Unleash the Hulk (Full Episode) | Cesar Millan: Better Human Better Dog

CESAR: When I started my
journey and people started Calling me the Dog Whisperer, The only thing I wanted to
do is to teach people there is No such a thing as a bad dog. WOMAN: Oh, my gosh. CESAR: Give me the leash.
She’s safer with me. Today, I’m still
doing what I love, But the world has changed. (overlapping chatter) CESAR: Record dog adoptions
have made many packs complete. But now more than ever,
people and dogs still… Tsch. Need… Tsch. Help. WOMAN: We can’t live like this.
MAN: Yeah. WOMAN: The problem is me.
MAN: What do I do? CESAR: More pooches,
more problems, right? He needs rehab like ASAP. So many things you
can fix already. Tsch! MARLON: Sorry, I’m sorry.
CESAR: Ignore the excitement. MEGAN: I just don’t
want you to get bit. CESAR: Do you know who I am?
MEGAN: Yes. CESAR: Together
with my superhero pack, Our mission is to teach the
world to honor the pack code, Honesty, integrity, and loyalty. Once you get this, you’re
going to have everything else. ALL: Yay! CESAR: And that’s how we
create better humans and Better dogs one pack at a time. When a dog bite his own human,
one bite is too many. But when a dog makes a habit
of attacking his own people,

That makes it a
red zone behavior. Today, I’m going to Anaheim to
meet this French Bulldog whose Territorial aggression can
get so bad that the family Sometimes have
to hide from him. It’s like being
prisoners in their own home. PRISCILLA: I am
Priscilla Serrano. My dog’s name is Jax. He’s two years old. And he is a French Bulldog. I was just going Christmas
shopping one day, I saw him, And I literally fell in love. I was like, ”Ooh, this is my
dog, like I feel the connection. I’m taking him home.” You’re so cute. DANIEL: I’m Daniel.
I’m Priscilla’s boyfriend. So I guess that makes
me Jax’s stepfather. He’s a very sweet, loving dog. PRISCILLA: Whenever he’s with
me, he cuddles up next to me And he kisses my face and
shakes his little tail. He gets excited, like, you can
see that there’s love there, That he has love in his heart
for each and every person In this home. It’s just he has
unpredictable behavior. (growling) Hey, down. (barking) DANIEL: He does have
outbursts and they’re scary. (barking) Jax has bitten me four times,
in the knee, hand, and again. PRISCILLA: I am grateful to be
still living with my parents And he’s actually attacked
my mom multiple times. He nipped her underneath
her chin pretty bad. My grandmother unfortunately
one time tried playing with him, Grabbed a toy,
and he got at her hand.

ISAIAH: Seeing him bite my
grandma, my mom, and, like, I’m in my room hearing them
scream and stuff about it, Like, that’s where
I’m, like, really scared. And I would definitely say
that Jax is a lost cause. AMY: I am afraid of Jax. My mother-in-law, she’s
definitely scared of him. I don’t wanna be on,
everybody on edge. ISAIAH: It’s like
walking on eggshells. PRISCILLA: Jax’s behavior
has really affected my Relationship with my family. Before, my parents would come
into my room and hang out with Me and now it’s
not even an option. Sit. Sit. Life with Jax is exhausting. I’ve come to a point
where I feel like I
don’t know what to do. It’s been a year of this
behavior and I don’t wanna Imagine how long
this can go for. The worst-case scenario
would be him getting at My grandmother or my mom,
my boyfriend, my brother, To a point of, like, no return. I hate to say it, it breaks
my heart to say it, It makes me emotional to say it. But my only option
would be to put him down. I’m sorry. Family to me means being there
for each other, not giving up On each other. In my heart, I
can’t give up on Jax. I need Cesar’s help right now. CESAR This guy is keeping
the whole family prisoner, So let’s find out what the
root of the problem is. (doorbell, knocking) PRISCILLA: Hi.
DANIEL: Hi. CESAR: Come on out, guys.
Come on out. PRISCILLA: Thank you.

How are you? Thank you
so much for being here. CESAR: Really good.
Danny, right? DANIEL: Yes, sir. CESAR: Priscilla.
Nice to meet you. PRISCILLA: Very
nice to meet you. DANIEL: Nice to meet you.
CESAR: Un placer. So how can I help you? PRISCILLA: So we got
Jax two years ago. CESAR: Okay. PRISCILLA: And after he
turned a year was when The behavior really started. CESAR: Uh-hmm. PRISCILLA: It started
off where he became
very territorial of toys. CESAR: Okay. PRISCILLA: Then it
was areas in the house. CESAR: Okay.
seems like it’s just anything. DANIEL: He’s really
good outside the house. PRISCILLA: Yeah. CESAR: So it’s about the family.
He’s against the family. DANIEL: It feels like it.
It does. It really does
feel like it. PRISCILLA: It feels genuinely.
He’s bitten my mom. DANIEL: He got me right
here a couple days ago. CESAR: Ooh. PRISCILLA: But he has
bitten my abuelita and. CESAR: He bit grandma?
PRISCILLA: Uh-hmm. CESAR: It’s an absolute must
that Priscilla’s family feels Safe in their own house. So Jax attacking grandma,
mom, and Danny is an
immediate call to action. It’s innate in dogs
to protect their pack. So Jax turning on his pack
tells me he’s very confused. PRISCILLA: I believe that this
opportunity came to me for a Reason and I
genuinely believe that.

