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Foreign [Music] It's okay come on Gotcha I know you're okay that heart's a Beating Stay in there he read his sign Good morning good morning Val hi what Did you bring these are a couple fish That were in our fish tank the boys are Disassembling it because they're getting Chicks so we're moving the fish out of The tank so the chicks can move in They're getting baby chickens awesome All right let's get them in our tank [Music] Warm up for Aaron she likes to come back Here and play me playing basketball is Basically how Aaron and I met We used to go to the gym at lunchtime a Bunch of guys and all of a sudden Aaron Walks in and I said wow I got to meet her and so I Laid my butt off I tried to do everything on the court I Could and win her over and I must have Worked because if we went out for lunch And the rest is history But I got to keep my skills in line Because You can still beat me [Music] They're very Zen fishies and they'll Make everybody calm oh wait hold up we

Started with two black fish we have Mike's another ten black fishies in here Caitlyn you did not tell me that there Was fish sex going on in the day Obviously Mama fish she's pregnant again What a step away from the tank it's got Some sort of fertility water in there we Already have our hands full with the Boys our family is complete thank you Very much This was our moment of morning Meditation now let the crazy begin [Music] Pillow guys You're here for a Coggins test right Marilyn I had to bring Tucker down for His Coggins test and health exam because He'll be traveling to Arizona with me For the winter and that is a legal Requirement that you have to have your Horse examined before you go out of State So a Coggins test is a layman's term for Eia or equine infectious anemia and that Is a disease that we've done pretty darn Good about getting rid of eradicating And that small box exactly we just don't Want it to rear its ugly head again and So that's why we keep testing we just Have to draw some blood and then they do The test in a lab that we send it off to Okay I always hold off the vein below Towards the heart so the blood's coming Around through his head and this is on

The way back to the heart right here so I'm going to just ease it into the vein And he felt that a little bit but he's Such a good boy he didn't care And I need about that much for my blood Tube in addition to blood work I need to Do an overall health assessment that Includes temperature pulse and Respiration so we can clear them for Travel temperature was normal 98.9 Actually so that's good All right Tucker I like what I'm hearing Got a nice strong heartbeat it's normal Rhythm I don't hear anything down in his Lungs that would make me think that he's Got a pneumonia or anything infectious Down there I just want to look over his Nostrils really well He's got just a little bit of Oh what'd you say tucker I think he might have something I knew he was gonna do that do you look At her I think he's got some allergies Yeah he looks good got a little bit of An allergy issue and you have some Medication I do take care of that some Antihistamines and Tucker maybe you know The warm Desert Air will will help cure That too you pass for what I say today But we have to wait on that Coggins test To make sure it's negative as soon as we Get that Coggins test back we can write Your health paper for wherever you want To go in the United States okay

[Music] Looks like he has some scrapes here on His ears is he in with some litter mates Yep These are like the most amazing chew Toys aren't they they're like tug of war Hello Dan how's it going Dakota it's Going how are you good so you have a new Friend here huh yeah I do this is a Pretty cool day at our Clinic we've got Dakota and he brought in his new Basilisk lizard Hey Rex you've already named him yeah His name is Rex because he looks like a Dinosaur this lizard is nicknamed the Jesus Lizard because they can run across The water they Scurry along with their Hind feet and that's just something we Don't see every day but they're hard to Care for and aren't for everyone so this Is a real treat I acquired him from Somebody who didn't have the means to Take care of the animal anymore it was Just in horrible conditions I'm going to Do the best I can to give it a better Life from the three days that I've had It it's made remarkable changes he was All brown completely Brown it's gotten Green and has black stripes when a Person isn't feeling well we're a little Bit pale or discolored and really the Same thing is true in lizards I wonder If he wasn't in enough water in his Previous enclosure having a little bit

