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[Music] Away here we go got your blood gloves Yeah The Georgia reptile Society brings Dr Ferguson and Jordan a special delivery Hey hello hello I'm very excited today Yeah yes you want to see her yes awesome So this is Dax Enjoy your reptile society and I always Bring something in that's very exciting Sometimes even challenging but it's Always good so I'm eager to see what we Have today You'll see people house softshell baby Right yeah it's a fly River turtle from Papua New Guinea on top of being Adorable Dax is a unique species she is Not one that you see very often they're Fully aquatic their whole life the only Time they actually come out of the water Is to lay eggs it's been a animal I've Always wanted to work with ever since I Was little with someone as rare as Dax It's always important to take them in For wellness exams because sometimes They won't show a sign of illness until It's really really gotten bad I just Want to make sure that Dax is the Healthiest that they could possibly be And I think they wanted to only Freshwater turtle that has the little Flippers She feels like a dolphin like she Actually has like dolphin skin all right

Yeah so we're looking good so you want To get an x-ray to kind of look at the X-ray of Dax we can do that we're going To take some x-rays just to kind of take A look at the inside make sure Everything looks good in there as well As I'm going to take a couple just Samples on for culture just to be sure That we don't have any fungal or Bacteria going on that we don't see Visually tell me what They do get some infection they don't Have the Clark the barrier like a hard Turtle would have so I'm gonna get a Little nasal here first just kind of Make sure everything is good except it's Too little nostrils there that's cool Make a little cartoon like a pig yeah You're so cute look I didn't see your Face earlier Hold on George you know you want to communicate With a turtle how is that you're the Shelf home yourself oh you think you Were something else don't you hear these Jokes hey that's how I roll all right Let's put the baby back and we'll go X-ray ball structure density for reptile Is very important it tells us a lot About their nutrition and how they are Metabolizing the nutrition as well So I got a couple samples for the swap But we'll send off okay got your x-rays Here and like we're looking at bone

Structure But I'm happy with what I see so as far As they're concerned it's good so no Metabolic issues or anything like that We're doing good awesome I guess we got To get a stop and stop this Awesome looking good Dax is perfectly Healthy it's really great to have vets That you can take exotic species to and That's really important take this baby Home Hey Drea are you able to fill this Prescription they want me to give them Some [Music] No they don't we need to do a tally what Name do you call the most since I be Over here like I call pollinating if I Was over there So would you say people make their way From over there to come over here to Find Paul Now yeah dude no I don't my dog growling Them they bring them all the way over Here they find me oh yeah she's Definitely wrong I definitely get asked More than her fall in and I was waiting I don't know where Paul went hey go get Paul see Dr Hodges enlists his right-hand man on A field call but he's not the only one Who's counting on Paul so what what is How did it come about this African Mission one of my church members she

Asked me if she was like Relaxed she's been doing a mission trip Oh like yeah sign me up you have to Watch out for that kind of wildlife While you're out there man uh they said Stay close to the group so That's what I'm gonna do so what Happened to somebody go missing out of Group they mean they probably got eight By life you'll have to ask them it won't Be me Wrong you got a good looking good out Here man how you been doing fine I'm Located here at Wonderland Vineyard Dr Hodges helped me introduce a new spool Of bass to my pond and I designed this Horn myself so I wanted to make sure That I got a professionals to make sure That we're doing this right that's Pretty George day out here yes it is It's a new pawn and now we're about to Introduce bass so one of the things I Want to do is observe the fish just Check them out just kind of looking at Them kind of see how we move in there I Want to make sure these fish aren't Diseased but I want to make sure they Don't have any white spots Tails look really good some good fish These fish pass with flying colors I'm fill in the bag I noticed one thing That could be a huge problem Feel that nice and cool right right That's what about 92 degrees out here

