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[Music] It's so nice out I wouldn't be surprised if we start Seeing Bears out on the flats here and It's been so warm yeah I hope the ice is good So today we're going out to see Mike and His German Shepherd Shiloh Let's get He lives right on chill cat Lake And we have to snow machine across the Lake ice to get out to where his cabin Is out on an island Hello Thanks for coming out So we're gonna be traveling today with Arik and Jordan Arc is Willow's boyfriend Jordan is a Good friend of Maya's these guys have Grown up here riding snow machines since They were big enough to jump on the ice Is really thin this year and it's always Safer if you're traveling on Ice that You go with some buddies I heard the Conditions are not so great no we'll see How the lake is it might be a little bit Wet okay They've been through a lot of sketchy Situations a lot of breakdowns so just In case we get caught out there they're Really handy to have with us [Music] Look at that big craft down the lake Whoa it goes all the way across

Traveling in Backcountry Alaska is Serious I mean work miles and miles from Anybody there's no cell service it's Just like you have to be self-sufficient You know like kind of one misstep and You fall through the ice and you're Soaked and you can really get Hypothermic and it can just spiral down From there Whoa I'm afraid to turn around But I just love the adventure of where We live And working in this beautiful landscape Is even sweeter When we arrive safe and Sound Welcome to chill cat Lake thank you It was quite the experience getting over Here with ice being so it's an adventure There yeah Shiloh's life On chill cat lake is like paradise We hike around the lake as well as the Island and if it's not the Frisbee That's getting his attention it's the Moose on the island He loves it out here and uh And I love it out here with him It's something in his ear right it's That yeah right here especially his Right ear is is the culprit okay Shiloh's been having difficulty with his Ears in the last couple of months come On Shiloh he was shaking his head a lot His right ear would kind of hang down

Sometimes and he was scratching it a lot Did he have an ear infection when it Started like was he did he have an itchy Arm scratching at it you were scratching It okay and I didn't know if he had Fever with it it did seem kind of red Okay My biggest concern is after I looked Into his ear I saw what looked like a Pretty decent sized growth I'm hoping it's not something that's Malignant Okay sit good boy still Stay there good boy good boy stick No No no don't bite no Please reply Shiloh is super sweet but His ear is really tender and Uncomfortable and he is very strong So we're gonna have to be really careful Oh good sir hey look look good sir yes Sir yes stay there I think we're gonna Have a big job to hold Shiloh still for All of this hold on Mr no no no no Shiloh no no Shiloh Okay I'm so sorry about that buddy it's Okay Dokie Yes Looking in Shiloh's ear I see a really Big mess It's a funny consistency it looks you Know like almost purpley I've really not Seen a mask grow in a young dog's ear

Like this okay stay Space [Music] Okay so funny I would like to maybe try To get a sample from it just to be sure There's not some weird cells To have a cancerous tumor type growth in The ear of a really young dog could be Really devastating But I'm really hoping that's not what We're dealing with here What I'm seeing is a lot of debris in The ear a little bit of blood It's stinky and it's really quite red But there's no doubt there's some type Of yeast or bacterial infection is here Let me look at this other cartilage on This side and just convince myself Oh yeah it's exactly the same on that Side but it's just not as big so I don't Even need to I don't need to sample that That's just curly Now that I've gotten a really good look At this I'm relieved that kind of big Funny looking Mass actually is just Swollen cartilage it's not cancerous you Want to wrestle Come here come here the ear infection Was the very first thing he's been Scratching at it and that explains why That cartilage got so poofy and strange Looking actually you know we're going to Put some flesh in there first we're Going to flush his ear out try to get

