The Mystery of the Stinky Butt | The Incredible Dr. Pol

Lucy! Laurie is bringing in her
big orange cat, Lucy today, Because her butt has been smelling. Lucy is seven years old. She's our only animal that we have
and we're pretty fond of her. Hello. How are you? I'm
good yourself? Good. I'm not sure what I'm walking into
for this appointment. What's going on with your butt Lucy? If a butt smells. Ooh. I don't know if it's medical
or just some poop back there. We'll see. Girly. At first, I thought she was just not
cleaning herself. Uh huh. We gave her a bath
that did not go well. And then it was just a couple of days
later, she had a stinky butt again. But other than that, you know, regular. Jeez, 14 pounds, four ounces. She is overweight. And I think that's part of her issue. Really? Lucy weighs a whole 14 pounds,
which is pretty big for a cat. It's all right. What she should be weighing is probably
more around like 10 pounds. I'm gonna To take her on back, shave her butt area,
and then clean it up more. She's so round, she can't actually
get back to her butt to groom herself. My husband is going to just love hearing
you say that. Lucy is overweight. Apparently she can't reach herself. If you would clean your own stinky butt
I wouldn’t have to. Sometimes I hope if I talk to my clients,
they'll listen to me. Poor girl. I know it's irritating. Man if Lucy would only clean her own butt
we wouldn't be here right now. You’re a sweet girly though.

She’s got like,
little extra folds all around her vulva. Lucy does have some accumulation
in the folds around her vulva, And that's what was really stinky. So poop and urine can just sit there
and therefore start smelling. Should we go show mommy a clean butt? While we have had some fun
poking fun at Lucy. Come on, clean butt. It is very important
that she loses weight. I just don't think
she's able to clean herself. Very good news. We just have to lose some weight and you have to help her in the meantime. Right. She is in for a lifestyle change. She has an automatic feeder and we may
have to go back to one dish at a time. Okay, big girl. I really do love Lucy
and I just really want the best for her, Which is to lose some weight.

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