Of issue because he wasn't you know Hydrated enough or soaking enough is Everything else all right how's he Eating for you he hasn't ate in three Days that I've had him that's not a good Thing I would like to really check in His mouth for stomatitis a common Problem is stomatitis mouth rot is Another name for that and that could be Why he's not eating okay well I don't Know how he's going to respond I just Want to get this near his mouth right There Got it can you hold him easy easy easy Easy easy easy guy There's a couple little white spots But in my opinion it looks pretty normal I think a lot of the things we're seeing Here are just basically stress things Right I do think getting him to eat is Going to be a trial and error thing do Meal worms do crickets do different Types of food for them that would be Great we got to catch him up on his Vitamins right and then he'll start Feeling better but sounds like you're Well on the way thank you I'm glad that I brought him in here I am too [Music] There we go Say ah What are we doing with these goats Anything they're just here for the show That's Harry and Larry Harry and Larry

And Larry I've never worked cattle with Goats right alongside me ever There's always a new first experience You guys seriously no this is bad for You don't Oh look at you Um I guess Questions I've got a little dog that's been taught By a big dog I'll be right there Dr Aaron we have an emergency is she okay I Have no idea She's gonna be all right guys I'm here today because my seven-year-old Dog Lola got in a fight with a larger Dog there can be lacerated vessels Punctured lungs vital organ damage there Can be just Carnage This is the spot I'm most worried about Here We have this bite wound here on the side Another puncture up here We've got him under her jaw here I want To make sure we didn't get it into the Chest Dog definitely has some pretty major Lacerations around its neck and its Torso if those teeth penetrated her body Cavity that turns this dog from stable To critical do you want to hold on to Her for a minute we're going to get some Pain medicine the one I'm most concerned About is the side of her chest but I do

Want to take a quick x-ray of that chest And see each of our lungs is basically Like a big blown up balloon inside our Chest so if the other dog bit Lola hard Enough to pop the balloon that means That lung can't expand and she won't be Able to breathe you can need a few Stitches I just want to make sure she's Stable enough to sedate her so I know Sweetheart Lola is the sweetest dog in the world She'll lick your face she loves Everybody and she's a great cuddler my Daughter really likes to cuddle with her At night time what's your name Okay Kaylee I'm Dr Aaron is this your Puppy dog Okay these are super tiny needles this Is going to give her some medicine so She doesn't feel so ouchy all right it's All right Lola Hey It's okay It's okay girl okay there we go that Scared me are you okay yeah all right You're okay hon He's lost like two pets okay so like He's really sad he's pretty sad It's okay we got her some medicine so She doesn't feel so ouchy okay I'm trying to get these kiddos calmed Down because all of their crying and Emotion is kind of feeding into Lola She's really nervous these are her kids

Who she loves and only takes care of her And so she's getting really anxious Because they're anxious and I need to Get her calmed down so I can get her Into x-ray to make sure we don't have Bigger problems [Music] She looks pretty stable but I want to Make sure that we don't have what we Call a pneumothorax or outside air That's getting into the chest and not Allowing that lung to expand so we see That that means we have to move much Much more quickly and get this dog into Surgery to fix this hole Oh my gosh Val We have this bite wound here on the side Another puncture up here we just had a Dog come in after a fight with a bigger Dog I've got her an x-ray now to see if This bite wound on her chest actually Punctured her lung Everything looks pretty darn good but She's got to get sewn up tonight Good news guys the X-ray is not showing That we have any puncture into the chest So her lungs are going to be okay She just was really a lucky dog feel Better now yeah it's less for us a Millimeter any direction could have been Completely catastrophic We'll get everything ready and then take Her to surgery okay Very glad she's all right very thankful

