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[Music] Thank you [Music] Puppy again another one What is going on today What Look out Hey Val yeah is this really our first Appointment yes it is oh you're kidding Me no she's an exam too waiting for you Oh this is gonna be fantastic Hi Jeff Hi how are you oh my goodness I'm a foster mom for all animals this is Baby V but her given name is Veronica hi Veronica she's a fainting goat Veronica Is a mixed breed goat and she is Definitely pygmy because she's very very Tiny and she definitely has some Fainting go dinner because when she gets Nervous she tips over and faints which Actually really is a painting it's Actually a muscle issue and they get Really stiff if they're nervous or Excited she just I was over in her feet Stick up it's really cute she's about Four or five months old I got her from Some friends who knew I did Foster work So I'm looking for a forever home I just Want to make sure she's in good shape And good bill of health before we move Her on oh she is so so darn cute we're Gonna just check Veronica out for General Health and Wellness hi baby Goats are incredibly smart animals

They're really as emotionally connected And bonded to people as dogs Well she sounds great good we want to Make sure that she didn't come with any Goodies He says what are you doing and doesn't Have any underlying disease that she Could share we're about 102 which is Normal With any itching or scratching no does That feel good do you like your hair Combed oh my gosh [Laughter] Oh look at what I found uh oh see that Moving around right there she's got the Lysis right there we see that a lot Right now in animals that are living Outside they huddle when they're cold And so that's how lice are spread there Is actually a topical that we can put on Her and that will take care of them I Think we're going to be just fine that's An easy easy fix baby girl I'm not Really worried about Veronica slice Because lice are very species specific So although they could bite another Animal of a different species they can't Play house on anybody else So you definitely are not gonna keep her You're just a temporary I prefer to Foster you know I I've been looking for Something for the clinic so this is I'm Really like hmm she's kind of perfect Sized we've got plenty of yard out in

The back here we've got stalls that are Heated for winter so she could hang out There and she's so sweet Is it all right I mean can we take her Today absolutely I will leave her today And I will see her when I come and visit I think she looks very happy here she Likes you I didn't know I'd be a goat Mommy a nanny I've always wanted to be a nanny Start my day thinking I was going to Have a clinic goat but with every door That opens comes a new opportunity and Why not oh what do you have that look What I got a puppy kinda [Music] This is Veronica Ben usually does not Bring home animals and surprise me he's Um A little more disciplined than that I am Probably the hoarder slash animal Collector of our relationship for sure Yeah for sure oh I've brought home two Pigs scads of cats four or five dogs Pre-homed a few calves I could probably keep going but I feel Like he may not realize that I did all These things and now he's gonna know [Music] Insane Dad where are we going We're going up to the hiney feed lot do You know what a hiney is Yeah the hiney's a butt right

Yeah This is so weird since we're talking About butts or high knees do you know What we're gonna preg check today Uh donkey yeah so we're gonna check for An ass baby Let's go chase Whoa doc Greg how are you good no school Huh no school you're lucky you know Turkey Too many donkeys she's fully grown 38 Inches Pearl and jewels Both are year old really friendly you Know they're easy to get along with and Pet them and look at them I guess but All you do with them how can you not Like a miniature dogs they're cute you Know I'm gonna put that probe Right on Minnie Pearl's belly and we'll See if we can see a baby Okay this might be a little cold These girls are tame So you want to know this make sure your Jack is good too don't you yeah a Jack Is a male donkey and they're the daddies A Jenny is the female donkeys so we are Checking out the Jenny's to see if the Jack was good I'm not seeing anything Quite yet guys [Music] Darn it see that right there it's kind Of a uterus that looks open to me And open means not pregnant

Okay well Craig I'm sorry But let's check Jules Hi sweetheart Okay There's her colon Where are you little guy There it is Can you guys see that the legs kicking Right there oh yeah I see it's heartbeat Too it's moving all over the place How far along you know my best guess is About two to three months along The gestation period for a donkey is a Little bit more than a horse so a horse Is roughly 11 months but a donkey can be 11 months 12 months So it'll be a little while before you Get to have a baby Jewels the baby looks Healthy the fluid around the baby looks Great and I think everything is in order Here well it feels pretty cool pretty Awesome can't wait to see the little guy Come along or girl be pretty cool before We go Craig also wants us to do a preg Check on his girlfriend's dog We're just Craig checking everything on The farm today aren't we I don't get you Up here very much so I might as well get My use out of you Oh wow hi what's her name uh Billy we Call her bill for short huh Billy's our Honorary little Airedale pup my Girlfriend grew up around airedale's and Her dad raised him and probably better

