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Foreign [Music] [Music] Hello I talked to Dr Paul this morning He told me to bring my pigeon in I have homemade pigeons I have three Pair that are breeding pair and then I Have uh 20 that I just let fly and we'll Come back put your glasses on your shirt You're not outside now so I look better With the glasses so It's just fun just watching the bird fly And you're waiting for them to come back That's basically why I do it It's sick and I I don't know what to do At this point his neck is like bending Sideways I've never seen that before in A picture I drove almost 200 miles my Dad used to have pigeons and he was the One that showed me I just followed his Lead basically Mr Paul how the heck are you better than This bird Joe and Lisa having pigeons And this one actually has a lot of Problems that it it can't stand up I've Never had a pigeon that looked like that And still can eat yeah It's very difficult but when I lay the Food down he will eat can you get Medicine in his beak so he eats it yeah Good for you good for you you're gonna Try it because you got nothing to lose Yes this is a brain problem or an Equilibrium problem his one eye is not

Good so I think it's a brain problem That he cannot even close his eyes very Good those things happen more often many Times it's either a pastoral or a Salmonella that is infecting the brain I'm going to get your medicine and say a Prayer I always want to try but the main thing Is if you get them soon and you hit him Happy with antibiotics and Anti-inflammatories sometimes they pull Through I've used this before it has Worked for me good it's just you know I Hope for the best That's what you have to get into the Brain it's worth a try of course I don't Know of anybody else that would have Taken a pigeon I knew if anybody could Find what the problem was that Dr Paul Would be the one [Music] Get your boots out of my seat Today I'm going to Henry's farm with Dr Lisa and Dr Ray He has two cows that have a lameness Problem the one with the horns is a Cross with the Angus and I think burnsy I just enjoy having some cattle So too lame cow Two days ago the one over there with the Horns I wasn't as concerned but the calf Is already losing weight they drop off In weight because they don't get around Eating and the one has a calf and so the

Calf will soon be affected by it also Well let's get one in the shoe and then We'll get the other one There She Goes Hi sweetheart looks like there's an Abscess down at the bottom There's a little bit of husk drainage This is what actually is it foot rot Would they be getting it from going Through swampy areas it can happen if There's just a little injury lets the Bacteria in having wet feet though Doesn't help the steer has an abrasion In between the spaces of his foot you Can feel it cracks and crevices and Smells nasty that's why my hand is Disgusting foot rot has a pretty Distinctive smell I can smell it off It doesn't seem very diagnostic maybe Fancy like drawing blood to find out What's wrong with them but it's usually A pretty specific way to diagnose this Disease What do you guys want to use I think an Oxy tip we'll go get injections we'll be Back I think I have a lot to teach the New vets you learn a lot your first year Out how much you want to give this is One Mig per hundred I didn't know geez it's a big needle We're just gonna do some antibiotics and She's going to clear up on her own that Looks better [Music]

Got it perfect [Music] Does it feel like an abscess or just a Swelling I think she's got the same Problem yeah that's what it looked like So so I found the same thing going on With the cow We're gonna do the same treatment adding Bad eggs and anti-inflammatories She is all set we'll take that halter Off her Let her go two animals came down with The same thing that means that Something's going on in the environment If another one comes up with one we can Get you antibiotics for it there's a lot Of Swampy areas out here with a whole Bunch of brush so they likely stepped on Something and got infected as long as we Treat them keep an eye on them they'll Be good well have a good day thank you Thanks for stopping by I think they checked it out well and I Expect it to clear up [Music] I know you are upset I've got two camels One's Abby she's 18 years old Anna is 16. hello how are you Don't ask we're running so fast they Don't know which way I'm going these are Dromedary camels which are the one hump Each one's got their own personality and There's a lot of work but they're a lot Of fun to work with okay you got two

Camels two camels and a Navy TB test today TB and Bruce losses Rick Wants to start milking camels in order To sell milk like this these camels had To be TB tested head goes up every time I know today you'll have some challenges Because they can't hear their babies and They're not around yes I love you too But don't run over me they were stinkers Getting in the trailer so it's hard to Say what might happen today Blood out of the neck if I can't help it Abby and Anna will need a blood draw and A TB skin test by the tail Pastel camels are ruminants like cows This is this is good now yes don't have To bite me either I know you do that and You can treat them like this okay except They don't act like cows You see that I got it hey camels are Nice animals but they can kick with the Front legs careful I know that that's How they kick they can kick whether hide Legs I haven't done anything yet and at The mission that they use their head as A club Done all right but that's neither you Know there after Anna's feisty Resistance hi girl I got the TBN already Abby's chill Disposition it's Dr pole over the hump [Music] All I need is blood hi sweetie you're Fine