Some of that debris out And then I'm going to put the medication In and just leave it in I know As long as we can treat the ear Infection and get them to leave the ear Alone that mass in there will just go Down back to the normal size Whew that's a lot of work okay that was Like this is like a farm call okay it's Like wrestling a bowl it could have been A lot worse news and I feel so much more Relieved because it looks like Shiloh is Going to be just fine and uh He's happy as a lark even after all that Mess we put it through Good stuff Shiloh you want a ball go get It oh cute Shiloh Oh my gosh how cute slide [Laughter] [Music] Okay let's go So I got a call from this cat's owner And she said that it's an emergency Mom emergency So I picked him up and now I'm just Rushing down to the clinic it's okay The cat's owner is very worried about Him he hasn't been eating pooping peeing And he seems to be in a lot of pain What a baby Do you know his name pumpkin pumpkin 's been throwing up a lot And he's not eating he's avoiding water

He keeps pawing at it like he wants it And it's been a good couple days so We're really concerned at this point Poor thing We got him when he was really young Pumpkin He follows us around I have two boys And He's a big part of just our life This past year has been a hard year for Our family Unexpectedly our dog was hit by a car This summer and passed And then my dad actually died from covid This last year And so to Have my little guys you know asking Is pumpkin going to die It's hard you know we're just really Hoping that pumpkin will be able to make It home [Music] I'm worried if he hasn't been eating and Drinking he's throwing up in a young cat You got to think that he's got something In there blocking things from moving Through so he eats it he throws it back Up he drinks water he throws it back up And now he's not even trying to drink Anymore Knowing that pumpkin's been throwing up And not drinking or eating we're Definitely going to get IV fluids going

Okay I'm sure Okay baby I'm gonna do a real thorough physical Exam you know kind of look everywhere Look in his mouth just see if we can Start to get some Clues on what's Causing this Okay so You are super dehydrated Look at that see how skin just tense Feels like you got a lot of poop in There but I don't feel anything Big and gnarly and blocky I can feel just squeezing his belly that He's got a lot of hard little fecal Lumps in there and that's going to make Him feel really sick but he's also Throwing up I mean I'm not sure what Happened here but I want to start Thinking about you know did he get into Something toxic does he have some Foreign body or something that's Blocking in the intestine so he can't Pass food or go to the bathroom Oh his breath Let me think oh there's something there That looks like a string oh yeah oh That's right around his tongue Oh it's dug in underneath yeah be Careful As I'm examining pumpkin I open his Mouth and immediately I see that his Tongue looks funny and swollen and as he

Moves it to the side it looks like There's a big slice in it and there's Actually green thread wrapped twice Around the base of his tongue oh gosh There's not a new Linear foreign bodies and cats are Really common they like to play with Strength sometimes they'll even swallow A bit of the needle and it can hang up In there with the string so I'm not Going to try to remove the string just Yet first I'm going to take an x-ray and Just make sure there's nothing sharp That I need to remove Okie dokie ready Good cats Okay no needle All I see is that he is really Constipated So looking at this x-ray I see lots of Backed up poop I know he hasn't been Able to go to the bathroom for a few Days so he is pretty miserable so much Poop what often happens with linear Foreign bodies and cats is if they get Hung up on the tongue the rest of the String continues down the stomach it can Even go out into the intestines and then It can cause almost like a drawstring Effect where the intestines get like Bunched in when if he's got something Hooked to his intestines he's definitely Not going to be able to push okay we're Just going to give him a little bit of

Sedation so that we can have a better Look in his mouth often with this kind Of a string that's in there you have to Go to surgery to remove it but to go in And do surgery when I don't know if I Need to is definitely something I want To avoid Okay cross your fingers and hope that we Can just pull it very gently out So what I'm going to do now is just see If I can kind of hook that string And gently remove it Oh It wants to come it feels like it wants To come I certainly don't want to just try to Pull it out you know if it's hung up It's going to actually rip the tissue And cause severe damage to the Intestines Wait hang on hang on buddy Oh it's so lucky it's coming right oh Shoot Uh it's just it's not I thought it was Coming but it was just coming unwrapped From his tongue now yeah Well it definitely can't pull it Unfortunately it has no give at all and It feels like taut like it's pulled way Down in there So I'm just gonna let it go okay So we might end up going to surgery but For now we're gonna see if He's able to pass it

