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[Music] My dirt stuff is all ready [Music] A lot to pack up are you ready baby Kids are coming bendy's coming Saucy and Sassy are getting ready for the trip We'll be prepared for anything put the Dirt gun in the back Hi going on the road this time Bindy Yeah Nice [Music] I hope we go [Music] We are back in the Yukon a lot of folks Have been calling and asking when can we Come and it was just too difficult to Try to you know run a practice across The border during covet so this is our First vet trip back to the Yukon in Quite a while It'll be good to see Dev and all of our Yukon friends yeah Deb I wonder what he Has he's probably saved up a whole bunch Of stuff for us and we're here on the Solstice longest day of the year I love the midnight this today yeah it Is the summer solstice almost 24 hours a Daylight I mean a lot of people in the Lower 48 haven't experienced the Midnight sun it's really something to Have that much daylight it's motivating Invigorating it feels like you know work Until you drop basically

[Music] Lots of sunlight and lots of warp time Yeah I was gonna say if we're going to Devs on the solstice he will have us Every single hour of daylight we'll be Working I'll be good to see him yeah Long time no see I know yeah all that Covered stuff how are you doing I'm very Good good today we're at Dev hobart's Farm which is called horse Haven Ranch This is the biggest cattle operation in The Yukon and it's really important to Keep healthy animals here There's really no livestock vet services Here it's not like we can go to the Neighbor we have a lot of help here Today So there's lots going on That has an interesting mix he started Out with a lot of mini herefords which Are kind of a smaller beef breed he's Got a lot of Scottish Highlands which Are really rugged tough and do great in Yukon and he's got some regular Angus He's got several different breeds of Cattle We have to run through and process Vaccinate deworm check them all out It is a big effort luckily we're on the Solstice so we will be using up every Minute of daylight so what have you got About 125 cows to process wow we have to Separate the cats and cats and calves

Yeah okay Rodeo It's basically a process of moving them From pen to pen to sort them separate Off the calves so the calves don't get Injured and get the cows into this long Alleyway that ends up with a squeeze Shoot and that's where we can get our Hands on each individual animal And you remember this is a job that once It started we can't stop until it's Finished I know that well we will join You outside all right [Music] Drop that bucket and come with us Maya These are beef cattle they're not dairy Cattle they're not pets let's go this Ways [Music] They basically live a pretty feral wild Lifestyle They bump into Bears they see wolves They're trying to defend their babies so You can't underestimate them they can be Really aggressive this time of year [Applause] Oh I'm not messing with you yeah that One's you get away Suddenly I'm kind of like face to face With a Scottish highland Look look that way that one's like who Should I take out first This one keeps eyeballing me Not moving just kind of staring me down Like uh-uh

About a third of these cows have horns And they know how to use them Good job perfect timing Oh hi little baby [Music] Oh there's another one here too let him Come past yeah these cows are agitated They know something's up and they're all Getting mixed up and they can't find Their calves We are turning and coming back at us oh Gosh you're good Anybody left in there Well there's another one here too I'm sorry There's one more come on now girl Perfect just went wonderfully for once So we've got the calves peeled off and We're running the cows through the shoot System Start running them through I'm gonna go To the front end We're moving about 15 or 20 at a time Down the alleyway it can be about 10 Forward shut the gate they can't back Out We only have one one at a time one at a Time okay new girl welcome to the herd So they all get everything right she is The dewormer gosh Come on get up each One that goes through here is going to Get a health check we're gonna get Vaccinations and deworming Dev wants me on hand so I can keep an

Eye on are there any issues any Lacerations any swollen joints That many animals there's gonna be Something and usually when we do this Processing there's two or three or a Dozen somethings That's why we end up here till the Middle of the night [Music] Thank you Look at that it's like a little shoulder Yeah One of the cows has a huge swelling on Her shoulder oh damn is that a big Abscess maybe yeah ooh that'll be a good One but it looks like she swallowed a Basketball that's an abscess that's Gonna be disgusting wow and she's skinny This cow has a calf to raise she's Getting quite thin and like an abscess This size because it's infectious Material most likely that can really Take a lot out of her now squeezer She can get her horns out of us just be Careful You want to shave a spot right down here Ew oh So she's got a big lump on her shoulder You can kind of see it here it feels Pretty meaty I just want to check to make sure it's Actually an abscess sometimes they can Get like a huge tumor Have seen big masses on the side of an