See this doesn't even hurt see what I Mean don't make it easy when you can Make it hard right that's right Rick Knows how to handle these camels between The three of us we got our work done see What I mean how's that huh that's good I'm happy Real happy with what Dr Paul did in Three more days we can read the results And see how they came back do they have Four teeth four just hoping for good Clean results huh see I learned Everything new so if we do sell milk People know the milk's coming from good Healthy herd We got some camel milk though I have Never tasted it but they say it's good Oh we got some if you want to try it There's a lot of benefits to the camel Milk there's 52 units of insulin per Liter in camel milk which is real Helpful you know for diabetics just like Cows just like cows I tried it it was Really uh Not bad tasted pretty good Hey mom come here camel milk Oh yeah she is How do you think it's okay Since I was brave enough to try it get Up in here Now my goal for today is to try to get Everyone else to drink it too I drank it no thank you [Music]

Mesa mobile three [Music] Of it It's been a long day at the clinic okay Bring it over right now we have no Stealth veterinarians even small hands Dr Nicole's day I will check up is about To get a little bit longer a bit me goat Had one at three o'clock and maybe Thinks there's another one those are fun Stay for that David and his family are bringing in Their goat marble yep there's goats she Had one kid earlier today And nothing else since then so they're Afraid something might be stuck in there She's had four of the last two times is What we were told okay we're expecting Three more hi mama she still looks Really big so we're concerned that Marbles in pain maybe one of the babies Is turned around inside is she still Trying to push it looked like some Placenta came out okay I know it's really important to make Sure that a kid is not stuck in our Birth canal I know Hold on hold on our goat marble had her First baby and we think she has more Inside she still looks really big [Applause] It's after hours and it's really Important that we see this go make sure

That a kid is not stuck in our birth Canal She's had four babies each of her last Two pregnancies so a little bit nervous I know she's a seven-year-old Nigerian Dwarf hardly makes any noise She's a very sweet happy goat first off More more in there [Applause] On vaginal exam I am trying to see if I Can feel anything just never like Pushing too much I feel for any tears any abnormalities Or anything wrong with a mom She is super tiny yes it's a good thing Dr Bolden didn't attempt this No I can't steal anything else okay good Because I can get my hand in there yeah It's common for goats to have multiple Kids but there are no more kids mom's Just gonna have one where is the baby at [Music] My kids about a year ago they decided That one of them wanted a dog and one Wanted to go first one got his dog right Away and the younger kid got his goat About a month ago the here she a little She it looked like double me though They've been super excited about having Some babies ever since we got her Little girl [Music] I'm gonna make sure that she is doing Okay overnight okay um keep an eye on

Baby make sure he starts nursing Prognosis for marble is great appreciate You sticking around yeah you're welcome We are really relieved that marble is Not in pain trying to deliver more Babies nice to meet you yeah Dr Nicole Outstanding very fast very quick glad She was here for us [Music] Let's go The whole Army is coming Chris today Povet is running a four for one deal So now we can charge you four Farm calls Pet from house farms call that they have A cow with a D.A displaced Apple Mason Come on guys move We strive to have healthy cows and when Doc Paul comes out here he's always very Effective the way we're doing it here is Not taught at vet school we gotta teach Them they all do surgeries so I'm Bringing Dr Nicole Dr Lisa and Dr Raya So I can show them how to do it Holy cow we got a bunch of animals in Here Surgery is a lot harder on the cow than Rolling them on their back and stitching Them To avoid an intense and costly surgery Whole vet Ducks treated D.A a simpler Way so Dr Pol really likes doing the Flipping Stitch slip and Stitch flip and Stitch hello Hi how are you good good Watch out we do a flipping Stitch to