Dream to have another Airedale they're Great hunting dogs they're wonderful Companions They have tons of energy we've got to Have her kind of on her side or back so You guys want to see if you can get her There Okay Billy this is going to be a little cold She's got some power yeah she's strong Oh there's babies all over the place Here I mean she got in there oh my gosh I've Already counted three and I just laid The Probe on her here's another one Heartbeat heartbeat heartbeat my screen Was just like puppy puppy puppy each one Of these black little vesicles is Basically holding a puppy okay right now I don't want to speculate but you got a Big litter coming awesome yeah your Girlfriend's gonna be happy with you Tonight She'll be happy before Billy the dog's More important than me hey I know I know What you're saying Dogs are pregnant for about 62 63 days Looks like these babies have been Cooking for about one month so in about 30 days we're gonna have puppies you got To bring these puppies in to the clinic When they were born we'd love to see Them and give them their first checkup I Love dogs but we've got our limit of

Pets right now I got to keep Aaron out Of that exam room we do not need any More dogs all right thanks a lot doc Give me heck like usual but he still Thinks he's a puppy he doesn't know he's Old his sacitude is still here Hello Cedar County Vet It's okay we have a two-year-old lab Named Butterball that got dropped off This morning for some unusual unknown Swelling around her head and neck Oh hi Butterball And she doesn't want to get up [Music] Look how pale she is oh no what's wrong With you Butterball oh yeah look at Those gums oh why are you white as a Sheet Hmm A respiratory rate definitely seems Increased she just looks so sad she's She's out of gas guys that's her attempt 101.2 so that's normal normal temp In my opinion she's losing a whole bunch Of blood out of her bloodstream and it's Going straight into fluid look at all That swelling let's draw some blood and Let's get enough for a clot time is she A farm dog they live on a farm don't They I'm pretty sure you know it's fall People always put rodenticides are out At their bins and things and if she Happened to eat some rat bait that's Always on the agenda for here

Okay Butterball On the blood work we're checking her Clot times first one is off the charts High meaning she's not clotting when the Dogs eat these yummy rodenticides that Are flavored so mice and rats will eat Them it binds up all the vitamin K in Their blood and then over time they Can't clot this is severe enough and This is enough of an indication that Potentially like we thought she is Bleeding out [Music] Okay Butterball Butterball is a lab That's in the clinic today that's Essentially Bleeding Out internally we Really suspect it's because she got into Rat poison she's in pretty critical Shape where we are going to have to do a Blood transfusion A transfusion from a healthy donor will Help Butterball replace all of the Clotting factors that she's lost because Of eating the rat poison we have a Couple clients that have allowed their Dogs to be blood donors in the past I'm Going to go make some phone calls while I check on donors Ben's going to give Butterball an injection of vitamin K Which is essential in the clotting Process All right Mel I'm going to give all this Vitamin K this kind of burns now so Watch out

She is so sick she doesn't even care Does she Okay hopefully that starts working quick Might be our donor Hey this is Ben [Music] Yeah Oh thank you so much yeah this this will Be wonderful all right bye-bye Awesome christensen's are heading down They're going to bring their dog down Kino oh good he's a big boy and he'll be A good blood donor [Music] Well we wait for the donor to arrive We'll get Butterball S of an update Her blood work shows that she's Basically Bleeding Out We got to hold up our dog that's gonna Give us some blood for a blood Transfusion but the main thing is to get Her some new clotting factors and that Comes from the whole blood of a Different dog We'll talk to you later bye He said he just found out over in the The hog house next to him where they're Raising pigs they just started putting Out crappy poison for the rats and mice And he said do whatever it takes you Know save my dog Life it's just really amazing that we Sort of