We're going to clip and clean all of These wounds and then we're going to Basically power wash them with sterile Saline and then we still have any debris Or material I'm going to trim that away And then lastly we're going to put them Together All right now we fix up doggy I'm gonna get all this fatty tissue out Of the way To make sure we don't have any hair in There She has four punctures on the underside Of her neck a large puncture on her side So that's five and then three more along The back of her neck so six seven eight She definitely got picked up in Shook it's really a controlled brush Here I want to make sure she's stable But in the same breath the longer that These wounds are open to the environment We're picking up contaminants or Bacteria [Music] I do think this is going to need a Little drain oh the good poke dog got Her real good there when there are Wounds where the skin or muscle has been Pulled away it makes a pocket where Fluid likes to set up if these were to Get infected and we closed them it makes A perfect place for an abscess to form I Put a drain in there so any of that Fluid will have a way to get out

These are all right over her jugular Vein right here she's got four punctures That the dog had her by the throat When Animals Fight they generally go for the Neck region that's totally instinctual The fact that there's four big punctures There and we didn't have any flesh torn Open and any major vessels I mean that's Lucky Dog's real real lucky Next time you gotta run faster than that Big dog [Music] Hi Marilyn how are you Looks like you got Tucker right there With you I do I'm glad he's there I wanted him to hear The news too okay [Music] His blood test came back as Coggins is Negative I can write the health paper now and you Guys can cross state lines and go down To Arizona Bye-bye take care of her Tucker [Music] Thank you Oh no no okay stay still what are you Guys up to it's a little pandemonium in Here this morning we've got Laura Stewart bringing a calf in that's about Four or five days old it's a pet calf It's out of a pet cow that their Daughters have it has not nursed yet

They had tried to milk the heifer and Bottle feed it but the calf really Didn't suck too much not doing well Amidst all this we also have a couple Farm cats our Dental's waking up here All right well we'll just Tag Team all This stuff we'll get through it [Music] Laura just pulled up I'm gonna go get The calf we don't We know them really well cute little White calf they are very passionate About their cows can she walk yes and They are excellent caretakers but when a Newborn calf isn't nursing that's a Critical situation her name is Iris oh She's from a good show Mama she's just Really got to make it I mean it's Eva's Calf there's just a really good Relationship and bond between the two of Them and she means a lot to our family So we want to make sure she gets the Best start she can other than being an Adorable calf it looks terrible she just Hasn't been sucking very well she's kind Of gone downhill yesterday and then Today no energy she's walking around in Kind of a stupor she looks a little too Skinny yeah let me listen to these lungs Quick Foreign There's crackles there's wheezes there's Fluid sounds in her lungs Was that a cough yes definitely got

Pneumonia setting up And that heart is just beating terribly Loud and Fast let's draw some blood on Her and just make sure she got enough Colostrum We can test the blood right here in the Clinic and get immediate results Calves are born with zero immunity to Anything they rely on that first milk or Colostrum to thrive fight off infections So if they don't receive that in about Four to eight hours after birth things Really start shutting down on them until Almost always they die At this point we need to treat the Symptoms we need to get some antibiotics And do her as soon as possible to some Anti-inflammatories into her too The heart is just pounding I think she's actually having trouble Breathing Where's that oxygen at her [Music] The oxygen is going to calm her down Come on get your air She won't feel like she's suffocating All right I'll be right back guys I'm Gonna go check and see if she got enough Colostrum [Music] So this is a refractometer if the calf's Total protein reading is less than five That means it didn't absorb enough Colostrum in the first few hours of life

That means it didn't pass the colostrum Test Take a look at this Oh [Music] Poor baby All right I'll be right back guys I'm Gonna go check and see if she got enough Colostrum we've got a pretty sick little Calf in here Take a look at this Oh I see a serum protein of 4.7 that's what I came up with too that's not good no it Isn't we know for sure that she did not Receive enough colostrum and that means That she has to have plasma plasma Should really help replenish all those Immunoglobulins that she just needs you Know to fight off all these infections Yeah This is like liquid gold going into Iris's vein and it's kind of like Transplants in people and we just have To make sure that Iris doesn't reject This plasma Looks like she made it through this Whole transfusion just fine I would like to keep her overnight Tonight just so we can make sure she's Drinking She looks better already amazing with Some protein and immunoglobulins can do Yep