CESAR: Yeah.
Well, we gotta work hard. That’s it. So this is what I’m gonna do,
I’m gonna go in the backyard, We’re gonna put
some cameras inside. I wanna see the behavior,
see what you do. I just wanna do it without
my energy influencing Jax. PRISCILLA: Thank you.
CESAR: All right. I’ll go this way,
you guys go inside. NARRATOR: While Cesar monitors from outside, Danny and Priscilla head to her room, a place Jax often behaves aggressively. PRISCILLA: Sit.
DANIEL: Hi, babas. PRISCILLA: Oh, who is that?
DANIEL: Hi, babas. No. (barking) CESAR: This dog is confused. Right away, this
guy wants to fight. Yeah, super confused. (barking) CESAR: Aggression is
never the problem, it’s
the outcome of a problem. So the confusion is terrible. DANIEL: Calm down.
Hey. It’s okay. CESAR: Ooh.
Saying okay is not okay. The dog doesn’t feel good, so
don’t say okay when the dog Doesn’t feel good. This dog is
absolutely confused. DANIEL: Hey, hey. Jax. (snapping) No. CESAR: Priscilla and Danny
are giving Jax mixed signals. First, they tell him no
but then they say it’s okay. That is super
confusing for a dog. And when a dog is constantly
confused like Jax, His instincts can tell
him to fight or flight. It is pretty clear
what Jax has chosen.

DANIEL: If I come here to
grab like a food bowl… (barking) Donezo. PRISCILLA: No. DANIEL: He’s completely
blind right now too. PRISCILLA: He’s gone.
Stop it. DANIEL: He was,
just pure anger. (barking) I mean, I’ve seen him mad, I
mean he’s, he’s bitten me a Couple times and especially
recently I thought it was Never gonna get
worse than how it was. To see him push that,
it was intense. PRISCILLA: It was scary.
It was terrifying. No. No. No! CESAR: This is bad
obviously because he’s,
he’s in a red zone. He’s gonna hurt, he’s gonna
bite anything that gets near it. PRISCILLA: Come. Come. CESAR: Ooh.
She’s frustrated. She doesn’t wanna deal with
him, so she’s just putting him In the crate. (snarling) They’re clueless.
I gotta stop this right now. Big no no for the dog people. Never force a
dog into the cage. Never trap a dog in a cage. Instead, you treat him like
a regular dog, you treat
him like a wild animal. Those are where
aggression comes from. Right? And then they take this
reaction against anybody that Is not the person that put him
in, because he’s not gonna do It towards Priscilla but he
will do it to everybody else. Okay. I just need
something to protect me. Once I know that a
dog bites or lunges,
normally I grab something. I’m just protecting myself.

(barking) DANIEL: Hey, Jax.
PRISCILLA: No. CESAR: Don’t, don’t
let that bother you. He can’t see you right now. DANIEL: Right. CESAR: He’s literally
blinded by the rage. So this is not territory,
this is beyond territory. We need to get him
out of the crate. He could hurt
himself in there. This mindset in the
crate is dangerous. (barking) What we’re dealing with is this
is the animal, the animal, (barking) You wanna be able to open this. (barking) This is the danger zone. This is definitely a
red, red, red zone. These kind of dogs can
actually hurt themselves and Grab things and stay there. They don’t mind to
kill themselves. DANIEL: No!
CESAR: Don’t get angry. If you get angry,
just breathe it out. You get frustrated,
just breathe it out. DANIEL: I know what you mean.
I’m like. CESAR: Yeah.
You get tense, breathe it out. DANIEL: Uh-hmm. Tense, yeah. PRISCILLA: Jax is out of
control and seeing how he is With Cesar makes
me very worried. Maybe my dog,
like, can’t be helped. CESAR: He’s gonna get tired. As long as we have
the leash, we got him. (barking) (barking) Hey. Hey. Come on.

Shh. (barking) (barking) CESAR: Tsch. (bleep). We need the leash to keep
him from hurting himself. (exhales heavily) There you go. (deep breath) You put him away when he gets in
trouble and then you trap him. They don’t understand
why you put him away. Hey. Tsch. Tsch. There we go.
Now he’s calming back down. You see that? So now that he’s relaxed, this
is when you can say he’s okay. Not earlier when he was
trying to attack you. DANIEL: Right. CESAR: Here’s what’s
going on in this house. Have you heard the
saying blind with rage? That is the next level of
aggression Jax is reaching. What’s causing that? Confusion, he doesn’t
know if he’s supposed to Protect or attack his pack. No wonder the entire
family hides from him. Priscilla loves her dog but
she’s afraid of his behavior. The dog feels that
fear and believes his
human is in danger. So he doubles down and charges
anyone who comes near his mom. This is a volatile mix
of aggression, fear, and Confusion that makes
Jax a red zone threat. And the only solution is
for Priscilla to wake up and Realize that it’s her
fearful energy that is
causing Jax to lash out. You’re used to your anxiety. PRISCILLA: I am. CESAR: You have
learned to live with it. But fear is not allowed.
Otherwise, it’s contagious.