Made a phone call we were able to get a Donor right down here that we know That's a great dog we always say in a Small town everybody wants to help your Neighbor good boy hi Kino it's your Moment to shine We'll see you when I wake up all right You're just gonna feel a little funny Good dog Hi sleepy Kiddo's gonna be a great donor because He's a big dog he's got plenty of blood So we can take what we need he has kept On preventatives we've screened his Blood we are in good shape there you go Baby good hit okay To pull off 450 mils of blood Well we're getting there we're almost Done All right let's get this blood in the Butterball [Music] We've got a filtered line going in So we just really have to watch her Heart rate I'm just gonna put it right here into Our port Is running Monitors going okay Hey buddy who doesn't love a Chenille Bedspread right he's gonna be all Snuggled in [Music] How's her color look at her ears

They've already have some color to them Anytime you do a blood transfusion on a Patient it's amazing you just literally Watch The Life flow back into them it Really is like a rebirth thank goodness You got her here I know you just never Know what things your pet is going to be Exposed to they're always looking for Things to get into that's their nature That's what makes them special so you've Got to always be vigilant if you see Something strange always always please Bring your pet to the vet Looks like Kino's starting to wake up so [Music] Isn't it cute See how soft those toes are that all Wears off as soon as he starts walking Around [Music] Hey girl oh I'm excited to pick up Butterball all the kids are at home Waiting for her to show up and they're All ready for her to be back home so She can really see she's nice and pink And her ears and her gum color she's Still got a lot of this swelling and That'll just go down with a little bit Of time we have fresh clotting factors From the blood lucky for Butterball Everybody goes the extra mile to help Their neighbor that's just how this this Place works in the next week or so we Want to be really careful that we don't

Do anything that's going to maybe have a Cut a scrape so soft food and lots of Rest Have to watch football all weekend lay On the couch with the dogs oh yeah I Think she's a little part cat she used One of her lives here so you're down to Eight call me if you have any problems Questions or concerns bye girl [Music] We'll have you and Tammy go into room One please okay very good brought Sammy The cat he's 14 years old Sammy's a rescue cat actually we got him From Ben and Aaron right here in Hartington This was a cat that we adopted from a Client that couldn't keep it and the Todds were looking for a kitty and so it Was a great match what's his story now Joanne thinks that he's breathing kind Of hard and he is not eating worth Anything I mean very very little bit how Long have you noticed this three four Days okay He's really working to Breathe Here I know he's using his belly muscles to Breathe and not expanding his chest in General when a kitty can't breathe very Well or is breathing hard it doesn't Take much to get him to really be in Respiratory distress so I would really Like to do kind of right off the bat is Get him on some oxygen here just kind of

Make sure we stabilize and then run him Back to X-rays and we'll have to move at The pace that he is comfortable yeah so If that's okay with you if he needs to Stay he needs to stay okay we'll leave No stone unturned there for him come on Come on Sammy it's okay I just hope it's Nothing really major that we can't fix He's a big part of our family and I Don't know what we do without Sammy So this is going to make something like A hyperbaric oxygen chamber We're going to leave Sammy in the oxygen Cage for about an hour or so just until He's relaxed enough for us to get an X-ray Stay in there peanut All right Val let's go in and take a Look and see how he's doing Hi meow he looks better he's sitting up He's meowing he's not gasping for air as He's meowing we're better and we're a Little more in a stable spot for x-rays [Music] We got x-rays and there's something in This chest that shouldn't be there We got x-rays and there's something in This chest that shouldn't be there Sammy Is a 14 year old cat that came in this Morning because he was having difficulty Breathing and the x-rays just showed me Why his chest is so full of fluids I Can't even see his internal organs he Has zero lung capacity like he cannot

Breathe let's get ready to do a little Chest tap and see what sort of fluid we Get out Foreign So the challenge is going to be to keep Him stable while we tap his chest Because obviously we're poking a needle In between his ribs to access his Thoracic cavity and see what we can get Out of it okay are you ready It's kind of Milky Obviously a little bit of blood tinge to It We've got to figure out what exactly This is and what's causing it and so I Really want to get it to the lab ASAP This is a lot of fluid Okay You know I would say that this Kitty Really had maybe Like five percent of his lung capacity You can really see the difference you Can see he's bringing with his chest now Instead of his belly We'll give him just a little break put Him back in the oxygen tank maybe let Him have a little nap since he can Breathe a little better if we hadn't Gotten in here and tried to get him Stabilized and get this fluid off his Lungs we would have had a cat that would Have just drowned in his own fluid I'm gonna see if we can grab some blood Quickly then we'll go ahead and get a

