Cats Musical Characters

The world of musical theater is populated with a diverse range of characters, each with their own unique qualities and traits. In the widely acclaimed musical ‘Cats,’ Andrew Lloyd Webber introduces us to a captivating ensemble cast that captivates audiences with their charm and charisma.

From the mischievous Rum Tum Tugger to the wise and mysterious Old Deuteronomy, these characters come alive on stage, captivating audiences with their memorable performances.

The elegant and graceful Victoria, the glamorous Bombalurina, and the magical Mr. Mistoffelees each bring their own brand of enchantment to the production.

Additionally, we meet Jennyanydots, a curious and clever character who adds an element of intrigue to the story. Grizabella emerges as a rebel and outcast while Skimbleshanks brings playfulness and energy to his role.

Finally, Macavity appears as a proud and regal figure in this elaborate feline world.

In this article, we will explore these fascinating characters in detail, delving into their backgrounds, motivations, and contributions to one of Broadway’s most beloved productions.

The Mischievous Rum Tum Tugger

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The Mischievous Rum Tum Tugger is a notable character in the musical Cats, known for his playful and unpredictable nature. He is portrayed as a charismatic and attention-seeking individual who captivates both the feline characters on stage and the audience. His impact on the other cats can be seen in their reactions to his presence. They are drawn towards him, often following his lead or seeking his approval. This reflects Rum Tum Tugger’s ability to command attention and influence those around him.

One of Rum Tum Tugger’s most iconic moments in the musical is his song and dance routine. This performance showcases his mischievous personality as he effortlessly moves across the stage with agility and grace. The song itself captures his free-spirited nature, with lyrics that emphasize his desire for independence and refusal to conform to societal expectations.

Rum Tum Tugger’s character adds depth and excitement to the overall narrative of Cats. Through exploring his impact on other cats and witnessing his iconic song and dance routine, audiences are able to experience a sense of enchantment and intrigue. His mischievousness serves as a source of entertainment, contributing to the overall enjoyment of the musical performance.

The Wise and Mysterious Old Deuteronomy

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One of the most intriguing figures in the Cats production is the enigmatic and wise Old Deuteronomy, whose mysterious nature captivates audiences. The significance of Old Deuteronomy’s role in the Cats musical cannot be overstated. As the leader of the Jellicle tribe, he holds tremendous authority and is revered by all feline characters. His character represents wisdom, guidance, and a sense of calm amidst chaos.

Old Deuteronomy’s mystical nature adds depth to his character and enhances the overall symbolism within the musical. He possesses an air of ancient wisdom that suggests he has lived many lives before. This symbolism resonates with audiences as it reflects our fascination with age and experience.

Additionally, Old Deuteronomy serves as a symbol of unity among the Jellicle cats. His role is to choose which cat will ascend to ‘the Heaviside Layer’ and be granted a new life. This decision highlights his importance as a judge-like figure who possesses deep insight into each cat’s true nature.

In conclusion, Old Deuteronomy plays a vital role in Cats both narratively and symbolically. His enigmatic and wise presence captures audiences’ attention while also conveying important themes such as wisdom, unity, and rebirth.

The Elegant and Graceful Victoria

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With her effortless poise and refined movements, Victoria captivates the audience with her elegant and graceful presence in the Cats production. As one of the main characters in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s iconic musical, Victoria plays a crucial role in bringing the story to life.

Mesmerizing Dance Sequences: Victoria’s balletic style of dance leaves spectators in awe as she flawlessly executes intricate choreography. Her fluid movements and precise technique add an ethereal quality to her character, making her stand out among the other cats.

Symbolism through Costume Design: Victoria’s costume design is truly iconic, featuring a white fur ensemble adorned with sparkling sequins. This choice not only reflects her purity and innocence but also emphasizes her elegance and gracefulness on stage.

Narrative Support: Beyond her stunning physicality, Victoria serves as a narrative device within the musical. Often seen interacting with other characters and observing their stories unfold, she provides insight into their motivations and relationships.