Animal as well and those are typically Cancerous you can get big lymph nodes That swell up like that none of those Are good things those are difficult to Treat it usually means the end of the Animal not a good thing So first thing I'm gonna do is stick it And see if it's pasta or if it's if it's Actually like a mask or what We have our answer don't we so that's Pus oh it looks like penicillin don't Keep that when Jake come too yeah don't Mix it up but yeah that's that's pus Oh that's nothing way do we open that Thing so now what we'll do is just do a Quick prep shave off some of the hair Clean it up I'll go in with a scalpel Open it up and let it rip I'm so sorry Mrs try to be quick here It will be that much pus which is about A bucket load but the also important Thing to do is look for form body Because maybe a stick got in there Sorry Miss [Music] Poor baby this is gonna feel so much Better I promise This is a lot of pus that's coming out Of this cow I've seen abscesses of this size before But they don't get me as excited as they Do Mom Get that open up I love abscesses they're awesome

It's like this kind of awesomely gross Thing gross But really what's great about it is you Know the animal feels so much better Smells like yuck you can imagine if You've got this big huge thing that's Growing on you and stretching your skin And you're just like ah if you could Just do something and suddenly it's gone That's really nice wow It's never ending it's like a waterfall Right now I'm actually really happy it's an Abscess AB says we can treat I feel like in this profession everyone Has one thing that just kind of turns Their stomach just a little bit Maya's Thing is pus Um pus actually makes me feel a little Ill especially seeing it on the ground Like mixed with poop [Music] Yeah you can give the injections and I'm Just gonna start cleaning up and Flushing a bit when it's that much it's Definitely pretty gnarly I mean I kind of challenge you to find Something to gross me out It's never happened it actually smells Like strawberry milk Okay let's see what I can do here so I'm Just trying to get this drain through All this kind of abscess tissue Drain is basically a glorified slip and

Slide for bacteria it's like wee out to Go out of the body and that way it can Heal faster and better Rained out about A basketball worth of pus probably about A gallon There you go This is also just going to help her put On weight and feel a lot better that Probably feels good huh She looks happy [Music] As we're getting our work done we're Constantly interrupted by squeals and Nays and kicking sounds over from the Horse pen You can see meatballs sneaking in there [Music] A little mini mule stallion Kind of a love child between a mini Horse and a donkey [Music] He's a bit of a Hard guy to be around [Music] He tries to stand up Stand up size Mayors he IRS he's them Around the pen thinking he can do the Deed it's just it's unbelievable [Music] He doesn't really have a purpose he's Just more Around as a pet He is basically a huge nuisance

He's been kicked a couple times and he's Been lucky He's gonna get hurt Tomorrow I think I have a way to settle Him down we've got a plan [Music] [Applause] [Music] So we've been doing this for hours now And this is the very last one a wild one And why is she coming this way do you Want to try a runner in here get a job Get get besider we're on the last animal And it's the wildest the feistiest Hey hey Oh my God Get out of there oh my gosh this is a Big day we've run 120 130 cattle through But it always seems like the last one is The craziest and it usually is Because it's the last one that you can Catch it avoided you it stayed out of The Corrals it stayed out of the thick Of things to the very end because it is Going to give you a rodeo She's never been through the shoot Before tell me when she goes [Music] Yeah nice catch Whoa that was some drama yeah nice work Good one okay that was awesome So we finished with all the cows and It's been a real full day of work but We're not done so while we've been

Working here Dev and Cody and Bridget Pointed out a calf that has been really Struggling Monster is one of our bottle calves She's about six weeks old We've been monitoring her over the last Three weeks she has a really bad Respiratory issue She didn't start out having trouble Breathing right she was always fine like She took to the bottle and milk right Away just okay you know being on a farm Like this where we have lots of cows Lots of animals sometimes you do try to Keep a distance because it is a bit of a Business Sometimes you take a little bit extra Care for them and you learn their Personality a bit more and I was mainly The one that was bottle razor since she Was born you do get attached I guess there's something about people You always root for the underdog you Know [Music] I hope that Dr Oakley can help this cap Then she can live a good life Hello baby How are you you little beauty About a week in after Monster was born It had like an abscess under its tongue And its chin area so they drained that I Thought that was the end of it and then A few days later it started really