Catheter in right away and just start Him on some maintenance fluid the goal Is to keep this guy stable while we wait For the lab results to arrive Foreign [Music] Hello there hey there I'm Dr Schrader Kevin nice to meet you so what's going On here I was driving down the highway On my way to Sioux City and found this Little guy running towards me covered in Mud and I have no idea who he belongs to And checked at a few houses and no one Answered so I looked you guys up And thought I'd come in and see if you Guys could help me out we live in a Small community so we're not really the Shelter here we're not the pound but if A lost animal comes to us we're sure not Going to turn them away you know we're Going to take them in and try to find That owner does he have any Identification on him or no collar like I said he was just soaked in mud and Shivering I opened the car door and he Jumped right in and very friendly and Yep very sweet you're a beautiful little Dog look at those eyes oh hi hi Yes he's he's a little boy it's okay A Lot of times we put a microchip Underneath their skin just to to know Where they're at if they get lost it's a Great way to be able to find a lost dog Okay so usually the chips are put right

There Endorsement on the back Unfortunately looks like this little guy Says No Tag found so he's not Microchipped what I would like to do is Just keep him here we'll do the best we Can to try to find out where he belongs Well Kevin thank you so much for Grabbing him I know a lot of people see A dog on the side of their Highway and We all want to stop and you were the one That actually did stop you know so thank You Kevin very well could have saved This little dog's life it's cold out It's getting dark it's the end of the Day that dog was a long ways from home Whenever we have a lost dog come into The clinic it's really all hands on deck Okay everybody We have a lost dog here all the staff Here at the vet clinic we put our heads Together and think have we seen that dog Before Silkies I got two boys but both of those Dogs are microchipped I got nothing Okay where was this dog found Let's make kind of a map and call those People that live in that area maybe Somebody knows hello this Honey bad me somebody's been calling the Neighbor you know do you know where my Dog is falling to see If anybody had called in a missing silky Terrier then we start apb-ing this thing

Out you know the social media wanna take A picture of him Val Oh there it is This is somebody's pet and I'm sure he Means a whole bunch to their family I've Been in this situation with the lost dog And it's no fun at all You look and look and look until you Can't look anymore if you can't find Them you get up early in the morning and You're looking again we haven't gotten a Hit yet but we're putting those feelers Out we just got to work at it and be a Little bit patient at this point you get To stay with us tonight and figure out Where you go [Music] Veronica's Pathway to Clinic goat Basically started with an exam Veronica You want a bath Immediately when I saw Veronica I I fell In love I'm not sure how Ben's gonna React to this she better be very cute When she meets him so first up is going To be your bath Did find some lice on her so after we Get her bathed and dry I think we should Treat her for lice and make her a nice Healthy Little Goat You have to have a bath if you're going To be a fun Clinic goat I can honestly say I have never given a Go to Bath Stay in there stinker this is a new one

For me how about some conditioner She kind of smells like a wet sweater Hi you oh my gosh look how fuzzy she Looks [Music] Let's see Val I've got her little one Her little itty bitty dose of goat Medicine here for her lice this should Really do a nice kill here within the Next 24 hours I think Veronica really Liked your spa treatments Oh my gosh I love her I think she feels better she's cleaner And kind of watching her walk around all Fluffy and poofed up I mean she looks Like a beauty queen I want that when did I go to the spa last Look at her she's so cute oh my gosh Someone wash my hair [Music] Tonight I got a call from Chris burback He got home from work then he noticed That bloated calf there was like a Swelling on the calf side that alerted Me that this is probably a room and Bloat when I get that call I just jump In the truck and go this is an emergency Chris how's it going man good good how Are you doing problem with the rumen huh Yeah yeah I just kind of came out of Nowhere a cow digests her food in the Rumen a lot of gas can build up there so She belches to let it out Come on cam but if too much gas builds