Hi Lola Oh look at that smile it's been 24 hours Since Lola came in after a bigger dog Attacked her and she seems to be Recovering well You go how you moving you Look if you want to come see me well These under her neck look really good You know she's got some swelling here But that's to be expected I think she Dodged a big bullet big teeth big teeth I'm gonna be tied up with a cat surgery So Val's going to send her home for me [Music] There she is Hi little girl She was one lucky dog I know it she was Really lucky she had a total of eight Puncture wounds she did place a suture Where that drain was placed on this left Side Dr Aaron put it there to help with Some of the drainage she didn't want That open pocket to develop any extra Fluid so that's why the wrap is on too To help keep that all together now I'm Just gonna be overprotective of her Thank you guys very much I really Appreciate it take good care of her we Will hi Miss Lola [Music] He's playing around now Okay if you lick it while I squeeze it I'm gonna get your tongue look at him He's eating his old toenails Zeus that's

Weird Got him Iris the sickly calf got a plasma Transfer this morning and now she's got A few visitors [Music] There's a lot of stuff going on here With her sinuses and respiratory and I Wonder if when she starts to nurse it Actually is strangling her because she Just can't breathe yeah the other thing Is she could just be going through some Dysphagia do you guys know what that Means Dysphagia means they don't quite know How to eat right or nurse that sure Could have been why she didn't get right Up and latch on and get that colostrum Yeah [Music] Gonna get up for us Well that's a good sign she got up and She said I'm ready to go home and I said No you're not Iris we still need you one More night She didn't get control of that tongue Yeah she's just keeping that tongue off To the left a little bit more needed It is very frustrating to deal with the Calf with dysphagia we're going to just Have to put it right in the tuber and Put it right in her stomach if calves Aren't nursing they still need that Nourishment they still need that milk

And the only other way to do it if They're not going to do it themselves is To put it right there in that stomach I Feel two tubes I feel the trachea in the Front and the esophagus is where our Tube is Flip it over There She Goes No more is going in so that means your Stomach's full take it straight down and Pull it out That's it and that's how you prevent Them from aspirating right there She needs to move around and get some of That yucky stuff that's in her lungs Loosened up and she'll cough it out [Music] No that's not Mommy It's big and white She has to nurse here before she gets to Go home hopefully she gets it figured Out and gets back to Mom I'm sure they Miss each other Oh Iris better get better sweetheart [Music] What is that for deworming good boy [Music] Oh it doesn't like my treats today he Likes Donuts better oh he likes Donuts Better I've got donuts too [Music] December Oh yeah that's better try some jelly on There

Yeah oh he loves jelly donuts just as Much as I do [Music] Hi guys is this Z yes all right I'll Have you guys head over straight to exam Room two He is a yellow lab she's 12 years old She is a camping dog she loves to sniff Around the fire when we're cooking she Loves to swim she sleeps with me every Night oh hi guys hello I'm Dr Aaron hi Hi oh look at your great face so I hear Zia is here for a lump Sweet girl Okay Holy smokes Wow Zee you're sprouting a new dog back Here Oh my God and it's oozing there's Definitely an open sore starting here I've got moisture on my hand from Touching that is that new you know I Noticed that yesterday on the deck when She got up I saw a wet spot is this Causing quality of life issues we took Her out to the lake last weekend like Trying to throw the ball and she gets Excited that the ball is going to be Thrown and then she turns out really Running anymore oh she won't run it okay Z is really like the town right below The dam when it's about to break she Doesn't know what's about to hit but if We don't do something with this lump

