Sharp-tailed grouse have a dance battle in the Badlands | America’s National Parks

♪ Male sharp-tailed grouse
gather together In a group called a lek. ♪ They’re here for
a dance competition. The best movers will win
the chance to mate. (chirping) ♪ The park’s flat land
and short grass Provide the perfect
dance floor… ♪ …where the hens
are the judges. They scout prospective partners
from the sidelines. ♪ With the stage set,
the males go toe-to-toe. (warbling) Performers rapidly
stamp their feet And shake their tail feathers. (chirping) Each defends his own spot. (chirping) If a dancer doesn’t
back down… (chirping) …they settle it
the old-fashioned way. (chirping) It’s no holds barred. (chirping) (chirping) Despite their best efforts, The boys haven’t
impressed the hen, But she doesn’t have
to choose today. (chirping) The dance floor closes
one hour after sunrise. (birds singing)

Competitors will be back every
morning for the next few weeks To prove their worth in
the grasslands of the prairie.

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