Up the cow can't keep up And we get a bloat okay It's full yeah The bloat on her side is is pushing out Like a watermelon I mean it's a big Bloat it puts pressure on the thorax in The lungs and the cow can suffocate and Die Okay There's a calf that has bloat in its Rumen gas buildup that puts pressure on Its internal organs About how long will this take Ben it's Almost instantaneous to treat this calf We're going to take a long hose put it Down in the rumen then we'll actually Push the gas out by hand from the Outside if you could just take your fist And push that gas right out You should smell some funky smelling gas Here pretty quick Anything yet There we go there it is Starting to come Smell that yeah Oh wow look at all that froth that's What's in her stomach right now we have To put something that's going to Dissolve those small bubbles or gas [Music] We're gonna give her a drug that is Basically going to take all that froth Out of there and we're going to give her A bunch of mineral oil to be a laxative

And get whatever's in her room and out Of there as soon as possible and water To kind of help get these drugs Activated quick Chris I'm gonna have you do the pumping Just keep pumping just keep pumping Until all that's in there okay go ahead I think you caught it soon enough here Good And in my opinion we're already gaining On that room and it already looks a Little smaller to me yeah Okay All right Chris I'm ready to let her go Yep Ready okay Come on sweetheart come on Dolly Before you go to bed come over and just Make sure she's running around doing Good yet sure and hopefully that blow is Less okay no I'm not sure it's going to Be all better until morning but please Let me know if anything changes or for The worst okay yeah yeah I'll be in Touch with you Foreign [Music] Today I want to go out make sure that That calf has responded to its treatment Hello Chris hey Ben How are you yeah long time no see yeah Yeah did you get up last night and check On her before you went to bed yeah she's Gonna be doing pretty good blow one down Pretty fast from what I could tell but

Let's get some eyes on him and and bring Him into the pen all righty so they look Comfortable chewing their cud laying in The sunshine don't they yeah that's for Sure Come on kids turn around come on there She is right yep good right up front There we go She seems way more relaxed than she was Last night yeah I agree you know it Looks like she has had a little bit of Diarrhea which is good that mineral oil Is working the yucky food that wasn't Agreeing with her is coming out sure So her room is over here on her left Side and all the gas is gone she looks Great She looks good in the eye she doesn't Have any signs of dehydration Bloat can be deadly and I'm glad you Called me at night it's okay you know to To call yeah I felt bad a little bit Ben's always treated us really good he Shows up when you call him I really do Trust him thank God it all worked out All right let's let him back out to the Herd [Music] Foreign I saw Veronica I kind of just fell in Love I feel like you can never have a Bad day if you have a go running around But Ben has no idea this is happening so I'm going to test this Theory out

Ben doesn't like this goat then I will Find a new husband Hello might be a single later [Music] Hey I will something for you it's an Exam room one Really okay well let's take a look And just remember I love you more than Anything It's a goat She's a fainting pygmy and her name is Veronica what do you think look at her Poop on the walk That wasn't what you were supposed to do On your first meeting Cuter than that I thought she'd be a Cute little clinic animal the second Year we were married Ben and I bought a Mama and a daddy goat and the mom was Really pregnant and I was really Pregnant and so this is kind of special Because every time I see Veronica I Think about when Charlie was a baby and That just kind of brings me back I like Goats I know especially cute ones Operation Veronica successfully pulled Off [Music] Hey Sammy Why don't we run him back to x-ray Sammy Is a 14 year old cat who's having Difficulty breathing There's fluid in there again

His lungs are being pushed up as is this Trachea we're still waiting for the test Results to show us what the fluid is Made of and that will give us a good Indication as to why this is happening In the first place Hey Val yeah Sammy's lab results are back on the Fluid we pulled out of his chest it's a Probable chronic chylothorax which is Really unfortunate I really need to talk With Brian and see how far they are Willing to go for him Foreign Hi Brian it's Erin we took x-rays after We got them stabilized in oxygen and Basically his chest was full of fluid What we call a kylothorax which is Basically lymph fluid that gets trapped In the chest there is a surgery to fix The kylothorax in which we would have to Open up Sammy's chest and actually go in And tie off the ducts that secrete this Fluid this is a really complicated high Risk surgery and in my opinion in Sammy's shape and with his age this Really may not be the best outcome for Him their problems aren't usually you Know one and done you start looking and It's just like an onion you know you're Peeling back a layer and you see another Layer and the problem sort of just Compound so that leads us to the next Question with how you would like to