Life as she knows it will be over you Know at this point with it starting to Ooze A decision has to be made here pretty Soon because that's going to start to Get infected and that will get much more Difficult to manage We just need to do some Diagnostics do Some x-rays some blood work and we'll Reconvene with all the information and Come up with a plan for okay there's not A limit to what I would do to make sure That she is as happy as possible and Whatever's best for her job Caitlin We're going to fill this syringe the Blood that we're getting from Z is going To let us know if she's even a surgical Candidate to start with it's going to Check her chemistry her CBC or complete Blood count her organ function good girl Open the lump I'm drawing sample cells From Z's tumor to see if it'll give us An idea of the tumor's makeup but the Real deciding factor will be how all These tests combine to give us a full Picture Not bad not bad one of our liver enzymes Is a snitch High let's go see if x-rays Give us any more answers all right muzzy We're gonna check her chest we'll do a Right lateral left lateral abdomen Whole thing right there There's a big mess in her belly Well that complicates things Missy

So that whole thing right there is a big Mass in our belly We just finished x-raying z a 12 year Old Labrador Retriever with a huge tumor On her leg now we also just found a Large mass in her belly [Music] With you guys she missed you The good news is that Is that actually looked really pretty Great I did take fine needle asperts of The lump but they were really Inconclusive her x-rays on the other Hand show that we have a tumor in her Tummy so the organ that is right here is The spleen and you can see how it's very Enlarged The tumor we most commonly see in the Spleen especially in older dogs is Called the hemangiosarcoma which is a Form of cancer That complicates things obviously My biggest concern with her right now is That this tumor is starting to leak that Is only going to get dramatically worse So options for you guys option one let's Do what we can to alleviate this big Tumor get it off make her comfortable so She can enjoy the rest of her time with You the surgery in and of itself is is Going to be a big surgery I'm not gonna Lie it's very vascular she has an older Dog we have a mass on our spleen that we Don't know if it's gonna affect things

Or not all of which UPS the risk second Option would be to say we don't want to Do that let's provide Hospice Care let's Not put her through any surgery and we Help you say goodbye so that she doesn't Suffer So what do you guys think I think we should have the mass taken Off you do I think so if she were a Healthy young dog the surgery in and of Itself is a lot are you going to be okay If she develops signs of metastatic Cancer and you've done all this she's Just gonna get Worse you know if we leave it okay well I'm game to try it I'm on board with you Guys I support you guys 100 in that you Want to take her home bring her back Tomorrow that would be maybe best We're definitely going to go take her For a walk out by the lake which is her Favorite place to be Love honor a lot if something were to Happen under anesthesia during surgery Everybody has the closure they need I Will do everything in my power to not Have that happen but there's certainly a Possibility with that I think it was a Risk we kind of knew we were going to Have to take we want to do the best Thing for her yeah about having a Crystal ball you don't know you know [Music] Um

[Music] Holy cow she's nursing Good job Val great job Iris no Sue was hungry I was so hoping for this but I wasn't Expecting it really and to see it happen It's great now that she's found her Suckle reflex I want her to go home and Start nursing on Mommy because that's The best good idea a lot of things Contribute to this her electrolytes got Corrected she's got a little more energy From the fluids yesterday and that Plasma that we gave all those things are Kind of correcting what's going on in This little calf's body I'll call Laura and tell her the good News okay [Music] Going home Here's Iris guys [Music] We missed you oh she looks so much Better It's like her tongues pulled back in too And everything figured it out I was Really really relieved and excited to Hear that she took a bottle because it's Just so important for her to get all the Nutrients she needs I just love her so Much there she goes there she goes look At her That's a pretty good sight isn't it guys It's amazing how fast they can go

Downhill but it's also amazing how fast They can get better [Music] Are you ready yep am I ready this is a Big one we're about to do surgery on z a 12 year old Labrador Retriever who has a Massive tumor on her leg this is no Simple surgery Z's age the size and Location of the tumor her pre-existing Conditions there are a lot of Complicating factors at play this is Major okay ready let's get it going Monsie yeah I like that Okay numbers look good like every Big Surgery I do them about 100 times in my Head before we actually get to surgery Removing the mass is really the best Option at this point for Z to live the Longest quality of life she can If we don't do anything I think over the Next few days the only Humane option Would be to put her down It is time to get this mask off This is an enormous lump and I know it's Going to be really vascular meaning it Has a large blood supply well we're Definitely going to need more clamps and Crank up our fluids okay is it bleeding A lot oh horrible oh boy yeah with every Cut we make as we're dissecting this Tumor away from Z there are blood Vessels in positions that we don't know Because this isn't normal healthy tissue We need to ligate or basically tie off