That’s why I’m not bringing
you closer because I could
still see your anxiety. PRISCILLA: Yeah. CESAR: I can still
see your uncertainty. If you were holding
the leash instead of me, He wouldn’t be calm like this. I know it’s hard.
But find a positive mindset. So every time you get nervous,
frustrated, anxious, Just go back to calm confident,
love and joy, Do you think you will
be able to find confidence
within yourself? PRISCILLA: Not to, like, say
anything bad about my parents But I don’t think they
ever instilled that in me. I know that progress is not
just a straight line going up. I know that sometimes
we fall back and. CESAR: That’s right. PRISCILLA: But I want
myself to get better. I’m going to get better.
So he’s gonna get better. I never really had anyone to
kind of tell me how important It is to have calm and
confidence and be joyful, No matter your circumstance. It made me feel something
I’ve just never felt before. And that gives me hope. CESAR: What I would like to
do for you guys is to continue Your learning, to
continue your growth. I want you guys to come to the
DPC, my ranch. Thank you. DANIEL: Thank you. PRISCILLA: Thank you so much.
CESAR: Con la familia! NARRATOR: The next day, Priscilla, Danny, and Jax arrive at the Dog Psychology Center. DANIEL: We really gotta
make sure this works, babe. NARRATOR: The dog’s rehabilitation is even more urgent. Just this morning, Jax’s behavior escalated to a new level of aggression. CESAR: How’s it going? PRISCILLA: He’s still
just acting like just rage.

I do feel like I don’t have
control because for the First time ever, Jax
redirected on me. (growling) That’s never happened before. DANIEL: This is as
serious as it’s gotten. PRISCILLA: Uh-hmm. He jumped at me, growled, and
tried to bite, like, it was an Attempt to actually attack me. CESAR: It’s a
dangerous confusion. He needs to learn not
to feel threatened when
someone guides him. Jax had been very
confused for a long time. And now anything
can trigger him. He reminds me of
The Incredible Hulk. You don’t know when
he’s gonna turn green. (growling) Ah-ha! I got it. (barking) In his confused mind,
he’s in charge. So he acts aggressive when he
feels his power is challenged, Like Priscilla’s
handling this morning. Yeah. Shh. Okay. So here, this is
just to protect. The first thing we must do is
to get him on a leash to show Him how to behave when a calm,
confident human is in charge And that the crate cannot
be allowed as a trigger
for his aggression. (barking) There you go. Tsch. Hey. Tsch. See? My confidence is
calming him down. Tsch. So we remove him
then he goes back. And then erase the
bad impression, like
hitting a reset button. We’re eliminating the
first picture that we got. DANIEL: Oh.
CESAR: Yeah.

So now with me, the crate is
starting to equal calmness. Tsch. Stay. PRISCILLA: Baby, are
you nervous right now? DANIEL: It’s, I’m surprised. CESAR: No, he’s surprised. Yeah, if a guy does this,
he’s like, ”Oh, (bleep)”! PRISCILLA: He really
snapped him out that quickly. So that was really amazing
to see, because I didn’t even Realize we’re doing it wrong. You know, that’s what’s
Cesar is teaching us. CESAR: Come on.
CESAR: Follow me, guys. Today’s first exercise is a
two for one special, which Will help build Priscilla’s
confidence while also Addressing Jax’s confusion. And specifically his negative
reaction when Priscilla Puts him in the crate. Watch. Here.
Right here. Just grab the leash and
ask him to follow you. Boom, boom, boom, boom. Come on, come on. And then once
you come here, go. Yeah. You see? Like a bowling ball. That ball had to go exactly
where you want it to go. And now you can see he’s in
there and calm because I took Control of him with
the right energy. PRISCILLA: Okay.
CESAR: You understand? So you are conditioning the
brain to accept your direction While also telling him
he’s safe in the crate. PRISCILLA: Okay.
CESAR: All right, Priscilla. I want like a
cheerleader but a coach.