Proceed Course we can move forward however you'd Like and I'll let you know tomorrow all Right thank you so much Brian You know it's hard but that's part of This job that's That's part of what we have to do Just sad [Music] Sammy is stable this morning but he's Beginning to labor again when he Breathes his owner just called to tell Us how he wants to proceed with the next Steps I'm so sorry All right thanks Brian Okay bye-bye I'm gonna say goodbye They just don't want to see Sammy suffer They understand that we've got lots of Problems and he's an old Kitty you want To help me get everything ready if you Want to do a paw I can get get meds up Great This is never easy but I feel like this Choice is for him I don't want to see Sammy you know Struggling to breathe that's a horrible Way to have to pass away You making a paw I'm sure they will love To have that forever this is a a very Kind Choice it is A huge part of The gift of veterinary medicine is to Alleviate that pain and suffering

Let's take him in he can just fall Asleep I'm yum yum [Music] For the last few days we've been looking For the owners of a lost silky terrier That was brought into the clinic So after we left the clinic last night We got some great news all right your Family's here Good morning hello hi we were calling Neighbors of the surrounding area where This little dog was found on the highway They called their neighbors and before We knew it we had found this little dog At home [Music] I have a question what is his name boys Roscoe Roscoe okay he looks like a Roscoe Roscoe loves to be around the Boys they like to go swimming at a farm Pond and he follows them everywhere on Their bikes and he loves to play and he Loves to cuddle me and the two older Boys decide to they wanted to go try to Shoot some rabbits I wasn't aware he was Outside and he doesn't like loud noises When he hears that he kind of just Starts running and doesn't stop so how Old is Roscoe we're not quite sure Probably around 10. we found him in a Thunderstorm and then same thing running Down the highway are you kidding me so He's got a history of running off a Little bit huh it does have you guys

Ever heard of microchipping your pet Yeah it might be might be a good good Idea with him it's just a little Microchip that's kind of like a grain of Rice and it just stays underneath their Skin especially since he's kind of a Little bit of a Flight Risk here I think It might be a good idea to just do that Yes So this is the universal place where Everybody puts it Okay I know I'm sorry All done Roscoe got it you're okay so Let's scan on top of Roscoe and see push The red button And hold it right over the area where I Just put it There it is there's the number so That'll always go with Roscoe now Roscoe Has one of the best homes Five young Boys to love him and I want to make sure He stays there Thanks Dr Ben glad it was a good ending To this story happy ending [Music] Aaron and I are on our way to check out A heifer who has a big problem with her Backside And I was warned that it was really bad Come here Jamie Hi Amy hi Ben how are you good good to See you hey hi Erin how are you good we Run a operation and this morning we

Found the heifer that was prolapsed so We called Ben and Aaron right away yikes That is a ouchy butthole Holy smokes it is really common in Cattle to have erectile prolapse let's Call it what it is it's a butt sticking Out from where it shouldn't be right Yeah the inside of the butthole tube Goes outside like when you take off your Sock and you don't stretch it back out Like a tube sock they can die from this Yeah and so we have to get them fixed Fairly soon after this happens I'm glad You called right away we'll get this Baby pushed back in This looks like a good one for you I Don't think so Let's scooter up there She's not thinking with the clear mind Right now My girl Easy sweetie All right You guys looks look at all this mud on Her back I wonder if she came into heat Yeah and everybody kind of started Thinking she was pretty hot to trot and That's what made her push this out Because something had to instigate it All right so I'm gonna give her an Epidural there I went in okay two Sleeves It looks like it's really taking effect Now and she's really getting nice and

