Foal that can’t stand learns to run

Everything was twisted when he came we Instantly saw he was abnormally large The mother just didn't have the space For him to move inside the belly with Holes correcting legs is fully possible Even in bad cases like this one because He is an extreme case but the clueless Started as early as possible before the Window closes [Music] Thank you Every time we arrived the stable he Greeted us like hello hello oh there you Are and they always wanted to cuddle Them he was just in such a good mood all The time he never resisted anything When people told me like you have to put Him down his legs are too curled Together it's never gonna be a healthy Horse I just couldn't He has just been Such a fighter and always so positive So he kept us fighting he always just Stood with everything he is that I'm Going to live and I'm going to fight and I'm going to make it My horses are my family so I don't give Up on my horses Both things can be fixed but to fix the Front legs you have to have a pair of Strong hint legs and to fix the hand Legs you have to have a pair of strong Front legs and since all four legs Needed so much help it was a complicated

Case to solve [Music] Thank you Even though we had to give him shots Every single day he's he's just as happy To see you next time you come he's like Woohoo They give me cuddles and a lot of Attention I don't know about any Falls That has been this bad that has actually Gotten the chance But we were told that he's not gonna be Without lameness And now he is we have gotten so many bad Messages along the way but then he's Proven them otherwise we do breed horses So I think that he in any case if he Can't be used as a sport horse he will Be the perfect uncle and he will be such A good therapy horse it's it's happy Tears as well I'm really proud of what we overcome Together he just Has the most amazing view of life It's just always so plentiful always so Loving He's such a good example of just never Give up [Music]

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