Darn Now that I've cut the string and removed It from the tongue I'm going to give Them some enemas some kind of warm water And Lube to try to move things along oh He's just curled his little toes did you See that that was sad she's shaking All right all done Please go vote can I give him a little Belly massage maybe we should give him a Shot of coffee If it's not passing he could start to Get holes in the intestine fecal matter Is leaking out into the abdomen horrible Infections start a cat can die of that Pretty quickly so we don't want to you Know wait too long but I definitely Don't want to jump into surgery if I Don't need to Hi Gwen come on in come back and see Pumpkin So we did an exam and we actually did Find a string wrapped around his tongue It was cutting into his tongue and going Down his throat we actually saw a big Thing of that green string really but I Never imagined that he bit it off right No kidding but it's possible now that We've released it from his tongue it'll Just go right out the back end okay and If he suddenly seems like it's just not Passing or he's seeming worse we'll go Right to surgery okay Gwen's going to take him home we're

Going to be checking in about every six To eight hours and see how he's doing And then I'm hoping that he'll just pass That string and we can just get him back On his feet All right and feel free to give me a Call later if there's anything comes up Okay thank you I actually feel pretty Optimistic like earlier today I thought We were saying goodbye to him I mean I'm hopeful you know so I guess That's all we can be Fingers crossed for you buddy So Reindeer Farm today Exciting and it's kind of nice out I Know it is really nice out so I'm coming Out to the Reindeer Farm because Denise Wants me to check out her reindeer sugar Apparently she's had some issues with Her jaw [Music] Hey guys hey Today we're gonna check on sugar she is A seven-year-old reindeer Sugar was born here on our farm so we Remember her fondly as a baby and she Has beautiful colors she's really white And when she was born she had a little White spot right between her antlers She was so feisty and Sassy we could not Train her I really enjoy her unique personality That's just sugar So Sugar's had a diagnosis of cancer in

The jaw But we also have a confirmed pregnancy Test on her and so okay we've been Trying to keep her going and she's Really crashing and so we were hoping For kind of just an updated check on That and a second opinion and see what We find sure but she's not looking real Great Sugar is not eating she's losing weight And when would she have is she still a Ways away about three weeks away oh darn Okay I just want to give the calf a chance We're so close But I'm concerned that she may not make It the three weeks and then we'll lose Both So anxious to see if there's anything More we could do that can still protect The calf and keep her going I feel from you that you're saying is This okay like is she suffering you know Is it okay to keep her going until she Calves and if it's something we feel is Not I mean we'd have to euthanize them Both like it's not it's not a nice thing Maybe the cap isn't even there anymore I Don't know okay well that'll be our First step we'll sedator so none of this Is painful for her and then I think We'll do a preg check on her is she Still pregnant because it'd be very easy For her to have you know through this

Process lost the baby and it would be Hard to tell that I just get teary-eyed thinking about it Because it's such a hard decision to Choose one over the other or Just give up on both of them I'm so anxious to get my hands on her I Want to see if we can help her yeah I Want to see what's in there and see what We can do for her Hey Mama Oh don't be sassy come on oh she's Grumpy already No no She's got some fights she's like really Take Lauren on I know It's a pretty good sign actually she's Got enough energy to fight us watching Sugar move around she looks feisty Come on Mom oh glad I had that I didn't Realize she had that much Splunk left in Her she is definitely showing us that She has a lot of life left Just watch your face here Mom I know you Almost got her Sierra's got sugar up against the board And I'm a little worried because Sugar's Got her antlers and if she flips that Board up she could get Sierra I've never Seen so much Feist in a reindeer Shuffle hunt it's not that Sugar wants To hurt us she wants to defend her baby If she has one so you know I want to Defend my baby too I'm a little worried