Today at least well that ain't a good Thing If we put them in like that then you Probably gonna have some floating dead Fish oh okay If we put these fish in with that bigger Temperature difference I mean when they Get in that warm water their body is Definitely gonna go in the shop we got To acclimate these fish and get this Back warm oh we're gonna have some dead Fish okay Let's go so Paul you're gonna go out all Right it's mud right there yeah I know I'm just gonna go right here you can Walk up definitely I'm always glad to Have my right hand man Paul I'm gonna Have to get him out there so he can get In there and acclimate these fish so I'm Singing yeah I got you there you go I Would go but he has to wins I got you his job is to go out and float And try to bring this bag to the same or Really close to the temperature of the Pump how you feeling out there boss I'm Good I'm warm So it's the bag is starting to warm These fish are definitely becoming more And more active and starting to warm up Probably go another four or five minutes There Paul [Music] So if we put the leg here right all Kinds of Critters been coming

Raccoon raccoon you name it uh fox Squirrels I thought almond did look Armadillo came came through yeah came Through all right Paula let's go ahead And let them out all right guys I hope Y'all been acclimated enough [Music] Got some good looking fish in me healthy I don't see you know he looked real Muscle I don't see any white spots there You go guys One bag down one to go all right welcome Home guys welcome to Wonderland there You go Paul can't get look at this is dry can I Get my Buddha Look at my old country boy Paul like I Can move fast enough and leave the boot Down and keep my my soccer I could do this all day you know I think Maybe instead of being the Critter Fixer In the hospital all the time I'd just be The Critter Fixer Pawn guy and I'll just Go Pawn the pawn and make sure pawns are Healthy I love that on behalf of uh Lake Wonderland I wanted to thank the Critter Fiction I appreciate helping us as of Today Lake Wonderland is open it's open There we go we're barely appreciative That Dr Hodges and the Critter fixtures Took out the time to come help us have a Happy ecosystem right there Perfect all Right all right lay Wonderland all right [Music]

Definitely my right hand she do things That I don't want to do so who's the Left hand we got Andrew right there you Know we couldn't do it without Hunter oh She's always Johnny on the spot or she Goes on anything we need but it's kind Of like you got to write in a little Thing you got to be what's the fancy Word ambidextrous We have a right hand and a left hand I mean I don't need to be here So you're gonna stay right right I guess I have to work there for sure but yeah We can't do it without them can't do Without it hey Jordan what's up I need some eggs Yeah they lay about nine a day so give Me a few days I'll bring you a carton so I'm gonna make some cookies and I'll Probably bring you some but how much are You gonna charge me for these eggs [Music] Now Jordan come on now it's a little Price this is usually more expensive Than the store it's supposed to be Cheaper than the store but they're Organic and they work really hard to Make them I'm just kidding own the house for you It sounds great [Music] Hey I need some cookies back though okay [Music] Your dog attack dog is here she got

Sacked 10 minutes ago What's going on we have a laceration Across the next we're gonna take them Out oh what a big laceration oh My God I know I know Marilyn was attacked by a bigger dog and For whatever reason they got into it and Went right for her neck All right let's get some heavy fluids oh Boy we got Marilyn because my wife was Diagnosed with cancer and after the Cancer was done then we got Maryland so It was kind of one of those celebratory Moments so definitely she is so close to Us and and means just absolutely Everything to us Apollo we wanted to go to surgery this Afternoon boss okay Let's go ahead and knock it out yeah I'm Really worried about this I mean this is This is pretty bad this animal needs to Go to surgery ASAP a really small dog Isn't shot his animals bleed Gate wide open some really weird and This animal is gonna live Well Oh man got a good in it pretty good the Next thing go for the neck and a Juggle They know what they're doing Little doll like for the wound this big May bleed today someone game playing I'll probably take all this off so you Find just go in the shave here whenever