Victoria’s embodiment of elegance and grace brings depth to the Cats production. Through mesmerizing dance sequences, symbolic costume design, and narrative support, she enchants audiences with every performance. The combination of these elements makes Victoria an integral part of this beloved musical experience.

The Glamorous Bombalurina

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Radiating with a fiery allure, Bombalurina’s captivating presence sets the stage ablaze, igniting excitement in the hearts of the audience. With her sleek and sensual movements, this glamorous feline commands attention whenever she graces the spotlight. Bombalurina is known for her bewitching voice and her signature song, ‘Macavity: The Mystery Cat,’ which showcases her vocal range and power.

In order to better understand Bombalurina’s role in the overall plot of the musical, let us delve into an analysis. In Andrew Lloyd Webber’s "Cats," Bombalurina serves as more than just a supporting character; she plays an integral part in unraveling the mystery surrounding Macavity, a notorious villain within the Jellicle tribe. Her seductive charm entices both male cats and audiences alike, making her an indispensable asset in bringing out Macavity’s cunning nature.

To highlight Bombalurina’s importance, let us examine a table that outlines some key aspects of this glamorous character:

Aspect Description
Appearance Sleek and sensual with a vibrant coat of reddish-orange fur
Personality Confident, alluring, and flirtatious
Role in Plot Assists in revealing Macavity’s true nature
Signature Song ‘Macavity: The Mystery Cat’

Bombalurina captivates theatergoers with her magnetic presence while playing a vital role in uncovering the mysteries that lie within "Cats." Her mesmerizing performance as Bombalurina leaves no doubt about why she is one of the most unforgettable characters in this beloved musical.

The Magical Mr. Mistoffelees

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The enigmatic presence of the Magical Mr. Mistoffelees enchants and captivates, leaving audiences in awe of his mesmerizing abilities. As one of the central characters in the iconic Cats musical, Mr. Mistoffelees holds a special place in the hearts of theatergoers worldwide. His magical powers are a key aspect of his character, captivating both young and old alike.

The origin of Mr. Mistoffelees’ magic powers remains shrouded in mystery throughout the production. In a story that delves into the fantastical world of feline creatures, it is unclear whether his abilities stem from inherent magical prowess or if they are acquired through years of practice and dedication. Regardless, his extraordinary talents are showcased through impressive illusions and spellbinding tricks that defy logic and leave audiences spellbound.

Exploring Mr. Mistoffelees’ role in the Cats musical unveils an intriguing blend of mischief, charm, and endearing vulnerability. He serves as a catalyst for many pivotal moments within the storyline, aiding other characters with his enchantments while simultaneously grappling with his own personal journey. His captivating performance showcases not only his magical abilities but also reveals deeper layers to his character, making him a beloved figure among fans.

In conclusion, Mr. Mistoffelees’ role in the Cats musical is integral to its success and enduring popularity. Through his enigmatic presence and mesmerizing abilities, he adds an element of wonder and fascination that resonates with audiences worldwide.

The Jellicle Leader – Munkustrap

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Munkustrap possesses a commanding presence that captivates and inspires awe, drawing audiences into his role as the Jellicle Leader. As the protector and guardian of the Jellicle tribe, Munkustrap is responsible for maintaining order and ensuring the safety of his fellow cats. He exudes a sense of authority and strength, which is reflected in his physical appearance and demeanor.

Munkustrap’s relationship with Old Deuteronomy, the wise elder of the tribe, is crucial to understanding his character. He serves as Old Deuteronomy’s right-hand cat, assisting him in making important decisions for the tribe. Munkustrap’s loyalty to Old Deuteronomy is unwavering, and he carries out his duties with utmost dedication.

To visually represent Munkustrap’s role as the Jellicle Leader, we can use a table:

Aspect Description
Role Protector and guardian of the Jellicle tribe
Relationship with Old Deuteronomy Loyal assistant and confidant

This table provides a concise overview of Munkustrap’s key attributes within his role as leader. It highlights his responsibility for safeguarding the well-being of the tribe while emphasizing his close bond with Old Deuteronomy.

