Brave rescuer saves feisty trash panda

Oh boy This little guy was wedged in there First thing in the morning [Music] [Music] Not like lubing up a raccoon first thing In the morning [Music] That you can't say that Hopefully the uh the oil the vegetable Oil [Music] Be enough to get around obviously it's Nuts Nothing like being in the corner of a Dumpster with a very aggravated and Scared Fat raccoon Tried everything that I had as a pry bar Oh Big pry bar [Music] But you're trying to bend the metal in The front her head is because you could See her ear in like a quarter of her Head so It worked against me is the fact that She wants to get away so she's not Backing out She's trying to go forward [Music] I'm like Felix the Cat seriously like I have everything in the truck because I Never know what I'm gonna need so at the

Bust out that don't want Souls Hall Make a little slice That she was nice and safe [Music] And another little Cup right there all Right you didn't like that sound [Music] Look at that oh my God [Music]

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