Female praying mantis chomps down on its mate | Yosemite | America’s National Parks

An alien, desert-like habitat. Home to one of the
park’s strangest females. A praying mantis. It’s the last days of
summer in Yosemite, And she’s coming to the end
of her seasonal feeding spree. Her main weapons,
prominent front legs, Lined with shark
tooth shaped spikes. The praying mantis is the
only insect on the planet With three-dimensional vision. Her lightning-fast strike
clocks at one-twentieth
of a second. But this is only a
cricket drumstick appetizer… She releases a concoction
of alluring pheromones Into the air. Eau du mantis. One lucky guy
picks up the signal. Maybe some eye contact can
smooth out this first date. Or maybe not! In exchange for his
would be wooing, The Casanova is attacked. It’s impossible for
him to free himself. The male’s head is ripped off. The female’s
final main course. It’s an abrupt end
to a first date. Or is it? The decapitated
male is still moving.

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