Those vessels so they stop bleeding you Just pouring out of that top right there You got that side I got this side How's our collarville still pretty nice And pink okay Because it is so heavy and so large I'm Going to start from the top down and Start basically cutting it away or Peeling it away from the body so that Gravity is working with us I can slide My hand behind it there you go whatever You just did was a big cut Can you lift up and out yeah It's about to come off guys okay honey Make that big cut There it is look at that tumor Poor Z We've got the mass off and everything is Looking good these numbers look great It's time to close her up [Music] Looking good hun Oh there you go That brings that right over just Fine-tuning it right I gotta go put on new gloves got a Pretty regular rhythm Uh why is everything looking like For pulse ox is down those are color Oh here comes and our lip are still pink We're down to 71. she was at 120 a Minute ago Ben coming what she's down to 67. I don't know if we're losing her

Ben coming what she's down to 67. Just as I'm getting ready to close the Up she starts to crash Come on come on come on come on we just Lost everything This dog is in cardiac arrest and we Only have a few minutes to try and save Her deep bed and waiting for her okay Val we're gonna need some epinephrine Here we go You want to go right into her heart One minute ago she was completely normal Pushing we're trying to do CPR would see We're breathing for her to try to Oxygenate her we're getting a tiny bit Of a regular rhythm okay Come on How long has it been since you crashed Two minutes yeah Still nothing Come on She's been doing fantastic for this full Surgery No blips on the radar that we were Having an issue and then suddenly we Drove off a cliff no heartbeat Go 10 more and I'll go 10. It's the worst thing that could possibly Happen when watching this dog die She's gone [Music] This is definitely the toughest part of Our job having an animal die under your Care

Energy It just isn't what we wanted You know Because he wasn't going to live very Long with this condition and we all know That her quality of life was going to be A very poor Aaron stepped up to the Plate and tried to do it It didn't work It's hard for me to see Aaron like this Because We Care for Animals we do these Things to try to help them and Aaron and I and Val we were doing the best we Could and everything was going great and Unfortunately It was E's time [Music] This is Dr Ben from Cedar County vet Services I actually have some very very Bad news to tell you I'm sorry Z just Passed I I just feel so bad for you guys [Music] I'm so so sorry we almost made it happen I know she's Not our doggy but we more in the loss of Room I think she was I hope you all can Sleep with the knowledge that she was Pain-free And Jay Tucker it's like she walked out On them The back deck and she turned around and Looked at us and smiled at us as she Left

Kind of like I got this guys Well you can tell Z was very loved by You guys [Music] There is a certain amount of faith that You just have to have that you know when You did everything and when you did your Best and We did that as a team to try to save C And It just wasn't enough this time [Music] How you doing babe Here try some hot tea This has really been an intense Emotional week Aaron now has lost her Voice Doris are you giving Aaron a CAT scan But nothing cheers Aaron up like going And seeing animals I actually have a job Lined up this weekend the crane trust Down in central Nebraska they wanted me To come down and look at a couple new Bison that they just Acquired and the Crane migration is going on right now It's something I've always wanted to do I know your schedule's clear this Weekend why don't we all go Well good let's pack up the boys jump in The truck let's get out of here okay Awesome [Music] Hi guys we made it this is going to be a Great day we get to be outside we get to