I see these surgeries I'm visualizing in My mind exactly how my skin I have to Work with just give me more of a margin Yeah where I'm going to the bride what Kind of suture I'm gonna use and what Kind of suture pattern it's just a whole Lot of things that are going on in my Mind exactly how I'm gonna get this big Gaping wound closed So first thing we're going to do is Start trying to cut away to that stuff And try to debride it We might need to teach them self-defense Class what about the other dog y'all Ever seen that one no never seen another Dog I don't even know how big the other Dog is Mighty Dog this is Mighty Dog Let this be your last time fighting Buddy You in there brother yeah man we're Getting tied up This woman was right over the karate Order and a juggler vein luckily neither One of those were Nick and we're in Pretty good shape we gotten part of a Suture we just got an inside suture Sometimes Staples work great but Sometimes like a large one like this dog Might be scratching All right We got it fixed up I think Marilyn is uh Going pull through and be okay All right

[Music] I got oh you look so much better it's Okay Mama we've made it off the surgery Table but we're still not out of the Woods yet you know I have to worry about Secondary infection I got to worry about Sepsis but I think our prognosis has Definitely improved I put booties on yes It's gonna start to itch but we uh get Some fluids we'll be going home in the Next day all right good deal all right Thank you so much I'm 100 satisfied with Dr Hodges care Maryland is very special she is our Little old lady we call her Grandma at Home because she's the one that when you Cry or you're upset she's right in your Face or rubbing on your neck and she's Just a very good dog she was definitely A very big addition to our family with Her personality and how she bounces back So quick I think she'll be just fine and I get to bring her home soon [Music] Dr Hodges tends to a dog who is Suffering from eye pain all right what We got going on there snowball Um he's been bothering with his eye Lately let's take a Beat There's no wall hey my pet snowball Brown he was in so much pain you know I Was in tears because he can't tell me What's wrong and I was sitting there Trying to figure out what's going on

With him how's that appetite he's been Eating pretty good oh I'm sorry I don't Know haven't been running anything or Anything like that no sir this is bad I Mean even just touching her it hurts all Right I'm gonna shake a few things out Okay well some tests I'll be back okay Thank you thank you we have something Called a tonometer in about 10 seconds I Can use this machine and it takes about 10 different points an eye it lets me Know the exact eye pressure all right Boss we got your tonometer set up all Right thank you no problem all right In the eye we have something called Aqueous humor contains all the oxygen And the nutrients inside ah it should Drain out oh really but sometimes it Doesn't rain And this uh is 18. precious within Normal rings let me check brother I see Her All right And what this does is it tells me the Pressure inside the action well it hurt Huh So it's 66 over there six of six is Way out of normal this dog has a really Bad case of glaucoma sir I heard him funny I heard him funny All right come on over You know we checked around the bones but The bad news is we have glaucoma Glaucoma is just increased pressure

Inside we got some drops we're gonna Have you put in and we're gonna get Something for pain if it's starting to Go down some okay then we're gonna keep Working with it if not I'm gonna take that out oh okay We're gonna pray for the best Hopefully he doesn't get surgery and He's not in pain anymore and that's all We're worried about just making sure That snowball is okay really snowball Hold on hold up hold up hold up you're Going on you're going home you ready to Get in the car [Music] That's all I got Vanessa Vanessa the chicken is cooped up with a Concerning condition Hey good morning good morning how you Doing all right how are you what we got Going on here today my one of my girls One of my main girls she got something She throwing up something yellow okay She don't stop eating chickens are my Favorite animal I have a backyard of Chickens I love chickens not just for Eggs but just Because they got a sense of humor Vanessa she's vomiting anything not easy I'm worried about it because I care a Lot about my piss that's Vanessa yes I think it's the first Y'all got names Ready here you feel that