Struggling to breathe like A beautiful little creature Foreign [Music] It's trying to eat it's nuzzling Everybody she's like is that a nipple That's not nipple but it just can't get Enough air in it's a horrible thing to See There's something in the trache is or Something in the throat that's swollen We're gonna have to do some Diagnostics And try to figure this out so we're Gonna take some X moves if there's a Blockage I'll actually see it on x-ray I Might not know what it is but I could at Least see exactly where the problem is And if it is inside the trachea itself It's expanding Yeah the L is also a good run it's both Kind of right oh yeah the grunt I hear It [Music] It sounds like it's all in the trachea Really We'll get the chest but for sure I'm Gonna focus on the neck too okay So now it's ready okay Down a little bits here [Music] Is that oh my God he's totally Obstructed look at that There's the trachea going down it's like A complete mess in there and that's

Right where she said the abscess was is I follow the trachea up towards the Mouth it looks fairly clear But as we get closer to the larynx which Is right up in this area under the chin It really Narrows down Her trachea which should be a tube full Of air should look black has a little Area of white in there oh you poor love That's not good news The history of this calf having had an Abscess under its jaw really makes me Suspicious that maybe that abscess is Still present that's further in and that That's either putting pressure on the Trachea or it's actually gotten into the Trachea and is blocking it Basically she's choking it's in a really Hard spot to like treat it clear it I Don't really know if I can do anything For it I really haven't seen anything like this And I'm not entirely sure you know what My best surgical approach would be but This calf is going to die if we don't do Something Jim Lie down okay I'm gonna talk to a Surgeon that I consult with a lot on Farm surgery and just sort of talk Through that I'm on the right track but Then I'm gonna have to come back Tomorrow Oh my gosh she's sweet

This is their life you want it to be Good you want them to be healthy She's an important member of the herd if We can get her through this she will Grow up to be a cow she could have Multiple calves herself If there's something I can do that I Need to get in there and do it [Music] Come on let's go guys We've examined every single cow here And we can finally put them back out to Pasture together [Music] Running around in Monkey pens manure Everywhere It's really physically and mentally Exhausting But it was a super productive day [Music] So today we're back at dev's Farm in the Yukon Where is he there he is we're gonna be Working with meatball I have to admit this is something I'm Sort of looking forward to Meet ball doesn't make friends very well He's a little bit of a terror on the Farm he likes to bite and nip other Animals [Music] I saw him earlier chasing the other Horse Around yeah yeah so one of the Horses here is in heat right now and

Who's with mounting her seriously I have A video of it it's horrifying Maya even got a video of him today this Morning trying to mount the full-size Mayor and she was just kind of like Ignoring him like seriously dude If anything stands still long enough he Tries to jump it and mount it [Music] Wearing himself out He's the boss and that's fine but if you Could just calm down while he doesn't [Music] So how old is he now 13 13 okay he's Gonna live a long time so we'll live to About 30. oh yeah right so he's standing Around for the Long Haul Today is the big day for him he's going To be gilded today or castrated Hopefully the castration settles him Down a bit Well it's time we will make it a lot Easier lifestyle for him since he's Clearly not going to be able to breed Any of these Mayors yeah Hello Miss how are you we're about to Make your life a lot easier These little mini mules are tough We think he weighs about 150 maybe 175 Pounds but we're gonna dose him for more Like 250 to 300 because I don't know What it is but they are like amped up 24 7 and when you try to sedate them it Takes a lot of drugs

[Music] So good Let's bring them right over here come on Sir Okay good stuff but I'm gonna get stuff Ready for the catheter it's really gonna Hurt his pride So I'm giving them a point point one Five mils A horse castration even for a mini mule Is a very short sedation it really only Lasts maybe 15 to 20 minutes Oopsie If they start to move at all you have to Be able to give them top-ups quickly Right into a vein Okay we'll do a quick scrub and a quick Shave Do a little manscaping before we get Started so it's easier to clean it And then I'll get just a few gauze to Finish the scrub [Music] And cleaned and prepped it's a simple Matter of doing a local block did you Give the lidocaine already uh no let me Do that right now That way if there's any issue with the Anesthesias we're going at least he Won't feel anything once the drape is on Then I can start my incision What size blade would you like Come on buddy I wondered about that