This is gonna build
so much trust, guys. Just remember
happy-go-lucky, Priscilla. PRISCILLA: Come on, come on.
CESAR: Right next to it. PRISCILLA: Come on. Come on. CESAR: Be confident.
Lead him. PRISCILLA: Come on. Come on. No. Don’t jump off. CESAR: Be careful.
You’re too far in front. PRISCILLA: Okay.
Come. You got it. CESAR: Not like that.
Don’t hesitate. PRISCILLA: Come on. CESAR: So that hesitation, we
don’t want it on the crate. PRISCILLA: Come on.
Come on. Okay, ready. Come on. Come on. CESAR: Right from there.
PRISCILLA: Let’s go. Let’s go. CESAR: As soon as you see that
he’s coming in, send him into The crate like a bowling ball. Go. PRISCILLA: Come on.
Come on. Hey. Back. CESAR: Don’t force him. PRISCILLA: Come on.
Come on. CESAR: It’s not working.
Let’s do it again. Nobody wants to be pushed into
something they are not sure of. So jacking the leash is
only going to confuse
and anger him again. She needs to use the motion
and confident energy to create A momentum that guides
the dog into the crate. PRISCILLA: Let’s go.
Let’s go. CESAR: Come back.
PRISCILLA: Come on. CESAR: And then, and then two,
three feet away from the crate. PRISCILLA: Go in the crate. CESAR: Yup. Stay.
PRISCILLA: Wait. CESAR: Don’t let him move. Then bring it out.
Come on. Celebrate, celebrate,
celebrate. Yay.

(cheering) Priscilla did better the
second time around but she Still have a long way to go. She’s really going to have to
practice overcoming her fear And claiming her leadership
position in the pack if she Ever wants Jax to respect her. He doesn’t take you serious in
the leader aspect because in The beginning, you hesitated. Your calm, confident
energy wasn’t strong enough. PRISCILLA: Okay. CESAR: He’s only gonna follow if
your energy is calm, confident. PRISCILLA: Okay.
CESAR: Not fearful. PRISCILLA: Okay. CESAR: And the more he lives
with a fearful energy you’ve Been giving him, the
harder it’s going to be
to get him rehabilitated. PRISCILLA: Uh-hmm.
CESAR: Jax. (barking, snarling) CESAR: Tsch. Tsch. (barking, snarling) I got it.
Tsch. Tsch. Tsch. Luckily, he didn’t get me but
I need to lay him on his side Until he fully surrenders. DANIEL: Yup.
CESAR: Tsch. (barking) Tsch. There you go. DANIEL: It’s exactly
what I’m telling you
is that, like, yeah. PRISCILLA: It’s
out of nowhere. CESAR: He has an episode. DANIEL: Is it done?
Is my question. CESAR: Not yet. He’s still dealing with all
the tension that he built up With that outburst but
eventually, he’ll let it out. He’s gonna go…

(sigh) So by them doing that
is they’re breathing That tension away from them. PRISCILLA: Ohhh-kay. CESAR: Just wait for it. Boom. Look. And then he wakes up
like it’s nothing. Like he just woke
up from a dream. But still, I don’t like that
he’s acting out like that. Where does this
aggression come from? Well, Jax was doing
well with the exercise. PRISCILLA: Go in the crate.
CESAR: Yup. But remember, this
is day one of rehab. And he’s been living like
The Hulk for a long time. So anything can trigger him
and I am ready for moments of Aggression like this. I’ll address his angry Hulk
outburst until eventually he Learns the most important
lesson in this rehab. He must stop attacking his
pack or else his family might Feel forced to put him down. This intensive level of
rehab can only be achieved by Keeping him here at the DPC. My next suggestion is
for him to stay with us. PRISCILLA: Yes. Okay. CESAR: He’s not
ready to go home. PRISCILLA: Uh-hmm. I think this is a good
reset for him, for myself. I mean, he just redirected on
me and I think this is a good Break that we all need. CESAR: Use this time to
work out or meditate, Whatever makes you
feel calm, confident. PRISCILLA: Okay. CESAR: So he will
see you as a leader. PRISCILLA: Yes.

CESAR: You need to
gain the respect. PRISCILLA: Okay.
DANIEL: Yeah. CESAR: All right.
DANIEL: Yeah. CESAR: Jax. Come on. Let’s go say bye.
Let’s walk him out. NARRATOR: The next morning. CESAR: Unleash the hounds. NARRATOR: Cesar assembles his dogs for the morning hike. (barking) CESAR: Come on. NARRATOR: But Jax’s continued confusion prevents him from even following a simple pack walk. CESAR: Jax,
where are you going? Look. He does, look, he
just takes off. See how the pack gathers? Yeah. If the pack goes this way,
he should follow the pack. He doesn’t know how to
stay within the group. He’s not connected. So he has no understanding
to stay within the pack. He just goes. Look. When we brought a troubled dog
here at the DPC, I want them To switch into a
balanced pack mindset. But Jax is still so
confused that I need to
try something drastic. Using an item that he has such
a negative association with, I wanna give him a
positive experience. (whistling, smooches) There you are. We’re throwing a crate party. Let’s continue with the rehab. (clapping) I’m gonna show you how the
pack is gonna help him to Associate the crate in a
completely different way.