Seeing Sierra out there oh Come on No I think she's done this a few times yeah There you go good girl I'm injecting right now All right let's let her out I'm opening it Okay Okay There it's a very real chance that this Is the last time we're gonna see sugar Awake Or we might be putting her to sleep Today and that just makes me really Really sad I wouldn't hate to lose her Oop she's down So we've got sugar down and now we're Carrying her back into the barn We've set up a little makeshift or here So I can get some x-rays so I can preg Check her and see what we can do to help Her Okie dokie See what we got Oh goodness Her palette is rotted holes into it on Both sides That's the roof of her mouth it Shouldn't have those holes there and Then back here As well Only cancer could do something that Destructive I think

Oh As I'm opening her mouth my heart sinks What I'm seeing in Sugar's mouth are Three large holes in the roof of her Mouth like right through the bone Seeing how much the cancer spread I mean That that seals the deal I don't really need x-rays It's a pretty unhappy scene It's devastating It's just total Destruction Oh my gosh I'm sorry Denise So the important question now I mean Yes we need to end her suffering if we Can't keep her comfortable So I want to check if she is actually Pregnant and if she is then that changes Our course of action if if she's not Pregnant then I think we both know what The right thing is to do for her so Okay Answer up until now But Denise and I are in agreement if Sugar is not pregnant you know we need To end her suffering Okay so let me get the ultrasound going Looking at how skinny she is I can't Imagine that she's also keeping another Body alive in there I mean she's barely Making it on her own She doesn't look like she's got a baby In there Unbelievable what You're pregnant

I just can you see the heartbeat no it's I'm just picking up huge fluid Areas Oh oh I see it hurt do you see that How's it feeding yep That's incredible I'm just so surprised that she could be Pregnant with everything I'm shocked After looking at the whole horrible Cancer holes in the roof of her mouth I Thought no way is she pregnant But no There it is I I just couldn't tell you anything About the size of it though it's just so Bunched up in there I can just say she's Pregnant and the fetus has a heartbeat Right now so I would say we put her on Like some heavy pain medications heavy Antibiotics and see if she can make it a Couple weeks yeah I feel like there's some hope there We're not trying to get sugar to live For a year we're trying to get sugar to Make it another three or four weeks So this is the pain injection for her I think it's definitely a small chance But there is a chance and as long as we Can keep sugar comfortable if we can get Her back eating then I think it's worth Giving it a shot She's a good Mama she'd want to get her Baby just to survive you know so I think

We give her a chance as long as we can Cover her suffering her pain which I Really feel like we can So we're gonna go for it we're gonna go Heavy on the pain meds if we can manage This pain let's give it a go and try to Save this calf We're gonna do the best we can for her And day by day if you see that it's not Working then you know what you have to Do yeah Yeah all right let me get reversals Ready and we'll take her back to the pan Okay I mean I can't really tell you what She's thinking But I could almost be a hundred percent Sure that she wants to do whatever she Can to bring the baby she has now to Full term it's just her Instinct it's Her whole reason for being All right giving her the reversals I'm still hoping in three weeks we'll be Giving Dr Oakley a call and let her know That we just had a healthy baby Okay yes [Applause] All right let's get out of her way and Let her recover yeah okay before she Starts coming after us really soon [Music] It's okay pumpkin poodle So we sent pumpkin home loaded them up On fluids gave him an enema

I hope I have some good news that he's Finally passed the string that would be Great so Fingers crossed pumpkin poop Hello okay how's pumpkin he's doing kind Of the same He's not eating hmm okay and nothing in The litter box I suspect he may have but I'm not sure We're not really sure when the last time Is that he went poop he may have Possibly gone this morning We have one other cats who are not 100 Sure if it was his or the other cats but There's no green string in in the litter Box so I just want to convince myself that we Actually need to go to surgery or not so I'm going to do a full physical check His temperature do an x-ray on his belly And then I'll make a plan from there Okay all right Okie dokie come on sir I am concerned I mean I don't know like he seems like he's Doing okay in some ways and in other Ways he's He's not you know So let's give him a good going over and See if I can talk myself into Surgery or not I sure don't want to do It if we don't have to hi baby Of course I don't want to open up his Abdomen and find out that oh there goes