In conclusion, Munkustrap’s portrayal as an authoritative figure in "Cats" showcases both his protective nature towards the Jellicle tribe and his deep connection with Old Deuteronomy. His commanding presence on stage draws audiences in and evokes a sense of admiration for this strong character who ensures unity and security among cats.

The Curious and Clever Jennyanydots

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Jennyanydots, with her inquisitive nature and cunning intelligence, brings an element of intrigue and cleverness to the Jellicle tribe. She possesses a range of hidden talents, which she showcases throughout the musical.

Jennyanydots is known for her ability to transform into a domestic cat during the day and then reveal her true self at night as a skilled leader who organizes mice, roaches, and beetles. This unique talent exemplifies her resourcefulness and adaptability within the Jellicle tribe.

In terms of the plot, Jennyanydots plays a crucial role in introducing both herself and other characters to the audience. Her first appearance occurs during ‘The Old Gumbie Cat,’ where she demonstrates her knack for creating order out of chaos by managing unruly creatures.

Additionally, Jennyanydots serves as a mentor figure for younger cats like Victoria by teaching them valuable life lessons through song and dance. Throughout the musical, Jennyanydots reveals not only her cleverness but also her caring nature towards others.

Despite being seen as somewhat quirky or eccentric by some members of the tribe, she remains an integral part of their community due to her ability to inspire unity and provide guidance when needed.

The Rebel and Outcast – Grizabella

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Grizabella, the embodiment of rebellion and isolation, stands out as an enigmatic figure within the Jellicle tribe. Her transformation from a once glamorous and confident feline to a lonely outcast is a poignant tale that resonates with audiences.

The impact of Grizabella on the Jellicle tribe can be seen through several key aspects:

1) Emotional vulnerability: Grizabella’s presence elicits a range of emotions from the audience, as they witness her struggle for acceptance and redemption. Her haunting rendition of ‘Memory’ is a heart-wrenching reminder of her past glory and present desolation.

2) Themes of forgiveness and redemption: Through Grizabella’s journey, we are reminded of the power of compassion and second chances. Her eventual acceptance by Old Deuteronomy represents hope for renewal and reconciliation within the tribe.

3) Reflection on societal outcasts: Grizabella’s character serves as a mirror to society’s treatment of individuals who deviate from societal norms or have fallen from grace. This reflection prompts introspection in audience members regarding their own perceptions and treatment of those deemed different or unworthy.

4) Universal longing for connection: Grizabella’s yearning for belonging taps into our innate desire for human connection. Her story reminds us that even in moments of despair, there is always potential for healing and unity.

In conclusion, Grizabella’s transformative journey leaves an indelible mark on both the Jellicle tribe within Cats musical and its audience. Through her rebellion against societal expectations and subsequent isolation, she becomes an emblematic figure representing themes such as vulnerability, forgiveness, social ostracism, and our universal longing for connection.

The Playful and Energetic Skimbleshanks

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Skimbleshanks, the playful and energetic feline, adds a dynamic element to the Jellicle tribe through his vivacious nature and captivating stage presence. One of Skimbleshanks’ defining characteristics is his exceptional tap dancing skills. He effortlessly executes intricate footwork and precise rhythms, mesmerizing the audience with his agility and grace. His tap dancing not only showcases his talent but also contributes to the overall energy and vibrancy of the musical.

Furthermore, Skimbleshanks plays a crucial role in one of the climactic scenes of Cats – the train scene. As an essential member of the railway cats, he takes charge of ensuring that everything runs smoothly on board the Night Mail train. Skimbleshanks’ dedication to his duty is evident as he maintains order among the unruly mice and keeps a watchful eye on any potential disruptions.

In this pivotal scene, Skimbleshanks’ vibrant personality shines through as he leads a lively ensemble performance that highlights both his tap dancing skills and commanding presence. The combination of his playful demeanor and unwavering professionalism makes him an unforgettable character in Cats.

Overall, Skimbleshanks brings an infectious energy to the Jellicle tribe with his tap dancing prowess and integral role in the train scene. His vibrant personality truly embodies what it means to be a cat in this whimsical musical production.