Okay so he's gonna need more yeah you Could give him the rest that Valium and Another milliketamine Despite giving him a really high dose it Doesn't seem to be quite enough so I'm Going to give them a top up so we can Get going Other Mill Academy And 0.3 Valium yep it's like perfect This needs to be pulled tight like up Front yeah just so he can't get me yeah He gets a leg free and kicks he could Knock somebody out so you know it's Really important that we keep him down He means a lot they're small but at the Same time they are compensating they Call that little man syndrome FYI A lot of drugs A little stinker for anesthesia too no Surprise He seems to be settled down finally so I'm gonna get going on the surgery and Hopefully he stays down Hold tight cutting [Music] I know he isn't moving around because He's uncomfortable I've totally blocked Out the area where I'm doing surgery but Now he's fighting the drugs and he's Really just protesting the whole Restraint Is that catheter next time when you go To flush it I want to make sure that We're actually getting it IV I wonder if

It's a catheters it's hard to push oh Boy yeah he might not be getting any of This IV is a problem he's kicking again I wonder if there's an issue with the Catheter so I'm gonna have Sierra check It and make sure that we do have a Direct line Okay let's try the flush put that Ketamine in there put that ketamine in The IV Pull back and see if you get blood Getting anything yeah when I check the Catheter I see that it's been knocked Out So none of the medication that we've Been giving into it has actually been Going into the vein they've only been Going so cute This time we don't have because he's Sitting there with an open incision and We cannot have him getting up right now I'm not able to give him drugs properly I'm literally mid-surgery so we have to Physically restrain him get a new Catheter in make sure we're getting the Top up drugs right into the vein [Music] Next we can't get up Stop it Stop so I uh meatball is kicking like Crazy he's acting like he's about to Throw us off of him and get up I've completely blocked the earrings so There's no feeling but he feels us

Holding him down and so he's like oh no No one holds me down Oh you okay yeah oh my gosh I was almost At my face We had the catheter in it got bumped out With all the moving around and Sierra Now has to hit a moving Target and get That catheter and while he's jumping Around and legs are flailing Now you need it thank you are you in There I am in there I know I am but it's Just like sitting there and I'm trying To tape it but I'm also afraiding both Of his arms He's a mule what do you expect stubborn As a mule okay so this catheter is Working It's better So Sierra's got the catheter in which is Great and now hopefully we can keep him Down with more sedation and less Restraint we're finally getting to the Nuts and bolts We're clamping time me for five minutes Please So we're just about done here [Music] I mean I definitely underestimated him Under dosed and underestimated We'll have to add it up but I'll bet He's taking almost as much as a Full-size horse You think like in two weeks you could See and change potentially I think he

Can still breathe for up to two weeks Isn't it yeah he's been trying All right sir one two three you wanna Try [Music] Yeah good boy Oh good job even though we all kind of Joke around and tease about what a pain In the neck he is everyone kind of loves Meatball his spicy spunky ways he is a Farm favorite Welcome to a whole new chapter of being Sweet and getting spoiled and snuggling With your friends instead of biting them And fighting them I'm so happy that that is through it and We are just expecting this whole new Animal and less testosterone Oh no you're gonna be stubborn and not Go anywhere come on within a few weeks Most of the hormones should kind of work Through his system but I think Everyone's going to be a lot safer A lot less booty biting all right oh my Gosh Okay [Music] Next we're going to see monster the calf That we checked out yesterday hello baby How are you you little beauty hi I had a Hard time sleeping last night just Thinking about her struggling for each Breath Hi beautiful but it was also really

Motivating you know I got a lot done in Terms of talking to a few colleagues Looking up different surgical approaches And making a plan for today okay okay I'm gonna need to cut into the trachea Try to figure out what the obstruction Is Okay don't try to fight us you poor Beauty let's just have some oxygen and Chill This is a surgery that definitely takes Me out of my comfort zone So I want to make sure that you know I Really think through each step but don't Want to hurt her but if I do nothing she Is going to die a good baby you are The first thing you want to do is get an IV catheter in but I don't want to fight With her oh hello Hold on baby don't oh don't struggle She's barely surviving on the oxygen She's getting in so if she starts to Struggle that's it she'll just lose Consciousness and she could die from the Stress of that if I I was gonna sedate her here but I just Don't know I don't know like if she goes Down I'm gonna have to intubate her here Hold on baby oh goodness goodness okay Hold on Monster looks like she's about to faint It's like okay that's it Given that I am Okay