Oh yeah that's the crop right there we Call it the crop and they'll get what we Call a crop impaction that's part of the Digestive tract so when they eat food go Through that crop and sometimes they can Have blockages Or the crop gets full of material and Sometimes it's just fluid the crop can Get impacted because it grains all day And they pick different things up Whether they're sticks their twigs and Basically it's a blockage and their Crops gets enlarged and it develops an Infection but sometimes we have to Surgically go in there and And get that out of there all right so Hold tight let us shoot a quick Ace Right here okay okay Come on girl I'm serious is going on She's vomiting she's backed up I'm sorry Baby oh it smells terrible Hold on Oh That feel better oh Vanessa baby All right so I see a large crop right Here We can see some solid stuff in here and Flew right there in the middle Basically what we have is a blockage so If you can't eat and it can't get Nutrition you know it's gonna die it's a Long-term prognosis when they have these Um crop impactions and their long-term

Progress are not good you can Um you don't I mean long term I don't mean Necessarily mean right now like it made Like It probably come again we can repair Crop impactions they do have a tendency To reoccur Vanessa is going to need Specialized attention because if it Happens again it could be detrimental All right so we definitely got um a huge Crop we can feel it and we can see it There Um we got to relax the baby do a little Search and try to open that thing up and Stitch it back up this procedure Probably 50 50 chance Long term it's definitely a possibility That happens again I would tell my wife I'm out of that That one go okay so y'all do Humane Thing yep I don't want to care to that No more if that might come back too It'll hurt hug more than it'll do Anything I don't want to do it yeah My favorite thing about Vanessa is Walking her walk up to me [Music] And back on my clothes Shoot she likes pickle clothes She love people she's a people lover [Music] Well it's a bird So I talked to the owner and um you know

He has hundreds of chickens you know but He's not sure if he can take care of Vanessa because he's not sure if he's Gonna be together the quality of care That he needs because he has so many Chickens that breaks my heart yeah and For him Watching Vanessa suffer like this is Heartbreaking [Music] Hey Dad Um so with Vanessa's situation I know Donna Ferguson explained that it may be Like an ongoing thing um it may happen Again I know yeah what he was telling me Yeah you have hundreds of chickens I Have chickens at home you do yes I have My little flock I don't have hundreds I Have tins but Um what we could do if y'all are willing Is if you just want to sign her over to Me and then I can make sure she gets Continued care if it happens again I'll Take her as my own Mr Ronnie he's super sweet and he really Loves Vanessa and he didn't want to have To put her to sleep and if I was able to Help in any way by adopting her I can Help him Sure you're okay with that yeah you know If somebody can do something But it's something I can do something to Help Oh absolutely we won't give it we're

Gonna give it our best shot I'll make Sure she gets good care okay from here On out I promise okay okay Foreign [Music] I feel good about that because I know That I'm putting her somewhere that she Can receive the right care that she Really needs And I feel bad because I wasn't able to Do it thank you for giving me the Opportunity to take her home These are tear the joy and sadness [Music] Maybe not Hey how are you how are you doing I'm Doing fantastic I'm fantastic who you Got here Ollie you need to get it turned Up a little bit today we got Ollie here His love is unconditional like any other Pet and uh so it just brings me a lot of Joy and we consider him a family member We wanted him to come today get his Wings clipped get his claws trim how Long you had It's been three years three years Absolutely gorgeous He is part of my church family episode That's how I got here today all right We're going to take him back and get This Mana pedicure all right be right Back appreciate you he's my pastor at my Church man him got to talking and he Told me that he had a bird that he

Wanted to get the nails and the wings Trimmed and I was like hey man I got you We can do it Yeah buddy you definitely need a nail Trim that's true In the wild pairs are flying from tree To tree so they tend to plow their nails Down however they aren't flying through The tree inside our house so sometimes These nails have to be true So the trip you're going on to Africa Will he be going with you uh he won't be Going but uh I was instructed to take Lots of pictures that's pretty cool to Have a pastor where You know y'all have like interest yeah We got to got the talking and I found Out he's an animal lover so how does a Conversation come up like set at church Well you know the typical how you doing And so what you do for a living I work with animals the doctor but not Hot is he's like I heard of that fellow I was like you heard of him you're like Yeah that's the guy with the with the Hair From the office people know Paul is my Right hand guy you know oftentimes You'll see him at the head of my surgery Table he's basically my anesthesiologist My surgical tech everything jack of all Trades but beyond veterinary medicine Paul is just a amazing guy I mean he Goes down and feed the Homeless she'll