The pack will be his
role models, which creates a Stronger connection to
both my dogs and me. Look, he knows this is
his crate by the way. This is his crate. As we all remember the last
time I was near the crate, I need to use a racket,
you know, just to block him. Because, you know, The Hulk
was coming out. For Jax, the crate
equals confusion. It represents fear for
both him and his mom. In his mind, he’s being
trapped so he behaves Like a wild animal. It is a constant trigger that
turns Jax into the angry Hulk. My dogs will use their
happy-go-lucky energy to show Jax the crate is not
something to fear. It’s good that he’s not
charging or lunging but you Can definitely
see he’s unsettled. Come on. Come on. Come on. (smooches) He’s a, he’s a
little bit guarding it. He’s not as relaxed as the
rest of the pack, you know? Good girl, Sophia. He’s the only one not getting
the food yet because he’s a Little bit tense, because his
association of the crate, I mean, he’s going in there but
he’s tense, he’s tense about it. See, look, these guys are calm
or happy-go-lucky about it. He’s tense because
this reminds him, This reminds him the Hulk. This guarding, unsettled
behavior can stem from the Fact that Jax doesn’t know
something all members of a Pack should instinctively
know from birth, how to share. Being a single child, they don’t
know how to share, you know, Because that’s exactly
what he’s not doing at home. He’s not sharing. That’s why his
family hides from him.

He isn’t used to share
his space with anyone but Especially with a dog pack. Come on. Hey.
Come on. Come on. Let’s go. Come on. Let’s go. This is the part
that he’s tense. Look. Come on. Hey. Come on. He’s getting
super tense again. CESAR: I need him to imitate
the pack while he’s here. You know, so if he’s not
imitating the pack, That tells me he still is not
connected to the pack yet. If he’s not connected to the
pack, that lets me know that He’s not connected to me. Without a healthy connection,
a dog is more likely to act Aggressive or bite. That’s why his humans are
hiding from him at home. For this entire rehab to work, Jax must learn what it feels
like to share his space And become connected
to me and my pack. Come on, come on. All right. Let’s show him how we share
here at the DPC with a party Inside the crate. Come on, guys.
Everybody in. Huffy, Benson, go. Go in. Find a spot. Stay. Stay. Sharing, he’s sharing. Stay. He’s tolerating everybody
but he’s not fully calm. But now that he’s surrounded
by my pack’s calm energy, I’m gonna start entering
his space by reaching
in to give him treats. So I’m focusing on
giving the reward.

For example, I’m going
inside to give Benson a treat. To give Lola a treat. So that way, he’ll see
that by staying calm and Sharing space,
he gets the reward. There you go.
This is good. He’s starting to
mirror their energy. He’s calm and he’s sharing. Finally, he gets a
piece because he’s allowing Everybody to be around
without him reacting. So that’s really good
sign that he can share. Now that he’s starting to
connect to me and my pack, Okay, guys, come on, we
got a long week ahead to Continue his rehabilitation. Good boy. NARRATOR: Over the next week, Cesar works closely with Jax. CESAR: There you go. NARRATOR: The goal is to overcome his confused angry mindset by integrating the dog into Cesar’s pack. CESAR: Jax and I are
making some real progress. He’s had some good moments. He’s doing good. And we’re overcoming a lot of
the confusion that he’s faced. He’s doing nose, eyes, ears, Which is what he
should be doing. He’s even starting to
become part of the pack. Yes, sir.
That’s it. He’s playing. But I also recognize that he’s
still getting really frustrated. And while we try to
burn off that energy, Literally, we’re doing a
treadmill in the water. His frustration is still
causing unwanted behavior. No. Oh, that’s not good. Bison, get away from Jax. It’s a good day for us today.

There is tremendous
improvement on his trust but We must address his
frustration, some of which is Coming from his testosterone. So this testosterone triggers
him to practice owning, Controlling people,
furniture, whatever it is. Some of his aggression
comes from him being intact. Neutering him will eliminate
the frustration of the sexual Frustration that he has. Besides this particular case,
there’s an overpopulation In America and in the world. So spay and neuter is a
responsibility that we Dog lovers must follow. If you want puppies,
just go rescue one. So I need to talk to
Priscilla because I definitely want her blessing. And so my boy is ready. All right, Jax. Say goodbye to
your little friends. Come on. NARRATOR: The next day, DPC handler Jaime takes Jax to be neutered and after a successful surgery, Jax returns to the ranch to continue his rehabilitation. CESAR: This guy that we used
to call the Hulk, he had fear, He was confused tremendously,
and he was way too excited. We were able to neuter him and
so he’s now part of the world. NARRATOR: Two weeks later, Priscilla and Danny are back to reunite with Jax. PRISCILLA: Hello.
CESAR: Good to see you. PRISCILLA: How are you?
Good to see you. CESAR: How’s it going, brother? DANIEL: How are you doing?
CESAR: How’s the home feel? DANIEL: Interesting.
PRISCILLA: Peaceful. I miss him a lot, of course,
but, I mean, it was necessary. DANIEL: Exactly.