So I'm gonna just go ahead and give the Injection a muscle and just let her Slowly sedate down I will slow her down But that's going to take like 15-20 Minutes Poor Beauty It's hard to see her going through this Um I'm glad that we got her to this point Okay but we're hoping to find something That we can fix okay Yeah Stay down good I'm gonna get her their Head up and I'm gonna try and look in There and get a tube in So now I have to make sure the Anesthesia is going to be safe so I can Immediately try to get a tube in come on Baby Can you hold the head still yeah there You go I don't know if I can get that Endotracheal tube into her trachea to Open the airway because it might be Completely occluded I know there's something blocking it Hold still so if I can't get a tube in And she's sedated and she can no longer Work hard enough to breathe it's going To be an emergency tracheostomy Okay can someone come pull the tongue Out the side for me Foreign Tube in the long face of a calf can Sometimes be a little tricky

Okay hopefully it's not too much of an Obstruction that I can't slip the tube Past it Oh God Okay perfect my mom got the tube in it's Just bypassing all that nonsense and the Trachea that's going on and straight Into our lungs As we give her oxygen and watch the Pulse oximeter it goes from 78 up to 98 In about 30 seconds That's the most oxygen she's had in a Couple weeks that is awesome She's reading 99. oh yes it's crazy All of us are taking deep breaths and Just like relishing the moment for her You know she can finally breathe the Problem is is that's temporary I wish I could just leave that tube in Unfortunately it's such a source of Irritation they'll chew on it they're Regurgitates hitting cut and swallowing It so it just it's not possible So we need to get to work and see if we Can fix this problem So this is a local block so I can get in There surgically I'm an abscess and the trachea would be An easy thing to drain problem solved Betadine at the end yeah would be great The hardest thing to deal with is going To be any issues with the retinoids They're like two cartilaginous Structures that sort of hold the trachea

Open when you're breathing let me know What you mean okay Retinoids collapse down it would be a Really really tough thing to fix because It's a functional obstruction so hoping It's just something simply lodged in There that we could remove So now I'm going to make an opening Where I can put a different tube in There now I need to have a trach tube put in below Where I think the obstruction is next That way I can keep her breathing Through the surgery but I can actually Do my surgery up here This is going to be the tube that's Given the air and not that anymore And now I can focus on trying to relieve That obstruction what's going on in There so we're gonna look at the Firefly I'm in the trachea looking down towards Our tube I'm just trying to see now if I can see Any abscess or any cyst or something That's causing a blockage Let's see if I see any trauma or Okay I'm looking at the arytenoids right Now Huh the bad news is I don't see anything That I can drain or get out of the way It must just be collapsed then possibly Because I'm certainly not finding any Abscess on the outside It says I'm looking in at her larynx I

See that part of it's just like Collapsed down likely to do with the Initial abscess that she had in the Initial trauma she damaged her larynx so Much that over time it just got Thickened and it basically collapsed on Itself it'd be cool if it's not Something I could do Silver in there There's no way to get in there there's No way to put stay sutures at least with What equipment I have and there's no one I can like call in I'll find out anything else Foreign [Music] So I'm sorry I don't see anything that I Can do So sorry Unfortunately I'm at the limit of what I Can do I'm not gonna wake her up I'm not going To let her struggle to breathe anymore There is something I can do for and not Just let her go Sh for the last little while yeah oh I'm So sorry Out here it's really hard to fix Something like that When there's not really an obvious Reason What do you do where do you go from There These kind of situations are part of

Life on the farm and unfortunately this Is one of them Fortunately we can put her to peace Foreign It's very hard the animals that you Develop relationships with It's very hard for me to see them suffer And so it's very settling for me as the Animal caretaker to know that she's in a Better place now [Music] It was devastating that we couldn't do Anything for monster But we did help the entire herd it's Tough to lose some of these patients That everyone's got their heart set on Saving but you know as we're going back To Haynes we have to think about the Good there's a lot of work for us to do And a lot of animals we can help How are you Denali How's he doing he's doing all right so Terry just brought her dog Denali he's a Three-year-old malmute he's a Fuzzy Wuzzy Bear You can come out come on Denali is a gentle giant recently I had My newest granddaughter here and Denali Became like a nanny he Loves me He's just the coolest dog ever and he is Just such a good boy and my kumbadi in Life

