Neighbor cat joins dogs’ walk every day

Our neighbor cat Oliver comes out of Different places at different times Along the walk We're waiting and join us We usually walk around the same time Every morning and a lot of times he is Hanging outside in our front yard by the Shrubs Or sometimes if we don't see him when we Start walking he will pop out of a Different neighbor's house or shrubs Every day Okay let's go It's been almost three years now He used to hang out by our front door hi And one day my dog Gunner walked up to Him they just became instant friends That they have some connection After that Oliver started meeting us Popping out of different shrubs when we Would be on our morning jog walk And he always goes right towards Gunner And they touch noses and then we walk For a little bit Sometimes we'll wait for Oliver while He's exploring something and I said do You want us to wait for you and then He'll come and catch up Sometimes he will just Veer off what Happened I'm sure if he could talk he Would be saying see you later Oh he likes to lead their walk it's Funny because some people comment that My dogs are his bodyguard but I think

That the cat thinks that he is my dog's Bodyguard I think he's in charge He jumps out front and likes to lead A lot of times we won't see him at the First part of the walk we do get worried And we'll see him at the end as we're on Our way home when we think of you good Morning we're so relieved Sometimes we find him in the afternoon On our back porch It's almost as if he's waiting for Gunner to come outside I often find them outside laying in the Sun on the deck together He follows Gunner around when Gunner's Walking outside sniffing around the yard I find Oliver following him he's so cute This is just so unusual to see a cat Join dogs and actually walk and he's not Leashed so he's doing it clearly Voluntarily you can tell by the way his Tail swings that he just enjoys it His tail is very expressive he's very Friendly Most of our neighbors know him and by Name they all say hello Oliver I mean it's been three years and I just Adore he makes me so happy and I can Tell he makes Gunner happy Foreign

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