The Good Son and lead the Cubs to Safety This should win you favor with father Letting his rebellious son stay is at Risk But second Karma can use a good Lieutenant to weather these troubling Times The pack of 20 won’t be bested by Bullies This is their land Confident They form a ring of Terror around the Waterhole And have their pick of prey Foreign Strategy and numbers ensure their Success Every frenzied kill is a theft from Sucker Karma

The pack of 20 will stay here and take All they can [Music] Until they win back their water hole Sekakama is going nowhere Foreign Wait for their next victim I grows impatient He’s ambitious The chip of the old block On the friends can be unpredictable What is this Battle scarred and unafraid That wants to share our Oasis The Cubs have never seen anything like It [Music] Foreign [Music] Yields He never shows fear Is this a in his armor Is the old man getting soft Refugees once again The northern Pride lies low Satta has come too far to give up now [Music] Burning with Revenge she goes it alone Foreign Um It’s a buffalo don’t yet know the Respect due to their new sovereigns They’ll learn They have no idea how delicious they

Look [Music] [Music] Foreign Foreign Nice try Now watch how it’s done Oh Father and Son claim victory together A volatile Alliance But one that could save them all [Music] The Marsh pride is bloated by their Success Off guard unvulnerable Unaware of a cold-blooded killer lurking In the shadows Thank you Satao hopes to find the king in trouble An opportunity to settle the score Oh how wrong could she be This is suicide All alone with her mortal enemies She’s at second Karma’s Mercy Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] ’s mission is a humiliating failure Will ring in her ears forever [Music] The marsh Pride’s success fueled Circadia’s confidence He learns from the King himself

The rush of power at his father’s side Is addictive [Music] Okay Someday second Karma will fall [Music] And said Kitty Will be there to take his place Patience Dominance has a downside [Music] Now only the brave or the foolish dare To come close The Queens keep Vigilant watch Even Petty thieves are dealt with Foreign Murderer spree is turning this land Into their own death trap [Music] [Music] Food no longer comes to them The feast is over But sucker Karma’s young cubs demands do Not stop [Music] He has no choice but to search And he needs the whole Pride’s help [Music] There’s not a heartbeat out here So Cody sees no point to this [Music] [Music] Foreign Nation will not be tolerated

How dare you Foreign Foreign Or leave my pride Go Lick your wounds The family’s Feud does not go unnoticed Thank you The pack knows how to keep their cool But other tempers flare in the brutal Heat Foreign [Music] S to share the news The Mask pride is divided This is their moment Only a brooding and bruised security Guards their Waterhole numb Time to move in and take back what’s Ours But a wounded ego can be a dangerous Thing Foreign Prince against a pack of 20. He could kill them But where do you begin Without backup from father Sir Kelly loses his nerve The Water Hole goes back to the dogs [Music] They misjudged their adversary He is not alone [Music] Foreign

Did you really think it was over [Music] The prince returns with a full force of The throne Are they your pups and get out of here [Music] [Music] The pack is powerless [Music] Underestimate a ruthless foe And pay a terrible price They’ve lost a brother A son and a priceless sodia [Music] It’s too dangerous to stay now They have to leave For a life on the Run Foreign This land is now just a graveyard Only Giants remain Foreign The Aging King faces another terrible Gamble Follow the herds into hell Or stay And pray something turns up [Music] All right Roll the dice one more time old man Sacchetti watches eagerly Their father fails He will be ready He looks to his brothers to forge a Rebellion

[Music] Three on one Could topple a weakened King Sakakama decides They will stay [Music] But only monsters come here now Foreign He knows better than to take on this Beast It’s not that old But it’s untouchable Sirketti sees opportunity If father won’t do it I shall be the Hero He’s leading the family into a fight They cannot win This monster is far too dangerous Thank you Made it So Caddy’s awkward attempt to lead only Reveals the limits of his ambition Karma is no fool He’s seen him plotting with his brothers Thank you There is a penalty for treachery This is my pride Remember who killed your older brother Foreign ERS are quick to beg forgiveness And pledge their loyalty to the king Without his brother’s support sir Kelly Has no chance But sakakama still allows the rebel to

Stay He has need of him Foreign Together could they take down a giant Just one And that would feed the whole family Normally untouchable The drought has left them tired and Weary Nervous And vulnerable [Music] The seed is sown Wear them down [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] Thank you Even if it takes all night Darkness only fuels their Terror This is where sucker Karma excels Foreign [Music] Together They have the muscle [Applause] All they need is one mistake [Music] Tonight Is the night [Music] [Applause] [Music]

[Music] Thank you Foreign Victory is more than just a meal It’s a Triumph With security by his side He achieves the unthinkable And delivers Salvation But now the job is done His Rebel Son is redundant The storms are coming [Music] There’s no room at the top for two Thank you Sir Kitty must go For good But second karma is unleashing a monster [Music] The future Monarch from his own Royal Stock His blood pumps with the wisdom of a King Power Of a god A second Karma The best is behind him His son however is entering his pride When cicadia returns from exile No one Not even sucker Karma Will be able to stop him [Music] Foreign

[Music] [Music]

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