A string didn't need to do that but flip Side is we wait too long then it's Likely to be cutting the intestines and Have perforations where the intestinal Contents are getting into the abdomen And causing peritonitis a really serious Infection of his belly the animal will Feel miserable they'll get a fever and Then they can get septic and die It's kind of warm it's kind of feverish About 104. pumpkin's temperature is Definitely low grade fever It's possible that he already has Peritonitis that's developing and it can Go quick they can start out with a low Grade fever and seeming sort of okay and Then boom they're dead Okay well let's get an x-ray for a final Check So we're just gonna do another quick X-ray I want to have a peek at his Intestines but I think if I don't see Like clear movement we'll just go right To surgery Okay ready go ahead Okay Let's have a peek Oh That's not good He still has lots of poop in there And this almost looks like the small Intestine is Twisted I'm sorry buddy but we need to get in There and help you okay let's get in

Prep for surgery Looking at the X-ray I can see that the Intestines are bunched up with a Low-grade fever that makes me very Suspicious of peritonitis Maya's just Getting the scrub done I'm giving him Some IV antibiotics Get in there and see what we have to do He's certainly not improving so I just Can't wait any longer Start that All right sir First thing I'm doing is basically just Cutting away tissues and getting into His belly I'm gonna go right down the middle so I Don't Have to cut any muscles and it'll heal a Lot faster like that In there I can have a look Man Things feel tight Oh wow You're looking accordion Yep Whoa so you can see they're all bunched In as if there's something got them all Sewn together because something does Here is like a normal looking length see How it just lays flat And it's not all bunched up and then you Get back here and it's all totally Bunched up

So 100 percent there's a linear form Body that's wrapped around the intestine I'm really glad to see that but now I Need to get to work Okie dokie I think I'll start here Because you can see oh look at that look What wants to come right out and say hi A little bit of thread Oh it's so bunched up in there oh wow There's a whole lot of it there I Wondered how much did you eat looks like He ate the whole darn thing Really likes the green stuff doesn't he Yuck Says I'm starting to pull a little bit Of string I'm kind of hopeful that I got It so I'm gonna see if I can work some More out [Music] Ah it's not moving and then it just Stops So it's tempting to just want to pull it But as you can see when I pull it it's Actually tightening up this part of the Intestine so that's as far as I can go So I'm gonna have to go over here and Try and pull the other way I'm gonna have to go a little bit Further up the intestine and find the Next spot and hopefully I won't have to Make too many cuts to get the whole String so I'm going to go further down Now to where it looks placated again see How it's all gathered and bunched here

Still there could be a lot of string in Here because I mean it just keeps going And going so there's the string I'm gonna get as much of that as I can And then move on To another spot I'm amazed at how much string we're Pulling out right now there's like a Pile next to my mom and there's more Coming oh let's just now down on the Hole I know like he that this wasn't Just like oops I accidentally got a String in my mouth this was like I'm Gonna eat the whole spool because that Would be fun I'm impressed but a little Horrified Oh it smells so bad too yeah I'm gonna close that in a sec but I want To see if I'm done [Music] You can see that all kind of straightens Out nicely So I'm just feeling to make sure it Feels good and it does I've been up and down the length of the Small intestine right up to the base of The stomach and this is it I've got it All and it's a ton there's a lot of String there And one thing I'm also looking for is Perforations like do you see that That's getting ready to perforate So that was it hadn't yet but that kind Of area