But I've been concerned about him come Down Hello how's it going he's had this like Three times a day this like Like he couldn't catch his breath and During the night I'd wake up and because He sleeps on my bed he would have a Rattling Breathing okay I was like okay I mean Denali looks pretty good but for A young dog he looks old his coat feels A little funny yeah it feels a little Greasy or something A young dog he's fed great food he gets Fresh salmon from the ocean here and yet His coat just looks miserable so Something else is not right with Denali It's not just about a cough a little bit Of coughing funny breathing and that Phlegm that's been going on about a week Then two weeks two weeks Of course your mind goes to the worst Possible thing that could be wrong So I wanted Dr Oakley to see him all Right great wall take him in and warm All right we'll be right back out okay Sounds good come on tonight let's go Buddy go on let's go sir My first thought is this is one of about A dozen cases we've heard of of dogs Coughing and wheezing in the last couple Weeks here in Haynes it sounds like There's a bit of kennel cough or a

Similar type virus going around Most of the dogs get over in a couple Days but some of them that are a little Bit more compromised really seem to be Getting hit hard by this Oh how old is he oh he's young he's just Three I know his coat is like an old man so [Music] Let's do the chest x-ray right off the Bat Because Denali is really coffin and Hacking and having trouble breathing We're gonna make sure we don't see signs Of like severe pneumonia or anything Else going on in his lungs [Music] We're gonna do X-rays and so that'll Mean a lot of manipulation and we're Going to want him on his back and that's A really really vulnerable position for Dogs He's 85 pounds if he doesn't know us It's not normal positioning that we put Him on the strange table and we hold him There [Music] Hopefully I didn't know and we'll have To slide that up on it okay I'm gonna grab my leg now Okay This looks so weird Let's see here wow Looking at denali's X-rays I should see

Some more like kind of black areas That's air on an X-ray but in his case It's just whiter than it should be there There it is that's the one So I'm certainly seeing a bronchial Pattern in his lungs which just looks Like a lot of the different branching of The trachea it's really prominent but There is definitely a pattern as long as I don't love He does have a very mild pneumonia going On And that is very commonly seen when you Have kennel cough Certainly there's been kennel cough Going around town a bordetella type Infection we've had a lot of dogs with Coughs Kell cough can be quite dangerous it's Very contagious it easily spreads Through puppy classes shelters That's why it's called kennel cough let Me see your color [Music] Good boy looks good sir it'll easily Spread even in small towns where a lot Of people are getting out with their Dogs together on the trails You know I'm just very suspicious that's What it is with him He's like okay this is a good spot for a Nap I had a lot of things to do today but You know what I did instead

I took a match we're gonna treat that With antibiotics but also with Denali he Also has something else going on that's Likely affecting his immune system I'm noticing that he has kind of a rough Hair coat when you pet him his coat Feels like it's an old dog with kidney Disease your hair and your skin are Definitely a reflection of what's going On internally it can be mineral Imbalances nutritional problems It's okay It is okay so we're gonna take some Blood samples we want to check out Internally maybe look at some of the Minerals he's getting and just see if That can give us some insight into What's going on with him There you go good boy he did Surprisingly well I think we'll just see if we'll get back On the blood work when you do anything Nutritionally to kind of help them out Improve his code he hasn't been dewormed In a while we're gonna do that too [Music] I think it's all we're also going to Task Terry with bringing us back a Little Denali poop we'd like to check in And see if he's carrying any parasites Around because if they get a really big Build up these parasites it'll whack Their nutritional status okey dokey [Music]

What are you doing oh gosh Terry he was So good for everything we had to do From what I'm listening and looking at I Definitely see like some sign of Inflammation okay his bronchy they look Inflamed I think he probably got the kennel cop That's going around and he's just kind Of whacked him a bit harder than some of The other dogs we'll have you give him Antibiotics starting tonight and twice a Day for 10 days and we will have the Blood results back in like three or four Days okay more about it okay that's Awesome okay thanks thank you bring them In Terry I'm really thrilled to be getting Answers as they come in okay you want to Go home come on let's go I will do whatever it takes to keep him Healthy Oh good boy that's a good boy [Music] We've got denali's results back and he Had a heavy infestation of round worm With the antibiotics that we started him On for his pneumonia and a little bit of A cough and the dewormer he's already Looking and feeling a lot better he's Growing back a nice Coach and he's back To the Sweet fuzzy guy he once was [Music] He is he is my life And I want him around for a very long

Time Foreign Back on track but we expect to see many More cases of kennel cough and Haynes And that's just the way it is The work never ends It's hard to have that backlog that Never disappears [Music] Where I am now in this present moment And how I have to move forward is Helping one animal at a time I mean I always feel spread thin but I'm Always doing something She loves this is first place you just Have to keep going I hope for the best Foreign [Music] [Music]

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