CESAR: You missed part of him
and the other ones you don’t, Because if you miss him 100%, There’s something
wrong with you. PRISCILLA: No, I don’t.
DANIEL: For sure. PRISCILLA: Like, I’m not gonna
lie, like I did miss him, But I had fun, like, the
energy was different. Like, each day, more and
more, I feel like I’ve
become more grounded. My main focus has been
focusing on the peace that I feel and being a leader. It was the reset we needed. This time away from Jax
has made me miss him. But I also have found a new
peace and tranquility within Myself that has gone
through the entire home. DANIEL: How was the training? CESAR: He has been in a
shutdown mode for a long time And he was very confused. PRISCILLA: Really?
CESAR: Yeah. PRISCILLA: Okay. CESAR: In fact, one of
his problem was he was not Connecting to the pack,
so he would just take off. He’ll come back,
but that’s not ideal. He has been isolated. And even in your own home, he’s
not clicking with the family. It took a while for him
to become part of my pack. PRISCILLA: That fear that
got so instilled within me Caused me to just,
”Okay. No dog parks. Okay. No doing this.
No doing that.” Just because I was,
I was avoiding. CESAR: So you
isolated him from everyone. It’s good that they’re
talking the right language. Priscilla said a
very important word. Feel peaceful.
All right. Let’s, let’s see if
you can practice that. All right.
I wanna show you something.

Come on. PRISCILLA: Beautiful.
I love it! CESAR: Look at him. DANIEL: Getting to see Jax for
the first time, he looked calm. He looked like
every other dog. I’m actually really
impressed he’s not, like, All over you right now. PRISCILLA: Yeah, I know.
I am, too. CESAR: Yeah. See, that’s what
he’s supposed to be doing. He’s still a swollen
from the procedure,
but he’s healing fine. DANIEL: It was nice. There was a change in him,
for sure, getting to see him After so long. PRISCILLA: He looks
so handsome to me. CESAR: Up until now, Jax
has considered Priscilla a Possession that he
needs to protect. When another dog or a family
member gets close to her, He moves into her space,
protecting her by
becoming aggressive. To start establishing herself
as a leader that Jax respect, I need to teach Priscilla how
to claim her space so she can Show the dog that his
overprotective aggression Is not allowed, especially
within his own pack. So this exercise is very
simple, while keeping Jax Watching from a distance. I want you to feed
not just the dogs, But I want you to
do it with a cow, A goat, a horse,
and an alpaca. PRISCILLA: Okay. CESAR: I want you to sit here
and you’re gonna be surrounded. Almost like Snow White moment. PRISCILLA: Okay. CESAR: But you have to feed them
while claiming your space. The animals can only eat
if you hand them the food. Look at…

PRISCILLA: Uh-hmm. CESAR: No animals are allowed
to eat from the bowl, all right? So he is learning to see you
controlling other members of The pack and experience the
other animals being peaceful, Calm, respectful. Due to her fear and doubt,
Jax has always thought that he Needs to protect Priscilla. We have to teach him that
she’s strong enough To take care of herself. Sit right here. PRISCILLA: Okay. CESAR: To do this, I am going
to have Priscilla feed the Farm animals while
Jax is tied to the bed. She needs to make the
herd give her distance By claiming her space. This way, Jax sees that she
can handle herself and he Doesn’t have to
get aggressive. As always, my crew will
ensure the animals are safe. They can crowd you,
keep it at a distance. That’s respect. PRISCILLA: Oh,
you’re so sweet. DANIEL: You gotta be
stronger than that. PRISCILLA: I know. I know.
I know. I’m learning too. CESAR: They’re
getting too close to you. Remember, be confident. PRISCILLA: Is this like
they should all be,
kind of, like away? CESAR: That’s right.
CESAR: That’s right. DANIEL: You choose who’s
getting fed, right? Right? CESAR: Right.
PRISCILLA: Okay. CESAR: Priscilla is letting
the animals crowd her because The energy she’s
projecting is weak. If she doesn’t start
projecting confidence, She’ll never be able to claim
her space and Jax will go
back to protecting her. Stay confident.

If you don’t claim your space,
Jax will get anxious. (barking) Tsch. PRISCILLA: I feel like
I ain’t doing it right. CESAR: You weren’t claiming
your space with that goat. Keep it calm.
Be careful, also don’t let. PRISCILLA: Am I allowed to? CESAR: Yeah, of course.
You’re allowed to. PRISCILLA: Okay. Okay.
CESAR: Claim your space. PRISCILLA: Okay. CESAR: Goats can
also be disrespectful. PRISCILLA: Oh, man.
Oh, man, oh, man, chill out. CESAR: Too much
excitement going on right now. Priscilla, come over here. If he senses your fear,
he’ll want to protect you. (barking) Tsch. (whinnying) CESAR: I’m going to put Jax in
a calm surrender on the bed. Tsch. Priscilla didn’t claim her
space with the animals, So Jax thought he needed
to protect her and
became aggressive. So this is the moment that I’m
looking for because it’s good To see how your
fear triggers him. So I can correct him. When Jax senses that Priscilla
is fearful, he thinks he have To protect her and hulks out. (barking, whinnying) In his mind, the only way to
protect her is with aggression. Let me show you
how to prevent that. Tsch. PRISCILLA: Okay. CESAR: Tsch. Yeah. Make them give you distance
and then you feed them.