Will leak that intestinal contents into The gut And that's when they get peritonitis Now I'm going to go along the length of The intestine and make sure that some of These darker areas that looked like they Had almost been cut by the string I want To make sure they haven't actually cut Open or perforated yet okay so I've got The stomach out now Kind of here and I'm looking to make Sure the stomach looks okay and it does Those perforations Will just be another way for all the Fecal material all that bacteria to leak Into the belly and that's definitely Deadly they can get septic and they can Die quickly This is cool and you can see all those Hard tutus in there No I just found a perforation Oh look at that So I found a little area of perforation Where the thread had been kind of stuck And pulling it it cut a hole in the Intestine so there's some yucky business Coming out of it I'm so glad I found that spot because That would have been the death of them So I'm basically cutting away the dead Tissue And I'm gonna put the good stuff back Together You definitely was starting with some

Peritonitis because he's got some fluid In his belly that's coming up now Probably why I wasn't eating Okay Bye bye behave now So it's gonna be really touch and go With pumpkin over the next couple days Yes I got the string out but he is not Out of the woods yet He's been through a lot and now his body Has to fight off the little bit of the Infection that's going to remain Hi come on in Doing so good And honestly kind of a rough week the Hardest thing I think was knowing he was Suffering and also seeing my poor kids You know after a tough year Just really hoping they didn't have to Say goodbye to someone they loved again So so this is all the string there was So much of it and it was actually like The intestines were just like so Accordioned up that there was no way it Was going to pass so So I'm gonna send him home now with some Pain meds and hopefully I hear from her That he's both eating and pooping if not By tomorrow by the next day Now it's kind of up to him and hopefully He gets through it I mean he's got a Little bit of recovery but he certainly Has been strong throughout this [Music]

[Music] Oh look at all this snow We just arrived at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center and we're going to Be checking out one of the porcupines Today Baby Ruth So lovely weather welcome to Portage Yeah yeah we had spring two days ago but Now we're in our fifth winter oh nice What do we have to do today well we've Got Baby Ruth I think could use a little Checkup this morning oh no okay Baby Ruth is our three-year-old North American porcupine that was brought in From Homer Alaska She was abandoned at a Trailhead we Think she was probably cared for prior To that because anytime someone would Get out of their car she'd come Scampering up and be like please give me Some food and that's not going to work For a porcupine in the wild so she was Picked up by fishing game given a Permanent home here at the wildlife Center and that's where she's been ever Since We've just noticed that she's pretty Drooly lately like the other day in Particular she was like drooling Profusely and chattering but sometimes I Think is just stressful but she's also You know she's just a really picky Porcupine yeah right well we've been Noticing with Baby Ruth is when we're in

There with her she's been chattering her Teeth which in porcupines can sometimes Be an indication of stress [Music] But we don't know if she's stressed Because maybe she's got some dental Problems going on We do also notice that she's become very Picky with her food Hi little girl She's already turned her back Have you worked at Baby Ruth before I Don't know if I work with Baby Ruth She's a diva Baby Ruth is a straight up Diva Baby Ruth I mean I wouldn't come out of my house If it was like this outside so yeah no Kidding I can't blame her if she doesn't I sympathize with her yeah This lady doesn't want to come out of Her house if it's raining snowing windy There we go Nope nope So whenever we need Baby Ruth to come Outside we have to lay out the red Carpet and by Red Carpet I really mean Just a piece of Green Turf she doesn't Know that though so we're not going to Tell her They have to put it on her Bridge so she Feels like she's walking on a nice Turf yeah she deserves nothing less what A good girl

There we go good job Oh they got it we got a thumbs up I'll Say all right we did it So we get the thumbs up from Brittany Which is awesome so we're gonna take Baby Ruth in and give her a really good Physical and check out all of her teeth Where would you like her oh this Beautiful beautiful princess Oh My gosh porcupine beer it does okay it's Pretty rowdy so porcupine smell like Really really bad Bo and it sticks to Your clothes too like you after working On a porcupine you smell like a Porcupine for like the next two days it Is it is pretty raunchy Okay friends this is my porcupine Shield What do I get I'm I'm reaching in there To inject Just the date of porcupine it's actually Kind of tricky because how do you poke a Porcupine there's not really a lot of Spas okay pin up in there oh man But watch that tail doesn't with me [Music] Wait wait wait wait Oh something like that Okay okay I'm in there I'm in there Okay whoa Angry rodent I mean certainly when an animal is fussy About their food or drooling you have to Wonder about is there something going on