See thousands of amazing animals right Here in my home state in Nebraska Aaron's lost her voice make sure you Disinfect those hands [Music] The crane trust is an organization that Maintains and protects a six Thousand Acre habitat along the Platte River They've got an extraordinary herd of Bison we're going to check out but first We need to look at a couple year old Bison that they want to add to their big Herd So the crane trust has bison because Bison or a part of the ecosystem they Were a major driver for grasslands So essentially what we're doing here is Recreating the landscape that would have Once been here 130 years ago bison were almost extinct And because of conservation places like The crane trust we're bringing those Numbers back You ready to do this come on baby [Music] They know something's going on bison are Wild animals they're gonna try to get Away There is a lot of adrenaline pumping [Music] The Bulls are really unpredictable They're mad at everything [Music] We got him

First things first let's change that tag So this was 274 Now he's gonna be C1 and that's Charlie What we always call this Jake the Business end of the animal It's only 102.4 so that's normal we want To get some feces from them and make Sure they don't have a big parasite load We need to treat We want to deworm them we're also going To get hair samples for genetic testing And I think we're ready to let them go All right let's get ready for number two Here he comes Thank you [Music] They backed in How did that thing turn around This poor little bison is turned around Right before the shoot I'm not too Worried about him being backwards but The longer he takes in this facility the More stressed he's gonna be [Music] We're doing health checks on new bison Before they can enter the herd at the Crane Trust We need him head first in the Chute but This Bull's got other ideas They backed in we want the head end not The butt end He doesn't want anything to do with Going into our big green crazy shoot Here

Again rattle paddle the big baby rattle Is what it is Paddle I bet he turns around It gets the calf to move because it Hears Some Noise there Got him This one's now C2 we'll call him Chase Because he's a little stinker I like working with bison they do get my Heart pumping it is quite exhilarating For me as a vet to work on this species Of animal We'll get those fecals ran if everything Checks out these boys will be good to Join the Herd good awesome if you guys Are interested we can go see the rest of The herd that would be great Oh give me a home Where the Buffalo Roam [Music] Buffalo is what settlers when they came Here that's what they called them Because they're used to seeing water Buffalo but they're not related to the Buffalo in Africa no Bison is technically their name They kind of look at you with those big Sweet eyes but boy they could pack a Punch their eyes are big but they're not Sleek We can't get our hands on all these Animals on this drive through so we've Got to use our eyes Foreign

We're looking for signs of limping bad Eyes and just general body condition [Music] Stay Together really well kind of like Cattle yeah the bicycle graze is a unit If they're away from each other for too Long then they come back then they feel Like they have to fight every time Sounds like these two kids in the back Seat So this is Patty we bottle raised her You could pet her Are you kidding no [Music] And obviously this isn't something I Would want anybody to do with any bison Jacob you look like Patty's mother right Patty's mom yeah Basically mom left and we found her out On the Prairie by herself and then we Bottle fed her now she's got big horns So it makes it not fun anymore This was a lot cuter when she was 50 Pounds than 500 pounds She just has that you know everything is Just so darn cute [Music] Everybody looks healthy I don't see Anybody that's calving right now Jacob Should we get going yeah I think it's Time bye Patty see ya Patty they're Getting way too close for comfort let me Tell you

Now we get to go look at some cranes Yeah [Music] We're here in the peak of the crane Migration so this is the Flat River at Its best [Music] The crane trust is host to North America's largest migration which is the Sandhill crane migration oh wow this is Beautiful You can see forever up here Around a million cranes travel through An 80 Mile Stretch along the Platte River in Nebraska on their way North to Their breeding and nesting grounds Look at that they're just flying all Over the place Oh my gosh they're just coming in by the Thousands that is about 300 000 cranes Here right now and a lot more expected To come in the next few days my my Goodness It's like they're on the interstate and This is their rest stop we've had people All over the world come here only Happens in this 80 Mile Stretch of river It's beyond special They're really traveling upwards to a 4 000 mile journey and they do mate for Life so they stop here for about two to Three weeks to turn on the charm find a Mate get healthy and head north for Another couple thousand miles

Crane migration checked off of my bucket List This has been a heck of a day It's Trader family do we feel blessed or What this is amazing thank you so cool You're welcome anytime Literally [Music] [Music]

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