German Shepherd LOVES ducks

Foreign [Music] Ball and when we brought him home Ben Was really curious and he would sit by His cage and he was just really Intrigued by this little quack tiny Little tiny little creature with a Massive German Shepherd who was a little Bit nerve-wracking When we realized Ben had an interest in Ducks Doctor Ducks it was a shock to us Especially because German Shepherds Don't really have a good name When tazing Zoom flew away Ben was very Upset he would lay outside and he would Look towards the orchard where Teddy Zoom zoom would usually be hanging Around during the day Um yeah it was really sad we were all Really really upset when Teddy left Thank you Foreign [Applause] Became friends with the ducklings I Heard their little quacks first and it Was really intriguing Tree pushed the door open And as soon as he saw them he was really Really quite careful walking into the Room and really gentle with them and so It was really kind of cool to see Ben just took on this father-like rolled These little ducklings and it was just

The sweetest thing to see [Music] [Applause] It's been lots to bring his toy over to Them so he'll run down down the hallway And he has his toy in his mouth and he Drops in front of them [Music] But [Applause] [Music] Keep them on the farm but if they want To fly away we're happy with that we Want them to live their best life and we Are not going to hold them back If they want to stay then we're going to Provide a little Pond for them and food But honestly if they do want to fly away I'm just glad that we were able to be Able to go home support them and give Them the nutrients they needed just to Survive [Music] I just think it's really a unique Friendship that Ben massive German Shepherd has with Tiny little ducklings and how they look Up to them as their dad and just a Really really cute thing

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