Adopted kitten travels the world

[Music] We haven't even left them since we got Him before longer than two hours he's Built this connection with us so even When he leaves the van he like always Checks to see where we are if he does go Before he gets to a point and then turns Around and comes back and he kind of Sticks around the van and then if we Walk off to go do something he'll follow Us We've been concentrating it for the last Two years together if we wanted to get a Cat one day we just decided to do it and Now we've got the cat We just contacted a rescue sanctuary and They had him available there was only One so we had no choice but as soon as We met him we were already super cute he Was very playful and one of the tensions [Music] Because he just wanted to play and be Out there he just he lives through Absolutely everything [Music] Normally cats are nocturnal that I want To play and do crazy stuff at three O'clock in the morning this guy he just Sleeps from seven o'clock until seven O'clock he keeps like crazy and then He'll just played the whole days once Again adapted to what we do we live in a Small space and in a day it was outdoors In the night we go to sleep and it's you

Know recuperate so that's what he does As well [Music] These people don't normally see a cat Other than in a house you know in a Normal world to say [Music] We're with the Cat every day you know as The doors are open and doors are closed So you can do whatever you want he Doesn't really run too far away from the Van If we do get to a campsite then we don't Feel entirely comfortable if there's a Lot of like Farm dogs around you'll keep Them on the leash for like an hour until We feel more comfortable and then you'll Just wander around Here's those things about black cats but He's been very very cool and it's for Quite a lot of Lux versus teams looking Back I think we've made a very good Disability [Music] I was scared of getting him in the van And I'm closing the doors it's really Loud when you slam the door but the First time I close the door he didn't Budge at all he just he keeps through Absolutely everything Um and you know he's just explores not Right now he's just chilling but before We can't even know he was running how to Start like crazy

Foreign [Music]

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