Be much better you wanna come to Daddy Then definitely an honor to have Paul Here it is really cool to have his Pastor here with his parents I'm a good boy I appreciate y'all yes Sir you enjoy yeah appreciate me Appreciate me and your doc are you as One of your great things about you yes Sir He's a good man he's a good man valuable Minimum of the team for over 10 years so He he's just a real solid individual I'm Just glad that I was able to come here Today and to visit a African-American Veterinarian I didn't even know we had Anyone in this area of Dr Hodges caliber He did a great job very caring very Loving we had a great time as far Hodges Right all they say hey [Music] You look at me okay hi Hey y'all hello oh my snowball is ready For a recheck after Dr Hodges diagnosed Him with glaucoma I've been thinking About this though Brown back Pressure was at a 66 and so we're doing The follow-up visit to see if his eye Pressure got any better Hopefully he doesn't get surgery Continue with the eye drop but and Waiting on for a Dr Hall just to hear The final results Thing is still swollen but look like

That third eyelid is Ulcerated That's what that red thing is okay I Never thought about that dog all weekend Like is this dog gonna be better because I knew it was an uphill fight if this Pressure hasn't come now and this poor Animal is still in pain you know and we Worry about a possible hour uh rupture We got to get this thing in the surgery Today and get it fixed it's still Painful now it's painful it's still Painful I'm really hoping that the Intraocular pressure has decreased all Right there Right in the middle 60. so we were at 66 And we only went down to 60. I mean it Got a little bit better but I know you might need to take that out Oh my snowball So don't make it look cosmetic I promise Okay Typically we use different glaucoma Medicines that lower depression and I Put in snowball's case it's not quite Working I think we have something else Going on huh At least and we know what's going on so I'm really worried about if there's some Kind of Blockheads if there's some kind Of tumor behind there it's probably Better for snowball to go ahead and Remove this eye Like down in here I'm just hoping I

Don't have a tumor or anything down There I know All right are you ready I was hoping my drops would work but They didn't so Plan B [Music] It's okay this is it was fun man Because I stopped removing that I Noticed that it is really really hard And this is definitely not normal This thing is hard Andrew like it's like I see you I mean but it's like I'm Saying it's physically hard like a rock The eyeball so what does that mean That I think definitely is cancer we Made the right decision to take it out After 20 years this job never ceases to Amaze me I mean you think you've seen it All welcome back you know this can be Cut and dry take this out of course There's something new hey hello let us Know so I know y'all visiting the Snowball is doing better yeah so no pain Okay but As you can see the snowball is happening And the hair is going to grow up and you Won't be able to tell anything okay so I Need you to give this is a pain medicine And good luck no problem thanks for Everything all right slow ball snow see You in 10 days now He's ready but he's ready to go now She's been around the house wine and she

Won't eat well play me just wouldn't Yeah I'll play mayhole I'm glad that they came to the Conclusion on what was going on with him Because he was in so much pain and I Hated to see him that way he's a puppet Of course he's like a newborn baby he's Just a bundle of joy we're just glad to Get him back home so Rosa has time to go It's time to go [Music] All right here is Vanessa thank you Thank you so much Vet tech Jordan prepares Vanessa the Chicken for surgery we are giving Vanessa some anesthesia to get her nice And sedated for Dr Ferguson to come and Try to flush this crop out Come on Vanessa Oh poor thanks [Music] Can we have polish issue on the surgery Please go and remove it because they're Gonna smell it oh would not I don't Think you understand I have smelled a Lot of stuff in 21 years being here Critter Fixer anal glands gastro juices But Vanessa's vomit today it tops it all Like it makes me want to cry it smells The worst You're up you need to like kind of lean Her off the edge or anything Oh I'm already connected Vanessa she's Such a sweet girl so I want to give her