Numb back there we're just going to Squeeze this rectum and get all that Extra fluid out of it that's been Sitting in it you know here for the last Few hours it's kind of like an inside Out sock and we're just going to push it Right back into the body so see all this This is just kind of Blood clots blood clots so I get rid of All those and then Really I just start kind of pushing and Look at all that fluid that's kind of Coming off there Oh see and that's what happens they Still have some innervation to these Muscles and she's going to be one of Those kind that's just going to keep Pushing throughout this I think You have to be so careful because that Tissue is fragile as it gets and if you Just even put your thumb or your fingers You know at it look at it wrong it's Going to tear and you have a torn rectum That's a nightmare Aaron and I came out to a client's Farm Today to treat a heifer with a prolapsed Anus the only way to treat this is to Push this prolapse back in very Carefully oh oh heifer but she isn't Cooperating very much I want to get it In but just because I get it in doesn't Mean I'm done And so I need her to get her hind legs Underneath her and stand up

So my next plan here is to let her Loosen the shoe and back up against a Bar Okay go ahead and turn the Chute on if We'll let her out There we go So that helps me tremendously Your arms all right yep Okay there it's about ready There it went Amy good okay all right Good now let's recatch her head if you Would that was a workout Now that we've got our anus back in Place we're going to put some sutures Around both the anus and the vagina to Prevent further prolapses All done all done she's got two bows in Her hair Very beautiful you did a beautiful job Thank you guys I think we just turned Her back out with the herd so she's not Very stressed There she goes good looking animal all Right well high five Amy yeah Are you gonna fall back asleep We just got a call from Craig that Billy His Airedale had her litter of puppies Ben is out on a farm call so I'm Handling this visit and he warned me not To fall in love but Whatever Hi how are you good good to see you Grandpa yeah Billy how many puppies can You did good well Billy's been really

Good she uh licks him all the time can't Leave about 10 feet away she gotta run Back and check on them let's bring it on Mama Oh Billy we're just going to kind Of do a well puppy check hi Mom Billy Puppy's really cute just a little butter Balls and you can't really tell them Apart they're all the same color they All look like Oh this one is Okay all right squeak squeak squeak But this one just peed they all look Great they sound great And they are so stinking cute My goodness they're strong healthy Puppies That one's a girl Oh I want them all that'll work I want To like rub myself and puppies yes Last one's another boy a big old boy Maybe we'll just send back nine Just kidding Ben warned me I was not Supposed to try and put a deposit on Anything he thought he might fall in Love with me I I do I love Airedales They are such nice dogs I think he's a Little worried about me doing this Appointment it is hard to resist keeping One of these puppies nope nope nope no Aaron no All of the puppies are within a couple Ounces So you'll just really want to watch Because there's not as many spigots as

There is Miles so if you see somebody Losing weight you'll probably have to Get some milk replacer and supplement Really for their two day old check they Looked wonderful good congratulations Grandpa thank you you have 10 beautiful Grand puppies Thank you Today we're introducing Veronica to the Boys and also to happy and Skittles A sister and she has horns Oh my goodness me Veronica your new Sister What goats We want her to be a clinic goat but we Have to see how she's going to act Around other animals so I thought happy And Skittles would be the perfect guinea Pigs here to see how they got along this Is the test drive if they accept Veronica I think everything's gonna be Good What do you guys think It's good there she goes oh she's up on The chairs you know Veronica's being a Goat she's playing King on the mountain Jumping on the chairs I'm boy dead [Laughter] She's head button him she's playing with Them like they're her Yard mates I think the dogs are equally excited That they now have like a moving snack

Bar goat Pez dispenser come on Veronica Eat some wrapping treats all over the Place isn't she cute guys do you love Her she loves eating things and pooping It's pretty cute that was basically like The first six years of your life The dogs don't they seem to be mining Your bird no and she doesn't seem like She Minds the dogs It's pretty cool we're giving Veronica a Forever home that's just what our Community is about if an animal needs a Home we're going to do whatever we can Do to help having an animal part of your Family it's just one of those things That I wish everybody could experience In their life whenever you come in your Door they're always there to greet you And it's unconditional that is to me What Veronica has done for this Clinic Is when people come in here the first Thing they do is see her and smile she Likes she makes me smile and pick up a Broom She leaves her little bits of Veronica Everywhere In the clinic on the floor and in our Hearts Veronica Veronica [Music] [Music] [Music]

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