See it?
I reward the distance. PRISCILLA: Okay. CESAR: You’re
rewarding on top of you. Blue. All right, so they ahh, Because you get into
the sweet self, you’re. PRISCILLA: And I
let them do whatever. CESAR: Yeah. You’re, yeah.
PRISCILLA: Okay. CESAR: So they’re taking over,
then you create competition Because it’s
gonna get crowded. PRISCILLA: Okay. CESAR: You see, that’s why he
can be close to you right now. When you are calm confident,
Jax can see that. They’re respectful to her,
so she’s not gonna get harmed. Then Jax doesn’t feel
the need to be aggressive. PRISCILLA: Okay. When I see Jax go lunge,
I’m, like, kind of mad. But at the same time, I
realize that he’s doing that Because of me. He’s reflecting me right now,
so I need to be calm confident For him to not
do those things. So yeah, I had this
realization that, like, When I’m in a position of having
to, like, stick up for myself or Say what it is that
I want, for some reason, I feel almost as if
I’m not allowed to. CESAR: Why do
you feel that way? PRISCILLA: Because I feel
like, oh, when I’m demanding All of that, that like people
are gonna perceive me as not How I wanna be
perceived as, I guess. So, yeah, I need to vocalize
and take action and just do What it is I’m thinking in
my head and do it, you know? CESAR: That energy right
there and this whole thing Right here, that’s it. PRISCILLA: Okay. Okay.
CESAR: Yeah.

PRISCILLA: I’m in it.
CESAR: Yeah, yeah. DANIEL: Up. PRISCILLA: Tsch. CESAR: Make sure
to correct her. She can’t mess with the
new fearless Priscilla. Better, right? PRISCILLA: It is better.
CESAR: Yeah, it’s easier. PRISCILLA: I feel clear. CESAR: Look, Jax is a lot calmer
now that you’re confident. PRISCILLA: It feels really
empowering because it’s like, ”Oh, yeah.”
Like, I can say ”no, thank you”. DANIEL: Right. PRISCILLA: You know,
like, I don’t want that. DANIEL: Yeah. Say it. PRISCILLA: And still be
me and still be kind me. CESAR: I am proud of Priscilla. She’s beginning to realize
that her insecurities have not Only been affecting her
relationship with Jax, but Also have been holding her back
in other areas of her life. She took a big step today
and created a safer common Environment for her family,
where they no longer have to Fear leaving their rooms. I already knew Jax was ready
to go home, but now I know That Priscilla is
ready to take him home. So you’re gonna take
your guy home today. PRISCILLA: I have
missed you, dude. CESAR: I hope you
had a good time. When you go home,
continue to practice What you have learned today. PRISCILLA: Thank you. DANIEL: Absolutely.
Yeah. It sounds great. CESAR: All right. Let’s go.
There you go. NARRATOR: Over the next few weeks, Priscilla works to put Cesar’s teachings to the test in Jax’s home environment

for the first time. PRISCILLA: I’ve been
focusing a lot on my energy. I’ve had to really learn how
to calm my energy and really Have that calm confidence
while I’m working with him. Come on. Stay.
Good boy. Claiming space has
been really, really good. Like, he really respects
my space where before, He didn’t. And it’s been really great to go
ahead and, like, conquer that. The only thing is my family
is still scared of Jax and Doesn’t feel safe
around him yet. NARRATOR: After weeks on their own, Cesar checks in on Priscilla and Jax. CESAR: Jax. NARRATOR: In the hopes of seeing a united pack, free of confusion and aggression. CESAR: Hello. Hello.
Come on out. Look at you. DANIEL: Yeah.
He’s excited to see you. PRISCILLA: So excited.
CESAR: Come on out. Well, I don’t even wanna
ask how’s he doing,
he’s doing great. PRISCILLA: He’s beautiful. (laughing) CESAR: You’re welcome.
You’re welcome. PRISCILLA: Thank you. CESAR: How are you,
how are you doing? PRISCILLA: I mean,
at the start of this, It felt at so much heavy energy. And now it’s like literally
that has been lifted. I’m just living my
life now with my dog. CESAR: How’s the family? PRISCILLA: My mom, my brother
are still pretty scared of him. DANIEL: It’s still that
trust level, you know? PRISCILLA: Yeah,
that’s what it is.

DANIEL: He hasn’t
gained our trust yet, So there’s a lot still,
kind of, like…. CESAR: Okay, so
now you turn as to get Your family to know
that you’re in control and They don’t need
to worry about it. So let’s go inside and
let me do my Latino thing. PRISCILLA: Yeah.
DANIEL: Let’s do it. All right. CESAR: I can already see
a lot of progress in
both Priscilla and Jax, But I don’t like to hear
that some family members Are still feeling unsafe. It’s important to make sure
they don’t feel like prisoners In their own home. Como esta? Bien? PRISCILLA: They’re
scared of him right now. AMY: I’m still afraid of Jax
because I was the first one To get bit. So I know that he is capable
of being that aggressive dog. I just want everybody to
feel comfortable in the home. CESAR: I know you have some
bad experiences, but I think You are gonna see Priscilla
has come a long way with Jax And he’ll continue to improve. So for the final challenge,
let’s show my boy growth. To show the family that
Priscilla is in control, I’m gonna have them enter this
room one at a time while Priscilla keeps Jax in a
calm surrender on the bed. Priscilla, do your thing,
put him in the, the raised bed. If she can do that without the
dog charging or attacking Like he used to, the
family will see that They no longer need
to live in fear. Priscilla stays and everybody
else come back and walk by Like normal family. PRISCILLA: I am expecting
some reactions from Jax just Because we’re still working on
making sure that sounds don’t Bother him or movement
isn’t bothering him as much.