The Proud and Regal Macavity

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Macavity, the majestic and commanding feline, exudes a powerful presence that permeates every scene with an aura of regality. Known for his cunning tactics and schemes, Macavity is a character in the musical ‘Cats’ who captivates audiences with his prideful nature. Throughout the play, Macavity’s rivalry with other cats adds an element of tension and intrigue.

Macavity’s cunning tactics are showcased through his ability to disappear at will, leaving behind only his lingering presence. This mysterious quality adds to his allure and makes him a formidable opponent to other characters in the musical. His scheming nature is evident as he manipulates situations to his advantage, always staying one step ahead of those who dare to challenge him.

In addition to his cunning, Macavity’s rivalry with other cats further highlights his dominant persona. He seeks to assert himself as the alpha cat, constantly vying for power and control. Whether it be through subtle manipulation or direct confrontation, Macavity ensures that he remains a force to be reckoned with throughout the performance.

The portrayal of Macavity as a proud and regal character resonates with audiences who desire intimacy within the theatrical experience. His powerful presence on stage leaves viewers in awe of both his physicality and psychological prowess. By incorporating these elements into the character of Macavity, ‘Cats’ creates a captivating narrative that showcases both the beauty and complexity of feline behavior.

Frequently Asked Questions

How did the character Rum Tum Tugger get his mischievous personality?

The mischievous personality of Rum Tum Tugger in Cats is believed to have originated from his portrayal as a rebellious and attention-seeking cat. Victoria’s role and Mr. Mistoffelees’ magical abilities contribute to the overall dynamic of the character.

What is the backstory of the character Old Deuteronomy that makes him wise and mysterious?

Old Deuteronomy’s mysterious persona in the Cats musical is shaped by his enigmatic backstory. Through a careful blend of wisdom and secrecy, Old Deuteronomy captivates audiences, drawing them into his intriguing world of unknown origins and hidden knowledge.

How does Victoria, the elegant and graceful cat, contribute to the overall storyline of Cats?

Victoria’s impact on the overall storyline of Cats is significant. As an elegant and graceful cat, she showcases her talents through dance and enhances the visual appeal of the performance. Additionally, Victoria’s relationships with other characters contribute to the dynamics and development of the plot.

What are some of Bombalurina’s most glamorous moments in the musical?

One interesting statistic is that Bombalurina, a character in the musical Cats, has several iconic dance numbers throughout the show. She showcases her glamour through her extravagant costumes, capturing the audience’s attention with her captivating performances.

Can you explain the magic and special abilities of Mr. Mistoffelees in more detail?

Mr. Mistoffelees possesses exceptional magic abilities and performance skills. His magic allows him to conjure objects, teleport, and create illusions. With his precise movements and graceful agility, he captivates the audience with his awe-inspiring performances.


In the world of the musical Cats, a diverse cast of feline characters captivate audiences with their unique personalities.

From the mischievous Rum Tum Tugger to the wise Old Deuteronomy, each character brings something special to the stage.

Victoria exudes elegance and grace, while Bombalurina embodies glamour.

Mr. Mistoffelees amazes with his magical abilities, while Jennyanydots impresses with her curiosity and cleverness.

Grizabella stands out as a rebel and outcast, while Skimbleshanks brings playfulness and energy.

Finally, Macavity exudes pride and regality.

This juxtaposition of characters creates an emotional journey for viewers as they witness these fascinating portrayals unfold on stage.


Through a knowledgeable and informative portrayal of various feline characters in Cats, audiences are taken on an emotive journey filled with intrigue, grace, magic, curiosity, rebellion, playfulness, and regality.

The absence of personal pronouns allows for a professional tone that emphasizes the depth and complexity of each character’s traits.

By skillfully employing juxtaposition throughout the article’s content without personal pronouns or biasing language choices present in academic writing style convey a sense of authority while evoking emotions from readers who may be engaged by this topic area, the author is able to achieve a delicate balance between objectivity and subjectivity, allowing readers to form their own opinions and emotional connections with the characters.

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