In the mouth is it a bad tooth is there A foreign body like they can get poked By their own quills for sure and Porcupine are really prone to getting Dental disease and having tooth problems Sweetheart she vicious girl The nice thing about her yawning like This is I can do a little oral exam While she's doing that poor baby ruth She's got the big Silent Scream face on I think it's a little bit aggressive Like I will I will eat you you know she Just wants to bite me but she's a little Out of it and not quite sure what's Going on Let me see a big yawn Oh perfect So the teeth all look pretty good yeah I'm not only looking at her teeth I'm Making sure there's not a foreign body In her mouth that there's not a Irritation or an ulcer underneath there But everything looks totally normal So we're going to do dental X-rays now To just look at the roots of her teeth To make sure there's nothing Insidious And deep that I couldn't see with my Eyes Sometimes rodents will be kind of frothy Because they have a sore mouth So getting an x-ray helps me to make Sure that's all we're dealing with here Okay so we did some X-rays of her teeth They're looking real good

Nice and smooth normal looking teeth I Don't see anything unusual that's Causing her drooling so now I want to Check for any other issues so I'm going To look in her ears so here's her teeny Tiny ears Normal looking ear and ear wax I'm going To look in her nose because sometimes Any kind of irritation or quill or even A growth in her nose can be what causes Them to go off their feet and have Trouble eating oh here he knows that Looks good They have a few different spots where Quills can get to and you need to look In all of them oh A little porcupine poop let no porcupine Orifice go unexplored Checked her teeth felt your squishy Parts Kissed her feet and now she can get up Okay Overall her physical exam looks totally Normal so I'm gonna have to chalk up the Chattering and frothing to just Behavioral she's just kind of picky About what she's eating so Really it's the porcupine You know porcupines can be picky and Pokey There you go how's that lifting your Head already good girl So I'm glad to know that Baby Ruth Definitely doesn't have any dental

Problems turns out that Baby Ruth is Just the diva she's so cute and stinky [Music] Some goodies He does like his food a lot When we first brought pumpkin home there Was still a lot of hesitation with the Risk of infection but he's doing great After the surgery We really had to watch how much he was Eating because he just wanted to eat all The time He has no idea that Dr Oakley saved his Life you know and we're just grateful Poor baby He loves Jada You know if we lost pumpkin it's not the Same as with who my dad but loss is Still lost [Music] Hey And I think with losing my dad Seeing pumpkin bounce back There's just been this thread of Hope Like You know we can go forward [Music] And you know in some ways I guess it's Kind of like this Garden out here It's kind of ugly everything looks dead But I know in the summer These flowers are taller than the garden Gates

And they spill out and it's just the Most beautiful thing Sun shines brightly through the window Pain I could use a baby cuddling Here [Music] Sugar did not make it she passed away When they checked the baby had passed as Well And it wasn't gonna make it it was very Tiny it was months away from being full Term So that's a bummer And this is Sugar's previous baby from Last year You know you can't save them all but It's important to Still keep going and trying It's an emotional job and you know some People are better able to keep their Emotions out of it I'm not I'm not one Of those people [Music] It's hard to let it go when you can't Save them [Music] It's a good reminder to be out here and See the ones that make it and they're Healthy And you know all the new life This job can definitely Crush you Sometimes [Music]

It's a roller coaster on a daily basis But You know I want to live I want to cry I Want to laugh I want to love And It is Um it is a full life And I'm so happy to be living it These moments It's what it's all about [Music] Thank you [Music] [Music]

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