A fighting shot Vanessa will not survive Without this surgery I think they're holding partner Got my nose running out let me help you Out there anything I can do to help you Out you know Not only did Vanessa crop looks horrible It smells even worse That's why we call it sour crop because Of how bad it dangum smells ugh trying To gag [Music] One after surgery Yep got it all flushed out now so now we Need to close it up here At the end of the day you know the baby Is going to be better it's going to go Home with Jordan and um you know she's Going to do a good job of complying Because she has chicken she know how to Take him and just one of her fondest Animals So I know it's going to do well the Outcome that we have now is a lot better Than the outcome than I thought so at Least we're giving this baby a chance Glad you taking it though I mean that's A that's a very Noble thing that's a Critical fixer hug for that yeah you're Doing a good thing here trying to do Good around here all right I love it one Dog Crop healed up okay he's a father figure To me so anytime that I can make him

Proud and make him happy it's a good day [Music] Hey come on Hi hello how are you hello Crowley the Cat streams in with a messy situation Probably what you been doing many things You've been doing some bad things out Here some naughty things yes ma'am I Brought Crowley in today because she has Had a new Behavior where she is peeing On my bed I thought is she just being a Jerk or after thinking about it for a While I thought my goodness maybe Something's wrong with her she looks so Sweet though I don't think he would do That on purpose with you this is my Question no word this baby is your name You haven't seen it doesn't look red Tensed or no blood or anything like that In okay so when owners come in with These cats and they say these babies are Urinating inappropriately you know Several things come to mind if you know Anything from endocrine problems or Sometimes it's just a behavior problem Are you notice in the urine after asleep It's like it's random there's not been Any true pattern and what about like Stressful events like people coming over That don't normally come over after that So what I want to do here is I want rule Out anything metabolic anything organ Wise Um liver kidney diabetes so I want to

Pull some blood here okay Kind of got a mystery here what I want To do is Rule some things up because We're a middle-aged candies make sure That we don't have diabetes or any Kidney issues good girl you you're a Thick girl I don't know if you're gonna fit in that Bag Paul well that's all right we got Other sizes I'm so sorry I put you in a Crazy kitty bag sometimes when cats are Aggressive we pull out what we call the Kitty burrito it's basically just a bag That we put the cat in and makes it Easier to draw blood or a picada burrito Premise is for my arms to continue to Look as beautiful as they are that's the Purpose of this bag Poor dang Paul gonna put you in the bag Yes ma'am I've been to the job long Enough and cats have very very sharp Claws and they're fast there's an old Saying they catch on the back Not when Paul's working Good girl it's got much easier the cat Back here I know this hurts my heart I Really your heart be hurting my finger Diabetes is a very very serious Endocrine disease these cats get and It's Sevilla affects their quality life He's gonna run a stick on this one Of you on this one My fingers and hoping that this blood Work does not reveal diabetes or

Crawling or something more serious We're back alrighty all right so we have Our CBC which basically tests our organ Function My suspicion initially was are we Dealing with diabetes We're not so you can rest there you're Looking like hold on here alrighty Looking at this we're probably dealing With more Behavior it's kind of strange And uncommon happen when they get older But they can you know a lot of times Something may change in the environment It'll knock these cats all off their Normal track and for his behavior we're Going to put the baby on pheromones My recommendation now is that we use Pheromone plugins this one will emit a Pheromone which only the cat gets it Doesn't affect us but it'll put the cat In a common mood do they have those for Humans we needed that one I wish it did Work for us but I need to put plugs all Over the place where we that would be Good if you could if I was like why is Everybody so calm in her room let me Crack the Case there you know it was a Kind of a detective process we had to Work through this and try to rule things In and Rule things out probably a week Or so I really feel like we'll be back To normal great thank you so much I Appreciate it have a good day okay let Me know how it goes okay I sure will