But I do think that
I’m capable of getting
him to calm surrender. CESAR: All right. Priscilla’s brother,
come on in. (growling) PRISCILLA: Tsch. (growling) (barking) PRISCILLA: Tsch. (barking) Wait. Hold on. Please. Shhh. Tsch. CESAR: There we go.
All right. You can go forward. Priscilla, keep watching Jax. Yeah. PRISCILLA: Tsch. Hey. CESAR: That’s good. For years, Jax have acted
out towards the family, Especially when
they enter the room. Breaking the cycle is a
process that takes repetitions. So, Priscilla must continue
to correct his unwanted Aggression until he
remains in calm surrender. Okay. Next up, we’re gonna bring
in your boyfriend, Danny. All right, Danny. (growling) PRISCILLA: Can you stop right
there actually, please. (barking) Tsch. So, something that I’ve been
trying is deep tissue massage… CESAR: Okay. PRISCILLA: To get
him to relax more… CESAR: Mmm-hmm.

PRISCILLA: So, like,
just let him know that
I want him to be calm. And also, I’m focusing on my
own energy and my own breath. CESAR: It’s working.
It’s calming him down. The start was a little rough,
but I love that Priscilla took My lesson and made it her
own by adding the massage. Her touch is not an
action of affection or reward. It’s a common technique. Eventually, Jax will react with
calm surrender on his own. But right now, we’re
seeing a very different
dog and pet parent. All right, Danny.
There you go. That’s, that’s his homeboy. DANIEL: Yeah, right?
CESAR: That was great. You calmed him down, and he
seems really relaxed now. Do you think you’re ready
for me to bring your mom in? PRISCILLA: Yup. CESAR: All right, Amy.
The queen herself. Priscilla’s mom, Amy,
still lives in fear
over Jax violent past. (barking) The most important thing is
for her to stop feeling like a Prisoner in her own home. So, this moment is key because
she needs to see there is hope For Jax and he won’t
be a danger to this
household anymore. PRISCILLA: Mom, you’re more
than welcome to come in, Just remember no touch, no talk,
no eye contact, please. (growling) Tsch. Tsch. CESAR: There you go.
That’s much faster. PRISCILLA: Mom.
CESAR: That was really good. PRISCILLA: Yes. CESAR: Now that he’s relaxed,
he’s fallen asleep. Let’s just quietly
celebrate on your own. PRISCILLA: Yay. Good job. CESAR: All right, family,
what do you think? AMY: I’m very
proud of Priscilla.

I know it was a lot of work. CESAR: Yes.
AMY: To help him. CESAR: Yes. AMY: Right now, I am feeling
excited because I see a big Difference in Jax right now. And I feel more calm, I feel
like our home is going to Be normal again. I don’t feel afraid. CESAR: Yup.
PRISCILLA: I’m here. I got this. Like, you guys
don’t have to worry. I’m protecting you now. Like, I know
what I need to do. And we can always still have
this because I know how to Handle it, you know. DANIEL: Uh-hmm.
PRISCILLA: So it’s like. (squealing) CESAR: Yup. I am proud of
how far Priscilla has come. She started this journey
fearful and clueless, But she’s really done the work. This is a long-term
transformation for both her And Jax, and eventually, the
goal is for Jax to remain Calm surrender without
Priscilla even being around. I have total faith in
Priscilla to reach that goal. And I know that they are on
the right path to full recovery. DANIEL: It’s nice to see
her happy and confident. CESAR: Yes.
DANIEL: Yeah. PRISCILLA: Thank you.
CESAR: Happy relationship. DANIEL: Yes.
CESAR: You’re welcome. PRISCILLA: Thank you. (laughter) Going from feeling like there
was a black cloud over the Home to this new state of
peace and to enjoy each Other’s company without
worrying about where Jax is, What he’s gonna do.

You’re so cute. (deep breath) Cesar, I truly don’t
have the words to tell
you how grateful I am. And if it wasn’t for you, I
wouldn’t be who I am today And who I’m going to become. So, thank you. CESAR: Thank you very
much for listening to me. And now let’s celebrate.
Señoría… CESAR: When a dog like Jax
become violent, I believe There is something within the
human causing that imbalance. So, an aggressive dog is often
caused by an anxious pet parent, And in Jax home, the
whole family live in fear. Because Priscilla recognized
her own insecurities, She’s now finding her own voice. As she continues to work
and nurtures calmness, Jax won’t feel the
need to transform into
an angry Hulk again. Now, they got connection
that is communication In a balanced relationship. Connection, communication,
relationship, that’s how you Honor the true
nature of a dog.

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