Help put one of the stomachs of a cow Back in place okay here you can see it Feel the bump there this cow has a Displaced Apple Mason and can see it From here The Apple makes them as a stomach that Normally is only filled with water but If the cow goes our feet it can fill up With gas and it floats to the top there You go I got it watch out let it fall Sometimes the cows run lucky and they Have Mason flips out of position and Causes a little twist it's really Uncomfortable so we need to fix it Man she felt right too I know I told you In order to get the stomachs back into Place and keep it in place you roll the Cow And when you roll the cow on their back That gas pulls the stomach back in place This is where you always have to suture Listen quickly everybody but you listen For it is a certain pinging sound Just like what you call a basketball a Basketball being bounced Hear it okay there's only one spot where It should be stitched feel that you can Twirl the needle around It has to be that loose the whole secret Is you cannot do it tight you don't want To get the stitches too tight some slack Plenty of slack and always leave a head Width loose like that if you put it Tight they die don't ask me why

Okay turn the loose Now watch the switches they should Tighten up so when we roll the cow Through then you can see that the Stitches pull tight are they yep yep see And then you know darn well that you got The stitches in the right place and the Stomach is attached to the belly wall Always in that spot guys okay That cold brought Three Vets here today And he's very thorough on making sure That they saw what was going on with the Cow see ya okay guys okay thank you Thank you yeah it's four vets for the Price of one today so [Music] Foreign [Music] So I don't know how it happened but half Her paws got a slice right across it I Went to feed the horse tonight and the One cat wasn't around she came in Limping but what led back leg it almost Looks like a fan but I don't have any Vehicles that have fans it's almost cut Right to the Bone if not cut to the Bone It's cut really bad it looked like Mangled It's cut really bad Bridge has little Barn cats back as for Somebody is not other we got his hand Leg caught someplace This is a bad thing Friday she was okay though because she

Was out by the campfire all night long It's a barn cat but she's my favorite One in the friendliest one and it rides Around the farm in my side by side Actually puts her paws on the front near The steering wheel hopefully he can fix It so her Paw's intact [Music] I am still going to try to save it okay I figured it's if it's 50 but it's still Warm okay okay okay good thank you doc You better I figured it was going to Have to be amputated right off the bat Tell them to keep it here okay thank you Cut toe I'm going to try to sew it I'll Be very happy just as long as she's Healthy Come on sweetie Dr Paul will try to Repair what's left of Spec's paw none of The pads are damaged to speak up see That like they say if it ain't broke Don't fix it Go ahead That looks good [Music] That was tendons A closer look reveals the full extent of The damage I thought there was more it's Mainly skin like yeah the tendons are Gone yeah what was hanging out of the Foot or the toes that were so mangled up There was no way that we could selfish Them It's one good toenail so ever cut that

Off and save some skin from here I can pull it over and he has one that Will heal up then you cut one toe left Three of Spec's toes are Beyond repair I Thought I could save it and I looked at It first but it's thinner than what I Thought it was amputation of the injured Toes will spare Spec's leg leaving her With a one-toed paw Yeah that looks good Andrea thank you The best way I think is just to cut that Mangled piece of foot off Okay Shoot it up That looks good Perfect he'll be hopping along and Everything should be fine okay go ahead Black nose is very good you know put Them on the antibiotics and usually in a Couple weeks everything is healed up Yep So that's a one-toed cat Spec can easily get around on three and A half legs like this and has no problem Moving catching mice Foreign [Music] Because some of these cows cows are wild Come on let's go watch out watch out Watch out watch out of the dozens of Cows that need to be checked scared that The Jeepers out of you huh few will be Easy All these cows are beef cows that means

They are in the pasture many times all Year round They don't like to be caught These animals are free roaming animals And they like their freedom ready There She Goes Watch out she's coming through here hey They have a fall day but they sell and Beef cows from all over the state but The buyer has to know whether they're Pregnant and whether they are pregnant a Long time or a short time I gotta start Digging here like a gold mine Because it all depends how much food he Has to keep these cows through the Winter Three Three months but three months is close Enough but a pregnancy check them and I Call out a number that's the month they Are pregnant this little thing is Already five months pregnant you can Tell that there are many owners of these Cows some cows are in very good shape And pregnant oh she's pregnant oh come On around the corner there you go it all Depends on the owner how he's feeding Them she's gonna have a fall calf six And a half how much pass should they Have or if they got anything extra in The past it must have been good because You know these cars are all in good Shape [Music]

Yes when we were called they thought he Had 30 to do but by the time we got There it has grown to 65. But it was very smooth because everybody Knows what to do last one And you know it's fun work I love working at the Claire livestock Already we'll see ya Foreign [Music] [Music]

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