Thank you talking to Dr Ferguson you Know he's given us some pheromone I'm Hoping that the plug-in brings peace and No peek Yeah Go get Branson we're having a really Cool dog this dog is like gorgeous so Everywhere she goes everybody's taking Pictures could you imagine you walking Through the park with this dog and girls Keep stopping Cobra cops and Giant Schnauzer today He's in for just a wellness exam I mean I almost never get to see a giant Schnauzer a very rare breed but it's so Cool Hey hey how are you A half an hour trip is like two three Hours when we go out with Kai it's like A famous person you know everybody stop Us and take selfies hey boy Have you noticed anything about the Ordinary it's just the little bumps Behind his right ear nothing to worry About it okay oh and I don't know about Um expressing Yes we'll do that A little glance at four and eight O'clock around the anus anal glands are Usually expressed when a dog passes his Stool and if an anal gland is blocked You know it's gonna be really messy and Really smelly so we go in and we express Those glands and hopefully prevent

Infection which none of us want girl oh No uh when people see this dog everybody Like so he's just here for a wellness on We're going to express his anal glands Is he grown yeah he's two he's two oh I'm gonna let Andrea show an expert oil Removing anal glands not an expert Weight that because they have become Domesticated they don't express them by Themselves so we have to help them out Sometimes so I am going in we got one Side doing a good job all right no you Ready for the other side I'm ready You're doing great I get somebody to clean up on iPhone All right but the hard part is over it Wasn't that bad And I plan on never getting anything I Learned a key lesson today the state of The dog's head especially when the anal Glands are full those anal glands very Full bad fearful if I want to check it Maybe every three four months how long Before I go I'll be right back you're Gonna take a picture Hey before I call Kylie's I figured I'd Get male selfie too you never let a good Suffer with a giant schnauzer go by you Know I'm definitely gonna get a lot of Likes on the ground Foreign There you go how are you Ah you just bit me huh so you man you

Biting me huh what we got Draco Draco Okay hi a high school teacher arrives at The practice with a lizard whose tail is In trouble so how old is this baby you Got he is about six months six months Old I'm I'm bringing in my bearded Dragon Draco he is a classroom pet Noticed a couple weeks ago that he had Some toes missing and then shortly after That I noticed that his tail was getting Dark You see where it's dark here here and It's basically it's getting harder you Feel how hard it is which means that Yeah it's dying there Oh okay These toes and some of these look more Like they kind of starting from a little Injury yeah see right here they bleeding A little bit bearded dragons that come In and losing their digit is definitely Something serious Draco is a class pet a Lot more pressure on me in this case I Don't want to let these kids down See it's not a lot of circulation in These toes this is so small so any kind Of irritation it it damages the Circulation and it just dies You know I want to look at the bone Straps because if they do have um like a Mild form of Metabolic Bone Disease Everything is not as strong as it Normally would be I want to start out With some x-rays Metabolic Bone Disease

Is basically when these reptiles can't Convert calcium and these bones are Brittle there's some that can't be fully Reversed so a lot of times when they Have this Metabolic Bone Disease and It's so severe it leads to a quality of Life issue Hold on Buddy calm down And he holding up for you all right Let's see what we got here All right so we're trying to look at This old bone structure [Music] If he does indeed have metabolic bonuses It's kind of worst case scenario at that Point we really kind of shooting behind The eight ball and it's kind of hoping And wishing So I don't look at these long bones and See what they look like please tell me Some good news You got no problems already on it All right so we're trying to see if Something nice they look in these legs [Music] Foreign Structure looks pretty good but I'm Still a little bit kind of in the air on What's causing the issue with these feet You know you gotta kind of once again Put that detective hat on so if it's not Metabolic Bone Disease it almost Appeared that your little thermal Issue because it's all all the areas

Where there's the least amount of Circulation tip of the tail tip of the Toes if they're getting too cold we Ruled out Metabolic Bone Disease now I Want to look into something that's more Husbandry issue or environmental it's Done a lot of damage to these toes it May be something that we can't reverse All right so I got the x-rays taken bone Structure looks okay okay so I don't see Where it has Metabolic Bone Disease Okay So Environment tell me about the cage is There anything in there that can cause An injury on the bottom I just have like This the school grade those brown paper Towels tell me about the temperature 80 To 90 degrees okay on both sides the Whole time no just on the hot side Bearded dragon's a cold-blooded animals They depend on the environment for Warmth or when they cool down one side Of the tank needs to be very hot roughly 100 degrees so if that environment is Too cold these digits are not warm like They should be this could be leading to Draco's issues my thought process is Still going back to maybe temperature Wise it's just not warm enough and you Think about the areas that are affected Are the ones that have the least amount Of circulation which is all the way in The toe all the way in the tail as far As toes are concerned you're probably

Not going to be able to do a lot to even Try to save the two or three there The minimal thing we need to do we need To amputate for that tail okay you know If you want other lizards you know back In the day they grow it again but I'm Sorry they don't do it yet and hopefully We can slow down the progression of this And it won't continue and it won't Develop into a systemic problem that's What scares me a lot is they become Systemic which means the whole body Becomes infected amputation is never Ideal but I we caught it early enough Left untreated he said it could actually Go all the way up the tail and then kill Them so I'm I'm glad we caught it early Now you know where to cut I see where It's necrotic and I can feel it there so I'm going a little higher just to get Through some nice red healthy tissue All right buddy That's what I think is a good area You don't get some blood here so I think We're good right here Probably feels better getting that thing Out there you know what the mermaid used To clean her tail one of the memory used To clean her tail yeah I don't know Tired I I get it So we just finished Draco Surge and Everything went well I had to remove Probably about an inch to an inch and a

Half of that tail it's definitely not Going to affect anything as far as Survival or Mobility or anything for Draco you know they don't need a long Tail to survive so Draco should be back In the classroom on warming hearts Got a little Draco here's back to you He's looking like oh no I don't want to Go back you behave and you'd be nice to The class okay He's going to sleep Draco is He's healthy and the doctor said that He'll be fine got some good advice from The vet to keep him healthy and my Students will be completely eager to see Draco are you ready to go home speaking On the left and right hands that was a Pretty selfless suggestion of Jordan With uh Vanessa so husband that's the Norm glad you take it off that's a very Noble thing you're doing a good thing Here trying to do good around here she Said the baby's doing good but the only Time is going to tell how well we do That's pretty amazing yeah I mean you Know I hired Jordan when she was in high School and man she has just really come Along I'm really proud of where she is Now and all of this is just part of what Criticus is all about it's pretty neat Yep You ready yeah so yeah it goes yep I Think they're gonna do great we took Vanessa home two weeks ago we've had

Zero issues the past two weeks she's Been eating well the vomiting has Stopped completely through the Bible you Want to come home on your chickens not Really no you love all the chickens yeah I know it doesn't bother you because You're getting spoiled you're out here By yourself she's been in quarantine in The coop but in a separate section kind Of getting used to being with all our Other chickens come on Today's the day that we want to mingle And see how she does with everybody so We just want to make sure nobody gets in Any fights they mix well and they can be Friends nobody's even worried about her Yet [Music] Hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey I feel like she instigated that they Might see that It's normal for them to have a little Bit of dominance a little bit of Fighting she did find makes my heart Happy to be able to give her a second Chance and her come out here and live With us on our small little farm she's Gonna be happy I think she'll fit in Yeah you're watching yeah more chickens In the mirror Thank you [Music]

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